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Untitled. Untitled. Untitled. Places Around Town. Tourism - Turismo. Cuevas de las Manos, Argentina - The Cave of the Hands. The World’s Southernmost City. The southern part of South America is fractured into a number of small islands collectively known as Tierra del Fuego.

The World’s Southernmost City

Located roughly between 52° and 55° latitudes, these islands constitute some of the most distant landmasses on earth measured from the equator. The region is sparsely populated, but there are two major population centers here—Ushuaia and Río Grande—both located on Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, the largest island of the archipelago. This island is shared by Argentina and Chile, and while the Chilean part is geographically larger, the Argentinean side is more populous.

The Cave of Hands in Patagonia, Argentina. Prehistoric rock paintings, handprints and stencils span all continents, and began appearing on rock walls around the world at least 30,000 years ago.

The Cave of Hands in Patagonia, Argentina

But Cueva de las Manos in Patagonia contains an exceptional assemblage of cave art. Caleta Olivia: History of the City and Legends from the area. According to the 1991 census, Caleta Olivia has 28.000 inhabitants.

Caleta Olivia: History of the City and Legends from the area

Its natural port was one of the points selected by the Marina Argentina to unload materials for the installation of the telegraph from Buenos Aires to Cabo Vírgenes. Coastal Marine National Park - Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia, Argentina. Comodoro Rivadavia. Official site of Tourism Mar del Plata. History The Indians, called Pampas or Serranos by the Spanish, dominated the region before the arrival of the Europeans and therefore boast the title of first settlers.

Official site of Tourism Mar del Plata

The arrival of the white man to this area of Buenos Aires province took place in 1581, with an expedition led by Juan de Garay. In 1746, the Reducción de Nuestra Señora del Pilar (settlement of indigenous people converted to Christian faith) organized by the Jesuit order was founded by Las Cabrillas lake (nowadays Laguna de los Padres) at the Spanish king’s request. The indigenous population in the area amounted to 1,200 members, encouraging the priests to request the place be considered a town.

Despite the acceptance of such request, life in this settlement was ephemeral, as it succumbed after the Indians’s attacks. BAHIA BUSTAMANTE LODGE – PATAGONIA ARGENTINA – Argentina's Private (and Secret) answer to The Galapagos according to The New York Times. A private wildlife sanctuary surrounded by 360° of pure nature. Top 10 small towns in the United Kingdom, which places to visit. There are numerous reasons why someone should visit United Kingdom – wonderful landscape, vibrant cities, rich history, welcoming people, the list can practically go on forever.

Top 10 small towns in the United Kingdom, which places to visit

However, a lot of people wish to experience true British lifestyle. Go on a tour with our list of top 10 best small towns in the UK which will definitely catch your attention. 1) Rye, East Sussex, England. Britain's 30 best seaside towns. Marketing cookies are used to track visitors across websites.

Britain's 30 best seaside towns

10 things to do in Patagonia. The Patagonian Steppe. An ecoregion or ecological region is a relatively large biogeographical area characterized by the unique features of its ecology, climate, geomorphology, soils, flora and fauna.

The Patagonian Steppe

The Taiga, the African Savanna, the Mediterranean Forest or the Amazonian Jungle are good examples of ecoregions. Algas. Las Algas Marinas y sus Propiedades. Playa Asina y Playa Lobería. El 28-11-2016 con Fabian Carreras fuimos a fotografiar aves por la zona de el límite entre Rada Tilly y Caleta Olivia.

Playa Asina y Playa Lobería

La primer parada de la salida fue la colonia mixta de las tres especies de gaviotines que nidifican en la zona formada a partir del 2012. Se pudieron observar individuos de las tres especies nidificando pero un gran grupo de personas disturbiando la colonia ocasionando el vuelo de los individuos y el posterior abandono de sus nidos. Panorámica colonia de cría. Algunos ejemplares dado la gran cantidad de individuos optaron por anidar en el camino siendo un lugar peligroso dado la presencia de vehículos que se meten en la colonia. Marine Animals of Patagonia. Rivadavia; Reino Vegetal - Algas. La palabra Alga proviene del latín, y significa "Yuyo de mar", pero aunque la mayor parte de las plantas marinas son algas, hay muchas algas, hay muchas algas que no son marinas.

Rivadavia; Reino Vegetal - Algas.

En rigor de verdad son, principalmente, habitantes del agua, ya sea dulce o salada, pero también hay algunas que viven sobre superficie rocosa o sobre la corteza de árboles. Publications - The Forum for the Conservation of the Patagonian Sea. Giving names phone numbers & email addresses in EnglishPhone English. Giving names phone numbers & email addresses in EnglishPhone English.

Telephone English. This section is all about speaking on the phone in English. It includes a vocabulary list and quiz, common phrases and tips, and a series of practice exercises. If you answer the phone and you hear someone speaking in English, don't be afraid to reply. The fear of talking on the phone in a second language will disappear if you practise often. Saying Telephone Numbers.

Voicepods. Guide to Patagonia: what to do, how to do it, and where to stay. For my first forays into Patagonia, in the 1990s, I left behind my guidebooks and travelogues.

Guide to Patagonia: what to do, how to do it, and where to stay

Travelling light, I was blown away by big, jagged mountaintop glaciers and – more literally – the fierce westerlies that gusted summer long. Between the gawping and the roast lamb dinners, I struggled to make sense of German settlements, Tehuelche place names, Anglophile ranch-owners and ruddy Welsh faces on the coast; crossing the empty steppe, I wondered why any of these would come to such an arid, godforsaken place to make a home. Later on, Bruce Chatwin’s In Patagonia helped me to make sense of all this. Chatwin visited the region 40 years ago this month to write what would become In Patagonia, published in 1977 to great acclaim.

