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Small Town Tourism

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Could online apps help save indie bookshops? The rise of online retailers and ebooks have had a devastating impact on the UK’s independent bookshops.

Could online apps help save indie bookshops?

According to the Booksellers Association, the number of bricks and mortar stores has plummeted over the last 10 years from 1,535 in 2005 to just 939 in 2014. A number of online initiatives are now fighting back to save these physical outlets from further decline. NearSt is one business aiming to help shoppers find their way back to local bookshops with a simple smartphone app. It allows users to tap in the product they want to purchase and then shows nearby stores where it is stocked.

Similar to click and collect, the customer can then place an order and pick it up at that location. “Shopping locally should be easier than shopping online. Live Rural Newfoundland & Labrador. The Great Northern Peninsula has a number of craft producers that are hobbyists, part-time or engaged in the business earning a living full-time.

Live Rural Newfoundland & Labrador

There is significant opportunity to start and even grow markets in this sector. I recently attended a workshop at 50 Centuries Interpretation Centre, Bird Cove to learn more and provide my own feedback. I was impressed by the array and diversity of craft producers at the session, ranging from two Youth Ventures participant presentations including Sami’s Cakes and Jasmine’s Nail Designs.

Strategy #2: Small Entrepreneurship. Rural Economic Development Depends on Small Entrepreneurship The most effective and desirable economic development strategy for many rural communities is small entrepreneurship – development based on locally owned and owner operated small businesses.

Strategy #2: Small Entrepreneurship

Often called microenterprise development, small entrepreneurship has been proven to work in the rural areas that have not been successful in attracting manufacturers or other large employers from outside. In Nebraska’s farm and ranch counties, over 70 percent of the net job growth is coming from non-farm self-employment, people creating their own jobs. It works because the people in these areas have an entrepreneurial bent. Farm and ranch counties in the nation’s mid-section have long had two to three times the rate of self-employment as metropolitan counties.

It has worked in Nebraska in part because of deliberate efforts to cultivate small business development. Small Town Successes Towards Sustainability. Full resource: Defying the Odds: Sustainability In Small Rural Places Date: 2011 Source: The International City/County Management Association Authors: George Homsy and Mildred Warner While many large, American cities have made successful inroads into making their living environments more sustainable, smaller cities and towns have a much harder time due to political, fiscal, technical and jurisdictional challenges.

Small Town Successes Towards Sustainability

Unfortunately, this makes smaller and poorer towns less likely to enact sustainability policies. They often lack the resources and expertise, and must rely more heavily on community-driven processes, if to achieve their aims. This briefing paper identifies some of the key barriers which smaller towns face when trying to transition into sustainability, while also providing an overview of strategies which some municipalities have tried to implement.

42_Carter.pdf. Let’s Put Our Cities on the Map. Problem loading page. How Bicycles can save small towns. Take a look at this video of how bike travel can revitalize rural areas.

How Bicycles can save small towns

To learn more visit Best_practices_report_final.PDF. Nextdoor Plots Holiday Festivities with Cheer Map — Design News. Spotted / Sutter Creek, CA / Sutter Creek Provisions. Say hello the newest kid on the block which opened its doors just a few weeks ago.

Spotted / Sutter Creek, CA / Sutter Creek Provisions

This here is Sutter Creek Provisions—a purveyor of fine foods, craft beers, and live musical performances—owned by husband and wife, Darin and Casey Sexton. One side serves as a gourmet market stocking an amazing variety of pantry items, snacks, fresh produce, wine and deli selections; the other includes a stage + bar offering draft and bottled beers, wine and plenty of seating.

With our hotel close by this was a great spot to grab some goodies, and after a day of adventuring, a perfect place to settle into.

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Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more. Design Initiatives in the Tourism benefits to towns. Tourist friendly towns. Stewardship Tourism Can Encourage Rural Visitors To Care, Learn and Connect. Marci Penner at the Kansas Sampler Foundation thinks so.

Stewardship Tourism Can Encourage Rural Visitors To Care, Learn and Connect

Her Kansas Explorers Club visit Kansas communities for fun and at the same time help those small Kansas towns keep their grocery stores open and fix up their local attractions. Now Diane Strachan of Positive Futures is stepping up with a Stewardship Travel program in San Luis Obispo County, California that could become a blueprint for similar actions anywhere in the world. Here’s the press release announcing the launch of this program: Announcing Stewardship Travel What makes Stewardship Tourism different from Geotourism or Ecotourism These differences make Stewardship Tourism important for small rural communities Geotourism – this term was coined by the National Geographic Society.

There are dozens of geotourism regions now, with National Geographic sponsored websites and maps. Here is a good article that explains in more detail the difference between ecotourism and geotourism. Why should visitors love your town? Count the ways : Community Features. Extension > Community > Community Features > Why should visitors love your town?

Why should visitors love your town? Count the ways : Community Features

Count the ways Author: Mary Vitcenda Content Source: Various sources Winter 2011 Photo: Explore Minnesota Tourism "What do you do for fun around here? " When visitors come to your town, replies to this question can make or break their impression of your community. That means offering things to see and do that are either unique (one of a kind) or extraordinary (other towns might have them, but yours is better). As Hank Todd of Hank Todd Solutions Group in St. The core of assessment is an inventory of existing and potential attractions that might draw tourists to a community. "But don't stop there," warns Cynthia Messer, Extension educator with the University of Minnesota Tourism Center. Community Tourism Development. Extension > Community > Community Tourism Development Tourism Assessment Program The Tourism Assessment Program can help your community open up to new visitors and strengthen your local economy.

Community Tourism Development

When your community conducts a Tourism Assessment Program, a team of community leaders and University faculty members gather and review data to analyze the community's tourism assets and potential for tourism development. The program includes a visit by the team to the community. Small_Town_Tourism_Harshbarger. Developing small town tourism.