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huge interest in life: health, holistic healing, pure and organic food, diy remedies, yoga , well being, nature, AND: design of all sorts, music, photography, arts.

Strutz Arch – Phonebibi. The No-Bake Carrot Cake. Layered lemon cashew cream and spiced carrot cake is a winner.

The No-Bake Carrot Cake

No oven required! No dairy, gluten or refined sugar. Raw vegan, but still bursting with that carrot cake flavor and texture! 2 cups cashews, soaked overnight ½ cup fresh lemon juice1/4 cup pure maple syrup 1 tbsp vanilla ½ cup - 1 cup coconut oil Blend together cashews, lemon juice, maple syrup, vanilla, adding filtered water until nice and smooth. 1 cup almonds 1 cup cashews 2 cups shredded coconut 1 cup almond meal 2 large carrots, peeled & grated 1 cup currants 2 tsp cinnamon 2 tsp nutmeg 1 tsp vanilla 1 tbsp lemon zest ½ cup Medjool dates ¼ cup maple syrup ¼ cup coconut oil In the food processor, pulse the almonds, cashews, and half the coconut to a crumble. - Natürlichen #Erkältungsbalsam selber... - Einmal gekauft, hält für immer! Habt ihr... My most popular dessert recipe so far... - The Buddhist Chef.

My most popular recipe of the... - The Buddhist Chef. Greek Yogurt Cream Cheese Lemon Coffee Cake. YOGANONYMOUS - Journal. Mirian Lamberth - Naturopathy - Journal. Pfannkuchen: Mit nur drei Zutaten backen Sie gesunde Pfannkuchen. Earth. We are one. - Journal. Earth. We are one. - Journal.


​Developing a Home Practice: How Do I Start? "How do I start a home practice?

​Developing a Home Practice: How Do I Start?

" Screen Printing Workshop. Turmeric milk:”Golden Milk” Recipe That Fights CancerHealthy Lifestyle Zone. Days like lost dogs. Lidos and outdoor swimming in London - Things to Do. The Best Times To Visit London’s Attractions. One of the great things about living in London is easy access to all its amazing museums, galleries and other attractions — plus, of course many are free to enter.

The Best Times To Visit London’s Attractions

Recruit the Glutes. Did you know that you can simultaneously improve your posture, stabilize your knee and hip joints, and relieve your lower back pain by engaging the trio of muscles that make up the gluteals?

Recruit the Glutes

Primary among these muscles is the under appreciated “emperor” of postural integrity, gluteus maximus—along with his retinue of the deeper gluteal muscles: gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. These gluteals play a vital role in the health of our lumbar spine, sacrum, hip joints, and knees—when and if we use them properly. A Secret Garden In South London. As most hardened Streathamites — and a select few visitors — know, a reward lies at the top of the hill of Streatham Common.

A Secret Garden In South London

Pick your way through the casual sunbathers, footballers, picnickers, and hoards of kite flyers who make do with the bottom and middle terraces, and set your sights beyond the tufts of tree that line the hill’s crest. At the midway point of the ascent look right, beyond the rooftops and chimneys of the elegant houses which line the common, and you get quite a view of the glinting tower blocks of Croydon — five miles away, but a whole world from what you’re about to explore. On reaching the summit, you’ll pass the cafe. Attractive though it may seem to stop for a cheeky cuppa or Cornetto, resist temptation and the rewards will be yours.

Cling to the picket fence of the cafe as it sweeps round the corner and it’ll reveal the gem in Streatham Common’s crown — the Rookery. Bewerbungsformular für Fotografen. Hay Bale Gardening: Effortless Food Production with No Weeds, No Fertilizer &... 10 Home Remedies to Relieve Body Pain. Our body is supported by the muscles and bones.

10 Home Remedies to Relieve Body Pain

Major functions of muscles are to produce force and motion. Learn to relieve the pain at home. Types of muscles supporting our body are: Skeletal muscles: They help in locomotion and maintaining postures. For example tendons. The common of causes of muscle pain are: Tension stress Overuse Minor injuries They are of two types of pain: Localized pain: It is restricted to a particular area Systemic pain: It is observed throughout the body The cause of body pain: The major reasons leading into the body pain or muscle pain are associated with the stress, tension, or physical activity which may be caused by following factors; Tensions in the muscles which could be localized or systemic The heavy physical activity where muscles are over used Muscle sprains and strains due to injuries Apart from muscle aches associated with the stress, tension, and physical activity, there are other medical explanations responsible for body pain.

