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Extreme tourism

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*****Managing impact of tourism in Iceland: Planning the wild in times of tourist invasion uEbV. *****Sustainability in glacial environments #geographyteacher / extreme tourism. Walkhighlands (criticism of trials bikes) I wonder how many others were saddened to watch a video on Facebook featuring the extremely talented cyclist Danny MacAskill and his cousin riding the Beinn na Caillich horseshoe above Broadford on trials motorbikes.

Walkhighlands (criticism of trials bikes)

Like everyone else I have nothing but respect for Danny MacAskill, someone whose skills, boldness and abilities have become legendary. *****Danny Macaskill: The Ridge. *****Nothing better than a night under the stars #BreconBeacons #FindYourEpic. *****Who'll help Antarctica? Claimed by everyone, protected by no one. All visitors and vessels on #SouthGeorgia observe strict #biosecurity measures to protect #biodiversity. 1970s, road tripping through Afghanistan!. Sean Conway, Britain’s wildest adventurer: ‘This is such a cool island’

“I feel sorry for people stuck in cities their whole lives,” says adventurer Sean Conway.

Sean Conway, Britain’s wildest adventurer: ‘This is such a cool island’

“There are so many landscapes out there.” So, it is no surprise that, five minutes after meeting me off the London train at Windermere station, he has handed me a spare pair of wellies so that we can go tramping up a hill. Last year, Conway became the first person to run, swim and cycle 4,200 miles around the coastline of Great Britain – thus completing the longest-ever triathlon. It took him 85 days. If that doesn’t sound difficult enough, he did the whole trip without a support team, wild camping at night in football fields or under upturned boats and carrying his tent and equipment with him. ***Conway's favourite places: He's walked the Nile & the Himalayas, now explorer @Levisonwood turns his attentions to the ganglands & jungles of Central America... The Transcaucasian Expedition. Australia's most inspiring wilderness campsites. Airbothy. I've just undertaken the toughest swim of my life to launch the #Antarctica2020 campaign. Please share our message. @Al_Humphreys this is a sign from above Chamonix with the Aiguille d'Argentiere in the background.

Danger of Death = potential for good trip. Today in Ladybird 10 Dec 1910 Captain Scott’s ship Terra Nova is halted by pack ice for 20 days. How Far Away Can You Get From Everybody Else? Why You Should Get Out and Explore, in 4 Minutes. South Pole opens for the summer tourist season - Yes, you can get there as a tourist, with @Antarctic_ALE, even ski last degree of latitude.

Expedition Resources - Get help with any adventure you're planning. Packing for The Perimeter. Camping gear for my photo project based on walking around the coast of Britain. Arctic Invasive Alien Species. Executive Order 13112 calls for both ecosystem-level coordination and international cooperation.

Arctic Invasive Alien Species

The Implementation Plan for the National Strategy for the Arctic Region directs the Federal government to “develop, implement, and maintain an international invasive species prevention and management plan.” The NISC Secretariat is currently working with international partners to develop the Arctic Invasive Alien Species (ARIAS) Strategy and Action Plan called for in the 2016-2018 NISC Management Plan. Action 2.6: Under the auspices of the Arctic Council’s Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) Invasive Species Working Group, work with international partners to develop a strategy and action plan for the prevention and management of invasive species across the Arctic region.

The project is being accomplished under the guidance of the Arctic Council’s Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna (CAFF) and Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment (PAME) working groups. #OnThisDay 1915. The Endurance, Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, was finally lost after months of being icebound in the Weddell Sea. Wilderness. A Journey to the End of my Country. “Dear to the seabird is her rocky ledge.

A Journey to the End of my Country

Dear to the Islesman is the World’s Edge.” – Vagaland Tell me, Muse, the story of that man who was driven to wander far and wide… The irony of reading the epic Odyssey on a microadventure was not lost on me. Beulah. There Are Over 200 Bodies on Mount Everest, And They’re Used as Landmarks. These Maps Show the Epic Quest for a Northwest Passage. Living Planet: Antarctic Tourism - threat to the ecosystem? Deutsche Welle Media Center / All media content Environment Living Planet: Antarctic Tourism - threat to the ecosystem?

Living Planet: Antarctic Tourism - threat to the ecosystem?

Antarctica is the last landmass on Earth to be left almost completely untouched by humankind. Canada's 15,000-Mile "Great Trail" Will Be the Longest Car-Free Route on Earth. There was a cross country course started in Canada in 1992 named The Great Trail.

