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Turnado (VER.1.2.6) APP Tutorial. 1.1. Zero Chorus by Blamsoft, The Second AU Plug-In for iOS, Tutorial. FieldScaper, Getting Started and Demo for iPad. Automating Turnado Using MidiLFOs and MIDI Designer Pro. Tone & Colour: What Do Filters Do To Sounds? Bruce Aisher explores what filters do to audio signals, visualising the results and explaining what gives particular filters their own distinctive sounds.

Tone & Colour: What Do Filters Do To Sounds?

Audio filters are one of the core building blocks of electronic music and sound equipment. Modern applications span the full signal chain, from synthesisers to microphones, mixers, software and, of course, EQs. In other words, filters are everywhere, and used in a multitude of ways. In some cases (such as synths and EQs), they may offer a considerable degree of hands-on control, while elsewhere a filter may be hidden from view, and used for a less overtly creative use. There are many types of audio filter – with an equally large number of ways of implementing their design – but here we’ll be focussing on the three basic types found most commonly in synths: low-pass, high-pass and band-pass.

“filters are everywhere, and used in a multitude of ways.” Filters in action And here’s how it sounds: Update Required.

Delay Echo Reverb

Dahlia Delay review - the 'flora' project adds a new app to its streamlined iOS audio effects series. I reviewed two new iOS audio effects apps from developers Timothy Barraclough and Paul Mathews a few weeks ago on the blog – Cactus Chorus and Phlox Phaser – and the team followed up with the equally floral themed Buttercup Bitcrush soon afterwards.

Dahlia Delay review - the 'flora' project adds a new app to its streamlined iOS audio effects series

Surprise, surprise, these are chorus, phaser and bit reduction effects respectively. All three apps are universal, require iOS7.0 or later and are supplied with Audiobus and IAA support… and, for the budget conscious, all are currently priced at UK£0.79…. that’s probably less than the price of your favourite chocolate snack bar. Tim and Paul are obviously on a roll, however, as a fourth instalment in the ‘flora’ theme arrived on the App Store yesterday. As it’s name suggests, Dahlia Delay is a delay effect. And as with the previous apps, what you get is a no nonsense user interface and a minimum of fuss as a front-end to what is a virtual recreation of a tape-style delay with filter and ‘warble’ (tape flutter) options. Dahlia Delay. Buttercup Bitcrush, Cactus Chorus, Phlox Phaser, FX Demo for iPad. Fingerlab DFX - Digital Multi-FX: New Sound Generators.


ApeDelay - Spectral Tools. Birdstepper. BirdStepper, FX Sequencer,Pre Release Demo for iPad. BirdStepper Teaser. BIAS FX - Dual Amps. Voice Jam Studio. Turnado (VER.1.2.6) APP Tutorial. Echo Pad 1.8.5 - New Features. 1. FLUX:FX - Introduction & Overview tutorial. (Tutorial) Sugarbytes' - Effectrix - YouTube. BirdStepper Pitch Effect Demo Pt 1 - YouTube. Dynamics Effects in Auria - YouTube. AUFX Push by Kymatica Tutorial, Brilliant Dynamics App for iPad. Swoopster Walk-through tutorial. Mixing with Compression. Compression. Harmony Voice by Virsyn, Demo and Tutorial for iPad - YouTube.


Compress to impress: a complete compression tutorial - ContentsThis is a follow-up to our popular article on EQ, "Thinking inside the box: a complete EQ tutorial", which was written by dnbscene co-founder Steve Mercer (aka hipnotic).

Compress to impress: a complete compression tutorial -

This article was written by Marc Crouch, owner of, and is intended as an accompaniment to Steve's article. Ah, the compressor. This magical tool will fix all your volume problems and make your tunes instantly sound fat and professional. Just pull your tune into an audio editor, pick a "mastering" preset and whack the ratio up. Now play it back and... what's that? Compression is an oddly misunderstood tool in digital music production, and yet it is one of the two most essential processes you can apply to give your tracks that professional "full" sound.

Now, let's lift the lid on this mysterious "compression" concept and get your tracks sounding loud and full. Part One: Grasping the concept To recap: audio is represented by waves, and the height of the waves correlates to their loudness.