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Being a woman, a feminist one even

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Maternity leave discrimination means 54,000 women lose their jobs each year. Women returning from maternity leave are more likely to face discrimination in the workplace than they were a decade ago, according to a report published today by the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Maternity leave discrimination means 54,000 women lose their jobs each year

The study by the EHRC estimates that around 54,000 new mothers are losing their jobs across Britain every year – almost twice the number identified in similar research undertaken in 2005. Uk.businessinsider. All 16 national federations for the teams that failed to get out of the group stage at the 2014 men's World Cup received $8 million from FIFA.


That was $6 million more than the winning national federation will receive at this year's Women's World Cup, and that is just the start of the disparity. Overall, the 32 federations representing teams of the men's World Cup took home $358 million. Germany, the champions, won $35 million and the other 31 federations made $8-25 million with an average of $10.4 million. Meanwhile, the Women's World Cup champion will win $2 million, with the other 23 federations taking home an average of $650,000. Elnathan John's Dark Corner: My Penis Makes Everything Ok. I am taking a walk around Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent onto Ahmadu Bello Way and back.

Elnathan John's Dark Corner: My Penis Makes Everything Ok.

So far I have counted two men peeing in public. Last week, I started counting the number of men I see everyday peeing by the road side in the city. Not as research for an article or anything, I quite like to do pointless things like that - count the number of Peugot cars, the number of women with chin hair, the number of men with moustaches. And like a game of cards, the results don't matter at the end of the day. Inside Amy Schumer - Football Town Nights. These amazing new contraceptives could be the future of birth control. There are a lot of options for contraception today, from the pill to vasectomies, but they're not perfect.

These amazing new contraceptives could be the future of birth control

They can be high-maintenance (like taking a pill every day) and aren't always reliable (condoms break 3 percent of the time). However, scientists are trying to come up with better options. Researchers are working on a number of new technologies, including a remote-controlled contraceptive for women, which could be turned on or off with a simple command, and options for the long-awaited "male pill. " Here's what you need to know about the future of contraception: Men could get more options for reversible birth control The majority of couples don't use condoms, which have a typical use failure rate of 18%. In the late 1950s, scientists tested a drug called WIN 18,446 on male prisoners. Over 60 years later, scientists are still having problems getting male birth control just right. Judge criticised after claiming 16-year-old pupil groomed teacher. A judge is facing criticism after she handed down a suspended sentence to a teacher found guilty of having sex with a pupil and said the 16-year-old girl had “groomed” him.

Judge criticised after claiming 16-year-old pupil groomed teacher

Stuart Kerner, 44, a former religious studies teacher, had sex with the girl at school and at her home when she was 16. Jurors heard he had sex with her at Bexleyheath Academy in south-east London, where he was vice-principal, the same week his wife miscarried their second child. He later drove the girl to her home where the pair had sex, kissed and cuddled, Inner London crown court heard. Real, Live Practice Babies. Once upon a time, infants were quietly removed from orphanages and delivered to the home economics programs at elite U.S. colleges, where young women were eager to learn the science of mothering.

Real, Live Practice Babies

These infants became “practice babies,” living in “practice apartments,” where a gaggle of young “practice mothers” took turns caring for them. After a year or two of such rearing, the babies would be returned to orphanages, where they apparently were in great demand; adoptive parents were eager to take home an infant that had been cared for with the latest “scientific” childcare methods. Women Laughing Alone with Salad. Submitter: “please post this!!!”

Women Laughing Alone with Salad

My painting, ‘Laughing While Eating Salad’, inspired by the Women Eating Alone With Salad website. Part of a recent series ‘Appetite’ in which women forget social etiquette & advance aggressively upon the edible! London School of Economics disbands men’s rugby club over misogynist leaflet. The London School of Economics has disbanded its men’s rugby club after a leaflet distributed by members that contained homophobic and misogynist slurs “brought shame” on the university.

London School of Economics disbands men’s rugby club over misogynist leaflet

In a statement on Tuesday evening, Nona Buckley-Irvine, general secretary of LSE students’ union, said the club would be disbanded for the academic year after the flyer handed out at the freshers’ fair on Friday described women as “mingers”, “trollops” and “slags”. The club apologised for the offending booklet, which said “outright homosexual debauchery” would not be tolerated and that women playing sports were “beast-like”. The Woman’s Heart Attack. Photo IN medical circles, they call it the Hollywood Heart Attack.

The Woman’s Heart Attack

'Women, like men only cheaper' Tech Exec tells conference. A millionaire technology entrepreneur has been forced to ‘clarify’ remarks advocating the gender pay gap by implying he only hired women because they were cheaper.

'Women, like men only cheaper' Tech Exec tells conference

Evan Thornley, co-founder of LookSmart, a NASDAQ listed an online advertising company, was addressing the audience at the Sunrise Conference in Sydney when he caused a stir by putting up a slide which said: “WOMEN. Like men, only cheaper”. In Jordan, Ever Younger Syrian Brides. Continue reading the main story Slide Show MAFRAQ, Jordan — The bride-to-be was so young and shy, she spent her engagement party cloaked in a hooded robe that swallowed her slim figure but could not quite hide the ruffled pink dress her fiancé’s family had rented for her.

