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Work. Now. Locally. Find Internships | Intern Jobs | Paid Internships Mission : Contently: Tell Great Stories Why? Because we’ve seen how the ease of sharing high-quality information and stories in the digital age can have a positive impact on the world — and we’ve seen how lousy, unoriginal content can do just the opposite. Bad content pollutes the media ecosystem. It clogs search results, spams news articles with irrelevant suggested links, turns comment sections into war zones, and drapes the media landscape in spiderwebs of reposted listicles. When Contently launched in December 2010, we declared war on SEO "content farms" that exploited writers and created content for robots instead of people, stating in our original manifesto that "in two years the content farms will be dead, but good content will not." That's largely true today. Since the early days of Contently, we’ve believed that original content trumps all.

Modern Guild - Apprenticeship Evolved | Modern Guild Manifesto | Crew We are at the start of the most significant economic movement since the Industrial Revolution. With the tools available today, work is being redefined. We have more power than ever before to be our own bosses. Develop our own passions. And work is no longer a place. It can happen from any space, any place, anytime, anywhere. While there has been progress toward making it easier for people to work together in this new economy, there hasn't been the same amount of innovation directed toward connecting people who are looking for exceptional work with professionals who know how to deliver quality results. What's wrong with many of the current services is they tend to pit professionals against one another, ultimately landing on price as the determining factor. While it's now possible to work from anywhere in the world and make a living, we think there's room to do much better. At Crew, we're building a system that values the results of the work done, not just the dollar price.

Hire people for any Job - Find freelancers & freelance jobs - Pricing | Hourly Pricing that Stretches with Your Needs Hourly Pricing Gives You Flexibility Your cost varies with the hours you use. You can use the recruiter for less of the process if you want to pay less. Or use them for more if you can stretch your budget. Be a Control Freak No minimum number of hours. Wicked Inexpensive If you use a recruiter for EVERYTHING (you know, like a 'normal' recruiter), you still save 80% over 'normal' fees. So Transparent We're See-Through No hidden costs. Get Free Proposals …from expert recruiters who bill by the hour.

How to Impress Potential Employers in a Video Interview For many, the video job interview is an intimidating proposition — and for good reason. You're familiar with chatting with friends or a significant other online, and bringing your professional game to the office, but when you're ask to blend the two, it can be disorienting. Many people opt to dress as if they're going to the office (at least from the waist up), and others wear makeup as if they're on camera to be sure their souped-up appearance translates through to the viewer. The prepping applies to your space, too — turn off any devices that might beep (and warn family members or roommates who might wander in). Finally, make eye contact the best way you can on a video call by looking right into the camera. Check out the below infographic made by SparkHire to get more tips for your video job interview. Have you done a video interview? Every week we post a list of social media and web job opportunities. Image courtesy of iStock, emreogan

Freelance Job Sites – Freelancers Union Hives I have been a player on the freelance sites for several years. My background is in data recovery, computer forensic and cybercrime investigations. I have had mixed successes - an email investigation in Nigeria, a data recovery in UAE and a video analysis for a murder investigation in Belize. I believe that my niche is, perhaps, too narrow - and my profile may turn off too many. The other side of this coin is that security people need to add another thing to their ever-growing TO-DO list. The New Dodge City (previously published on LinkedIn One of the fundamental laws of the Universe is that IT Security professionals wear a multitude of hats. Allow me to add to your workload. The threat to IT security that is present in these sites is two-fold and was the inspiration of the title for this article. So, what should you do? Good hunting. Who am I and why should you listen to me?

Only 3 Interview Questions Matter How to Get a Job at Google, Part 2 MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — HOW’S my kid going to get a job? There are few questions I hear more often than that one. In February, I interviewed Laszlo Bock, who is in charge of all hiring at Google — about 100 new hires a week — to try to understand what an employer like Google was looking for and why it was increasingly ready to hire people with no college degrees. Bock’s remarks generated a lot of reader response, particularly his point that prospective bosses today care less about what you know or where you learned it — the Google machine knows everything now — than what value you can create with what you know. With graduations approaching, I went back to Google to ask Bock to share his best advice for job-seekers anywhere, not just at Google. Here is a condensed version of our conversations: You’re not saying college education is worthless? “My belief is not that one shouldn’t go to college,” said Bock. What are those traits? A lot of work, he added, is no longer tied to location.