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Health effects of electro magnetic radiation

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I am trying to collect most recent study/research on Health effect of electromagnetic radiation of Telephone Mast station. I'd appreciate anyone's contribution especially for any non industry funded study. Tkx

Mobile phones unlikely to harm human health, scientists find. If these proteins go wrong then there are serious knock-on effects for human health.

Mobile phones unlikely to harm human health, scientists find

But after subjecting them to WMFs in the lab it became clear that they were completely unaffected. Dr Alex Jones, research fellow at the School of Chemistry at The University of Manchester, and co-lead author of the paper, said: “There is still some concern among the public about this potential link, which has been found in some studies into cases of childhood leukaemia, but without any clear mechanism for why.

“Flavoproteins transfer electrons from one place to another. Along the path the electrons take, very short lived chemical species known as radical pairs are often created. “Biochemical reactions involving radical pairs are considered the most plausible candidates for sensitivity to WMFs, but for them to be so the reaction conditions have to be right. Magnetic field effects as a result of the radical pair mechanism are unlikely in redox enzymes. Abstract Environmental exposure to electromagnetic fields is potentially carcinogenic.

Magnetic field effects as a result of the radical pair mechanism are unlikely in redox enzymes

The radical pair mechanism is considered the most feasible mechanism of interaction between weak magnetic fields encountered in our environment and biochemical systems. Radicals are abundant in biology, both as free radicals and reaction intermediates in enzyme mechanisms. Une étude rassure sur la nocivité des ondes mobiles. Avec l'émergence des mobiles et la multiplication des antennes-relais, la littérature scientifique a vu apparaître de très nombreuses études consacrées à l'impact supposé des ondes électromagnétiques sur la santé humaine.

Une étude rassure sur la nocivité des ondes mobiles

Jusqu'à présent, il n'y a aucune certitude sur le risque sanitaire. Cependant, quelques travaux envisagent que les ondes pourraient être nocives dans des circonstances spécifiques. À cette littérature déjà bien fournie, il faut désormais ajouter l'étude conduite par des universitaires de la faculté de Manchester. Publiée dans le Journal of the Royal Society Interface, et relayée par The Telegraph, elle conclut qu'il n'y aucune preuve sur la nuisance des champs faiblement magnétiques, en tout cas sur les composants biologiques qui ont été étudiés par les universitaires. Les flavoprotéines servent en particulier à réparer des dommages au niveau des bases pyrimidiques de l'ADN, indique Futura-Science, et à soigner et réparer le système nerveux, précise The Telegraph. Mobile phones and wi-fi do not cause cancer, researchers find.

So far, the effect on slow growing tumours has been studied in people who have used mobiles for up to 20 years, but the study shows no association.

Mobile phones and wi-fi do not cause cancer, researchers find

<a href=" you believe using a mobile phone is bad for your health? </a> However, only limited data exists for other types of cancer - such as leukaemia and lymphoma - but there is no evidence of an increased risk from mobile use, and cancer registries have not observed an increase in these tumours since mobiles were introduced. The Committee found no evidence low level electromagnetic field exposure from mobiles and other transmitters increase the risk of cancer, impair male fertility, cause other reproductive damage or lead to other diseases and adverse health effects - such as changes to the endocrine and immune systems. Professor Jan Alexander said: "We have no grounds to say that the symptoms are imaginary.

Engineer in Google’s Street View Is Identified. Paul J.

Engineer in Google’s Street View Is Identified

Richards/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images The Street View project, a plan to photograph and map the world’s streets, also involved gathering information about local wireless networks. Google has declined to identify the engineer, as has the . The F.C.C. recently closed its 17-month inquiry into the project, Street View, with a finding that Google broke no laws but had obstructed its investigation.

Police to arrest twitterers to give name of Shed raper

Que sont les champs électromagnétiques ? Mobile phone base stations and early childhood cancers: case-control study. Introduction.

Mobile phone base stations and early childhood cancers: case-control study

Danger téléphone portable et antenne relais, danger wifi pour la santé, dangers téléphone sans-fil (téléphonie mobile et cancer du cerveau, alzheimer...) Antenne-relais de téléphonie mobile. Mobile phones and cancer. Mobile phones and cancer incidence The use of mobile phones has skyrocketed since the 1980s.

Mobile phones and cancer

If mobile phones increase the risk of brain cancer, more and more people should now be developing this disease. Systematic review on the health effects of exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields from mobile phone base stations. Electromagnetic fields and public health. Mobile telephony is now commonplace around the world.

Electromagnetic fields and public health

This wireless technology relies upon an extensive network of fixed antennas, or base stations, relaying information with radiofrequency (RF) signals. Over 1.4 million base stations exist worldwide and the number is increasing significantly with the introduction of third generation technology. Other wireless networks that allow high-speed internet access and services, such as wireless local area networks (WLANs), are also increasingly common in homes, offices, and many public areas (airports, schools, residential and urban areas). As the number of base stations and local wireless networks increases, so does the RF exposure of the population. Recent surveys have shown that the RF exposures from base stations range from 0.002% to 2% of the levels of international exposure guidelines, depending on a variety of factors such as the proximity to the antenna and the surrounding environment.

Sceptisim on studies

Negative effect. No effect. Health Advice on Mobile Phones.