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Contes à lire. TVMONDE / FLE / Enseigner.TV: des ressources pour la classe de français avec TV5MONDE. BFMTV : Toute l'information en direct et en replay. Religion, Actualité. Actualité économique et financière - Information économique et financière - Journal quotidien économique et financier - Les Le Nouvel Observateur - Actualités en temps réel. French Reading. French Reading If you're trying to practice your French Reading then the page below should help.

French Reading

You will be able to sharpen your comprehension and understanding of the sample text below, which is part of the Article 26 and 27 from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The first section is in French and the second part is in English. Also don't forget to check the rest of our other lessons listed on Learn French. Enjoy the rest of the lesson! Read the following text very carefully and see what you can understand without looking at the English translation, and see what you understood from it, you can use our French dictionary if you want.

Below is the translation of the above text, check what you understood without the help of the dictionary, after reading the translation one time, go back up and read the French text and see if you can recognize the more words this time. Reading and comprehension are very important in French. Practice Spanish. Blagues et histoires amusantes - A la française. ASTÉRIX - Le Site officiel. French Fun - Games - Comics - Tongue Twisters - Jokes. When you're tired of studying French, take a break with these fun sites that I've found on the net.

French Fun - Games - Comics - Tongue Twisters - Jokes

There are games, jokes, comics, tongue twisters, and more. Practice & Perfect Your French. Practice and perfect your French with free online lessons, study tips, practice ideas, tests, common mistakes and difficulties, and much more.

Practice & Perfect Your French

Daily and Weekly French Features Adding even a little bit of French to your day can make a big difference. Voici mon CV - French Reading Comprehension. Dans le milieu des années 1970, un homme politique de Colombie britannique a déclaré que les gens qui ne travaillaient pas étaient des paresseux.

Voici mon CV - French Reading Comprehension

Il a ajouté alors que si tous prenaient une pelle, il y aurait du travail pour eux. Le jour suivant des centaines de personnes protestaient sur les marches de l'Assemblée nationale. Pelle à la main, ils venaient chercher les emplois qu'on leur avait promis. French Interactive Readings. • French Click on a reading below.

French Interactive Readings

The reading will begin to play. Pause it and see the word that is being read. Click on any word and the reading will start up at that location. Use the arrow keys to jump backwards and forward in the sound track. A free French Interactive Reading app is now available for Android. Beginning Readings Chère Maman, cher Papa * by Christine Hendelman voice: Tamara Chida. Demotivateur - Image drole, video drole, blague, troll face. Érik Orsenna. Bibliography[edit]

Érik Orsenna

Wall Photos. A collection of more than 800 Proverbs, Idiomatic Expressions, Adages and Old saying in English with their French equivalents. Using French Proverbs. When learning a foreign language, we need to understand that we cannot always express what we want to say as a word-for-word translation of our mother tongue.

Using French Proverbs

It is perhaps surprising, then, when looking at French and English proverbs, to find that many of them are in fact direct translations of each other. At the same time, there are a few that have the same implied meaning but are expressed in a totally different way in each language. For example, whereas in English we must not count our chickens, the French must not sell their bear skin ..... Here is a list of a few common proverbs with their translations. L'argent est la racine de tous les maux. – Money is the root of all evils. Nécessité est mère d'invention. – Necessity is the mother of invention. Battre le fer pendant qu'il est chaud. – Strike while the iron's hot, or make hay while the sun shines. Rira bien qui rira le dernier. – He who laughs last laughs longest. Une minute d'hésitation peut coûter cher. – He who hesitates is lost. Learn french grammar listen to free text about french culture and practice with exercise - Let's speak french !

Les expressions françaises décortiquées - Se mettre en quatre. Expressio, le dictionnaire des expressions françaises décortiquées, est une encyclopédie des expressions et locutions qui propose l'histoire, l'origine ou l'étymogie des expressions françaises suivantes : Les expressions de tous les jours Les expressions courantes Les expressions populaires Les expressions désuètes Dans cette page, l'expression française dont l'histoire ou l'origine est proposée est : « N'y voir / comprendre goutte » Vous serez informé chaque jour ou chaque semaine (selon votre choix) des nouvelles parutions et vous pourrez participer au forum lié à chaque expression Et pour tout savoir sur expressio (quoi, pourquoi, qui, comment, combien...)

Les expressions françaises décortiquées - Se mettre en quatre

,utilisez le lien Foire Aux Questions dans le menu à gauche. Expression du vendredi 23 décembre 2005Les informations de base de ce site sont issues des sources listées dans la page 'Bibliographie' Textes issus du site - Duplication et diffusion strictement interdites sans autorisation. Environnement. MONDE - Apprendre.TV - FLE - français langue étrangère: Bonne fortune. Colle Fran&aise. Essential French Langauge Tools — La Belle in France. French: Vocabulary Guide: The Body II. Alan Kennedys Color/Language Project - The Idiom List.