Short Film ‘Just Breathe’ Helps Kids Deal with Emotions. We all live, first and foremost, on the inside of our human bodies.

Short Film ‘Just Breathe’ Helps Kids Deal with Emotions

But that doesn’t mean that rich inner life we all have doesn’t project itself outward into the everyday world. Quite the opposite: our emotional responses are hard to navigate at any age. 10 iPhone Camera Accessories to Jazz up your iPhonography. In this age of the Instagram and street photography, it makes sense relying on an iPhone camera.

10 iPhone Camera Accessories to Jazz up your iPhonography

It has HD quality and is easy to pull out from your pocket. Pointing it and capturing interesting scenes pave way for a rapid social media share. It also gives the freedom to compose fancy images because of the many iPhone camera and photo editing apps that make photographs look more creative. 7 Ayurvedic Wellness Tips that Support Your Healthy Lifestyle.

Ayurveda encourages a balanced state of being to support good health.

7 Ayurvedic Wellness Tips that Support Your Healthy Lifestyle

This balanced state includes harmonizing the mind, body and spirit. Can't Sleep? Try this Green Juice Recipe. Neka Pasquale, founder of Urban Remedy, developed this recipe using ingredients known for having calming properties on the body.

Can't Sleep? Try this Green Juice Recipe

The result is a bright and balanced green juice that would taste good whatever the time of day! Photoshop CC 2014 Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet for Mac Users. Recipe: Yogurt and Tahini Hummus. By Bryn Lutes for Further Food It’s allergy season, but for those with food allergies, allergy season is endless! Turn on Tracking Protection in Firefox to Make Pages Load 44% Faster. Raw Food Recipes – Pumpkin Seed and Arugula Pesto. If you love pesto served over pasta, as a dip and a spread, but don’t care for the heavy dose of parmesan cheese found in traditional recipes, THIS recipe will be a dream come true. To achieve the cheesy essence without the use of dairy, nutritional yeast cleverly takes the place of parmesan. 8 Yoga Poses to Help You Get Your Handstand On. Push-Ups: It may seem like Handstands are all about balance, but in order to be able to hold your body straight upside down, you need major upper body strength. Push-ups are by far the best exercise since they'll target your arms, shoulders, upper back, and core.

Basic push-ups work great, but you can strengthen other areas of your body by throwing some push-up variations into your weekly routine as well. Backbend Push-Ups: Here's another push-up variation that will really target your shoulders and upper back, as well as your quads and core. 5 Surefire Ways to Nail Your Headstand + A Yoga Sequence to Get You There. Do you have an advanced practice that you’re ready to deepen even further? Find your tribe at a Wanderlust Festival. Find out more here. Do you have a mini panic attack when your yoga instructor says it's time to work on Headstands?

Whether you've tried inversions a hundred times and can't stay balanced for more than half a second or are too intimidated to even try, here are five reasons Headstands aren't happening for you and how to get started hanging upside down. You're Scared of Falling. Skin Care - Guide. Face Mask Now Easy And Fast When it comes to Fall beauty, pumpkins have obviously stolen the spotlight. While we love that great orange gourd, there are so many more delicious scents and ingredients that deserve a little love this season. After all, pumpkin isn't the only Fall-forward ingredient with beauty benefits.

13 Spiritual Books That Changed My Life. What Are Yours? Trying to make a list like this is a bit of a daunting task. I could easily name you hundreds of books that have been hugely influential in my life, but thought it would be interesting to try a name some of the ones that touched me just a little bit deeper than the others. Seven Simple Photography Tips And Tricks. [VIDEO] Camera Shutter Count. How to Survive as a Photographer in Today's Industry. There was a time in which anyone who could light a photo well was of value, but those people are of no value anymore, says artist rep Maren Levinson. In the 5-minute interview above, Levinson offers some great insights into how the photography industry has changed over the past several years and what photographers need to do to stay relevant and needed. 5 Reasons Why a Home Yoga Practice Will Change Your Life.