As the Syrian women celebrating her coming wedding to an 18-year-old cousin chattered around her in the Zaatari refugee camp, she squirreled herself in a corner, perking up only when a photo or message from a friend popped up on her cellphone. The girl, Rahaf Yousef, is 13. Brenna Twohy - "Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them" (NPS 2014) Graduates and the gender pay gap. Women graduating from part-time degrees go on to earn £7,500 less on average than their male equivalents, according to new data on higher education leavers Click image to enlarge The salary differential between the sexes on completion of a part-time degree has jumped up by £2,000 over the past year. In 2011-12, men enjoyed a mean salary of £31,500 six months after graduation, compared with £26,000 for women, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

But in 2012-13, men’s salaries rose by £1,000 to £32,500, while women’s salaries fell by £1,000 to £25,000. By comparison, the salary difference between the sexes six months after graduating from full-time study is £2,000. New mothers sidelined to 'mummy track' in their millions. GENDERED MARKETING. Rape: It's Your Fault. Wage gap between the sexes becomes yawning chasm as employees age. Bikinis to blame for sex crimes on Goa's beaches, says minister. A minister in the Indian state of Goa has warned women against wearing bikinis on beaches or visiting bars wearing short skirts, saying it is against Indian culture.

Give the Gift of Scientific American Mind Magazine. Stop Saying "I Have A Boyfriend" — Eberhardt Smith. Originally published on Luna Luna Magazine and xoJane. Elisabeth Hasselbeck Really Asked This About Feminism. Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked a guest on Thursday whether he believes that feminism is hurting American's national security. Nick Adams argued in his new book "American Boomerang" that men around the world are no longer allowed to be "manly.

" Swedish cinemas take aim at gender bias with Bechdel test rating. You expect movie ratings to tell you whether a film contains nudity, sex, profanity or violence. Are you a Pank – Professional, Aunt, No Kids? Sorry, but being a mother is not the most important job in the world. How Feminism Hurts Men. Nutritional Info.

Mentoring teenage girls: 'Watching them develop in confidence is amazing' Women Should Pay More for Health Care. The Obama Administration is about to spend $684 million on a public relations and enrollment campaign to persuade young, uninsured Americans to buy government-approved Obamacare plans. Why I am asking Boris Johnson to marry me. What happened when I started a feminist society at school. The sexual politics of sexual conflict. The Dirty Talk Of The Town: Profanity At "The New Yorker" House Votes to Allow ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ Repeal. Syria bans niqab from universities. Portraits From the New York City Marriage Bureau - Audio & Photos.

What Makes a Body Obscene? The fashion model the media can't handle - Media Criticism. THE LIFE NEUROTIC WITH STEVE'S ISSUES - cambridge university students were asked on campus... Sarah J. Jackson: What's Wrong with Media Coverage of Women Olympians? The Myth of Looming Female Dominance. What if every Olympic sport was photographed like beach volleyball? Parents keep child's gender secret. Doctors' anti-abortion views could impact on women's access to service. How Ultrasound Changed the Human Sex Ratio. Hide/Seek: Too shocking for America. One teacher's approach to preventing gender bullying in a classroom. Karen Mangiacotti: The Penis Mom. HTC Bliss reincarnated in a different shade of patronising. Cosmo sex position of the day: hamstring hell. Revealed: secret government plans to win back women. Gender Across Borders » Blog Archive » Abortion in France is about health, not politics.

Women need a PhD to earn as much as men with a BA. Farewell to Nancy Wake, the mouse who ran rings around the Nazis. Will Climate Change Make Life Harder for Girls? Agatha Christie's surfing secret revealed. Tumblinfeminist. Working mums fail to help with homework - Education News, Education. SouthernPlayalisticEvolutionMusic » Feministing Friday: Beauty or Brains what matters most in today’s dating scene? The myth of the "myth" of gender equality. I write a nasty book. And they want a girly cover on it. DELUSIONS OF GENDER by Cordelia Fine reviewed by Carol Tavris - TLS. Mary Wollstonecraft died in childbirth - two graphs on International Womens Day.

Guest Post: Go Where? Sex, Gender, and Toilets. Boy brain, girl brain: How the sexes act differently - life - 08 March 2011 - New Scientist. Fear Mongering and the Morning-After Pill. There are HOW many types of Female Orgasm? Virginia Ironside's Dilemmas: Should I go back to work now my children are at school? - Healthy Living, Health & Families. The Medium - Home Tool. Tampon-makers can't mention the V-word. Period. Ads for Zestra women's arousal oil rejected. Revenge of the Feminerd: Bluestockings, the Original Feminerds. Kate Swift, Writer Who Rooted Out Sexism in Language, Dies at 87. Women will bear brunt of budget cuts, says Yvette Cooper. Woman jailed for retracting rape claims is refused appeal.

Cindy's Take on Tech» Blog Archive » An Open Letter to Wired Magazine. Male Names Are Still Mentioned First: Scientific American Podcast. Where's the female Brian Cox? Role models: someone to look up to. Lost your libido? Let's try a little neuro-realism, madam. The European approach to teens, sex, and love, in pictures. - By Rachael Phelps. Working Moms’ Kids Turn Out Fine, 50 Years of Research Says.