Sample Tour Guide Speech in English. This page covers vocabulary needed by people working as tour guides in an English-speaking context. Listen to a tour guide on a shuttle bus from the airport to the resort. Tour guide speech – Budapest. How To Write The Perfect Tour Script. The best tour scripts don’t feel as if they’ve been written by anyone at all, but the cruel irony to effortless sounding, entertaining scripts is that they take a lot of hard work to write and develop. Creating, improving and refining your script will be a lengthy process, and one which starts as you begin developing your tours, and evolves over time. Below are our basic tips for developing a solid tour script that will keep attendees engaged and having fun. Keep It Entertaining The number one rule for a great script is to make sure to keep it entertaining. How to script the content of your “tour guide” application? At smArtapps, we are convinced that it is not always necessary to use complex functionalities to achieve an exciting and fun application.

On the contrary, it is quite possible to stage your content and visitors using our standard features. What are these features and what are the ways to divert them? Writing Verbal Descriptions for Audio Guides. Download PDF Version Writing Verbal Descriptions for Audio Guides (PDF contains images) Lou Giansante, Writer/Producer, Art Beyond Sight. Lou Giansante writes audio tours as an independent producer and for audio tour companies. He also works with Art Beyond Sight as a writer and producer of Verbal Description audio tours. A Very Brief History of Verbal Description. Tourism, Travel and Text - Historical, Literary and Cultural Studies.

Tourism, Travel and Text is the largest interdisciplinary research group in the field of tourism, travel and culture in the Netherlands, sharing a particular interest in the relation between touristic practices and representations in literary and other texts. Members contribute to HLCS’s research agenda by focusing much of their work on tourism and travel on social processes of in- and exclusion and on the meanings of art and creativity for people and society.

Recent academic achievements by this research group. List of books and articles about Tourism. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) defines tourists as people who "travel to and stay in places outside their usual environment for more than 24 hours and not more than one consecutive year for leisure, business and other purposes not related to the exercise of an activity remunerated from within the place visited. " The tourism industry is one of the most important areas of the economy and an extremely lucrative business. Cómo redactar un post turístico. Por David Mármol @RedCompetitiva – Consultor Turístico El marketing de contenidos se ha convertido en un arma de las empresas para atraer a nuevos clientes y fidelizarlos. Los beneficios de implantar una estrategia de este tipo son varios y muy valiosos en mi opinión.

¿Quieres conocer mi localidad? ¿Cómo elaborar una guía de viajes? - redac_especializada. 3.1. Características de redacción 3.2. Organización de la información: cómo facilitarle la lectura al viajero. Everyday English for ESL — Lesson 4 — Airport Check-in - The English Blog. Elliott - Travel Tourism Interview - Much better. Blue Route Atlantic Patagonia Tour. Excursions Blue Route. How to Prepare For a Road Trip – Argentina contact. Is there anything sweeter than a road trip?

3 Classic Patagonia Road Trip Routes - Moon Travel Guides. Corredor Turístico Del Viento. Vocación de construir agenda territorial - Observador Central. Plan federal de turismo sustentable- argentina 2016. El corredor de la Ruta Azul - Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia, Argentina. THE 15 BEST Things to Do in Province of Santa Cruz - 2018. A 5000 kilometers long Tourist Corridor.

Tourism in Santa Cruz Autumn 2018. Patagonia self-drive holiday. Helping Dreamers Do. Self Drive - Worldwide Motorhoming Holidays. Breaking News English. English for Tour Guides. ESL hotel, aviation & tourism lesson plans for ESL Teachers. ENGLISH FOR TOURISM: ONLINE RESOURCES. English for the Hotel Industry: What It Is and How to Learn It. 20 Great Resources to Help You Learn English for Hospitality. On Your Left You Will See…: ESP for Tour Guides. Airport check-in. TeachingEnglish. At the hotel - listening. Untitled. Curso: Bienvenid@ How to ask for directions and how to give directions. English Conversation 01. Learning English TV 27 with Steve. Vocabulary TRAVEL and TOURISM (Lesson 13) An exciting career in Tourism and Travel. Claves Para Visitar Colonias De Pingüinos - Viajero Responsable. British Council. Unit 6: TRAVEL AND TOURISM. 12 tips on conducting walking tours. Travel Advice : How to Become a Tour Guide. Greetings and Introduction.

Budweiser Commercial - What are you doing. An exciting career in Tourism and Travel. ESL hotel & tourism lesson plans for ESL Teachers: eslflow webguide. Travel and tourism games/ worksheets. Let's talk about TOURISM worksheet. Pettigrew ltr writing task. ESL hotel & tourism lesson plans for ESL Teachers: eslflow webguide. Telephone English Using Role Plays for ESL. English-learning resources. On Your Left You Will See…: ESP for Tour Guides. Hiking Perito Moreno – the Eighth Wonder of the World. Five short conversations. LISTENING: A2. Leyenda del Cerro Chenque y la riqueza petrolera en Comodoro Rivadavia, viajar a comodoro-rivadavia , turismo en comodoro-rivadavia Argentina, Chenque Hill. Inicio - vivianacarlaroman.

Travel Agent – When to Opt for Professional Help. Hiking Perito Moreno – the Eighth Wonder of the World. Torres del Paine National Park Named the 8th Wonder of the World Is. Argentina – Perfect Destination for Adventurous Tourists. What Type of Travel Insurance Is the Best. Best Mobile Apps for Safe Traveling. Chile: Glacier Cruise Draws the Attention of Many Adventurers. Mexico City – Safe or Dangerous for Travelers? Safety: Tourists Need to Be Cautious in Brazil.