Roasted Balsamic Honey Glazed Carrots - Drool-Worthy. Mandel- & Cashewmilch selbermachen und bis zu 70% sparen! Three Reasons Why Yoga Teacher Training Changes Your Life. The result is something beyond words. It is, as best as I can explain it, the Alchemy of Yoga at its best. Chapter 2 verse 1 of the Yoga Sutras sets forth how the Alchemy of Yoga actually works. 7 Foods for Flexibility. Raw Food Recipes – Raspberry Vanilla Cheesecake. 5 Things You Need To Avoid If You Want Radiant, Youthful Skin. TheAppWhisperer. Menno Fokma - Film Director & Visual Artist. FILM® 00 for Adobe Lightroom 6, 5 & 4. Frida von Fuchs / Kontakt mit uns aufnehmen.

Social Science Says Lasting Relationships Come Down To 2 Basic Traits. I Haven't Made Any Trash In 2 Years. Here's What My Life Is Like. Modern Qigong. 4 Seasons in 40 Seconds - The Mind Unleashed. Scientists Discovered ‘Second Brain’ in the Human Body. 1956 HOUSEWIFE ON ACID - Veteran's... - The Mind Unleashed. Solarpunk: a new movement sees the future in a positive light – Features – AB... 10 Choices You Will Regret in Ten Years. Loving Ways To Deal With Toxic Behavior. Top 2 Juices Which Boost Your Immune System. Vanilla and Sesame Smoothie - Cool Healthy Recipes. 8 Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation.. and Free Ourselves From It. Does your Pantry look like this?... - Green Renaissance. The Indigo Evolution – Full Length Documentary. Brain Surgeon Visits the 'Other Side' and Lives to Tell You About It.

12 Things You Were Not Taught in School About Creative Thinking. Blueberry Detox Smoothie Thats Anti-Aging, Purifying and Super Delicious. Ebola wurde patentiert und wer hat die Hand drauf?- netzfrauen. The Truth About Cancer – Must Watch Docu-Series. This is How To Heal Gum Disease In a Week (Or Less!)   This “Golden Honey” Mixture is The Strongest Known Natural Antibiotic. Homemade Cinnamon Oil – Effective Natural Cure & Great Aphrodisiac. 10 DIY Ideas To Make Your Home Smell Amazing. Shrink Your Waist With This Powerful Drink. Sweet Soothing Tea. 8 Home Remedies To Remove Skin Tags. 16 Of Nature’s Best Natural Pain Killers. 10 Home Remedies For Asthma Relief   How to Lose Weight Naturally (22 Home Remedies)   This Extremely Common Food Has Been Found To Kill 86% of Lung Cancer Cells in... Raw Food Recipes – Raw Beauty Protein Bites (or Bar) Watercress Soup – Powerful Lung Cleansing Remedy.

The Light Side of the Dark Night of the Soul. Weibliche Pädagogik : Jungs von heute – verweichlicht und verweiblicht - Nach... Garlic Oil – Amazing Cure For Ear Aches And Infections. How to detox your body from GMOs and Pesticides   5,000 Year Old Buddhist Health Recipe   27 Life Changing Lessons to Learn from Eckhart Tolle.

The Best ENERGY Drink of Your Life. Google Maps Has Been Tracking Your Every Move, And There’s A Website To Prove... 5 Ways to Increase Your Spiritual Awareness. The Miracle of 528 Hz Solfeggio & Fibonacci Numbers. Amazing Herb Kills 98% Of Cancer Cells In Just 16 Hours   Fats Found In Coconut Oil Boost Brain Function In Only One Dose. How Monsanto Annihilated a Paradise. Officials Raid Co-Op, Force Farmers to Dump Thousands in Food, Crack Eggs One...

Doctors Are Shocked – Man Diagnosed With Cancer Was Completely Cured With Thi... Here's How To Make Your Own Laundry Detergent   Pineapple Juice Is 5 Times More Effective Than Cough Syrup.