Canada's 15,000-Mile "Great Trail" Will Be the Longest Car-Free Route on Earth

The trail is now 87% complete and it extends to a distance of 20,770 kilometers now, stretching across 13 provinces and territories ranging from British Columbia to Newfoundland. Tentatively, this will be completed in 2017 and the entire 24,000 kilometers will be the longest car-free trail on this planet. The vast expanse of Canada is covered in this route and there will be a journey from urban centers to the countryside serene paths. The Great Trail is also a boost for the environment and it will make the people healthy as well.

People who are interested in trails are welcome to check this trail out and you will be amazed to know that 26% of the trail is present on water and you will have to make use of different methods such as horses, cycling, horseback riding etc. Photography by ©Chris Burkard. An Unexpected Battle for the Future of Wilderness. On a spring day in 1986, three kayakers appeared in Yellowstone National Park, moving along the fast-rippling water of the Yellowstone River.

An Unexpected Battle for the Future of Wilderness

A helicopter approached and they stubbornly stayed their course as it dropped low for a better look, buffeting them with rotor wind. An armed man in a ranger uniform appeared on shore ahead, waiting. Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt. The long-lost ship of British polar explorer Sir John Franklin, HMS Terror, has been found in pristine condition at the bottom of an Arctic bay, researchers have said, in a discovery that challenges the accepted history behind one of polar exploration’s deepest mysteries.

Ship found in Arctic 168 years after doomed Northwest Passage attempt

HMS Terror and Franklin’s flagship, HMS Erebus, were abandoned in heavy sea ice far to the north of the eventual wreck site in 1848, during the Royal Navy explorer’s doomed attempt to complete the Northwest Passage. All 129 men on the Franklin expedition died, in the worst disaster to hit Britain’s Royal Navy in its long history of polar exploration. Sleeper train to Scotland; Mountain Bikes And Bothy Nights. When I’m stuck in the city, chasing deadlines and dollars and other men’s dreams, I often wish I could escape to something different.

Sleeper train to Scotland; Mountain Bikes And Bothy Nights

When I’m jostled by crowds, hammering furiously at emails, working for money not love, I like to let my mind drift away to something that I really care about instead. Imagine, I say to myself, imagine this: I could jump on the sleeper train tonight, fall asleep in London and wake up in the massive silence of the mountains. Thrill Seekers Suspend a Giant Hammock 400 Feet Above the Desert Floor. If you have dare devil blood running through you, then odds are in your favour that you are going to love this hammock that was suspended over 400 feet in the air above an unforgiving desert.

Thrill Seekers Suspend a Giant Hammock 400 Feet Above the Desert Floor

While this was only up in the air for a day due to obvious safety reasons, it was a popular spot for dare devils of all kinds that were looking to have a thrill with others that felt the same way as them. South Pole Hotel where rooms cost £54k a WEEK and the temperature is -5C. After an extensive renovation the White Desert hotel in Antarctica is ready to start accepting guests although a week's stay will cost a cool £54,000. Holidaying in freezing conditions may not be many people's idea of a relaxing break away but after the hotel's five-star upgrade wealthy punters may soon be flocking to the Antarctic Peninsula. The continent's only hotel hosts guests in 'sleeping pods' which are kitted out with fur-covered beds, designer furniture and stylish en-suite bathrooms.

Ice pod. Hotel guests make their way to their room in a snow cleared backdrop. Antarctic tourism - Discovering Antarctica. Afghanistan's National Park: Band-e-Amir - Amazing, beauty awesome challenges. The evidence was in an open area of inhospitable hills and valleys in the Afghanistan’s central Bamyan province. Hidden out on the northern plateau, a small box snapped a photo of a Persian leopard, a species of wild cat long thought to be extinct in this area. Weeks later, one of the park’s four female rangers collected the box, brought it back to the base camp in Band-e-Amir national park, and park staff knew their home was more special than they already thought. Highlights. Afghanistan's National Park: Women rangers. Once a popular stop on the 1960s hippie trail, Band-e-Amir Park and the now destroyed Buddhas of Bamiyan rarely see foreign tourists anymore.

Years of war and destruction following the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and the rise of the Taliban have made these stunning sites a dangerous place to visit. But as the country slowly moves to rebuild itself, there are new signs of life. Over the past couple of years, rangers have been trained to protect the country's first National Park and in a rather bold move, four women have been hired. Fatima, Kubra, Nikbakht, and Sediqa are the park's first and only female wardens and their responsibilities include assisting local tourists, teaching children about conservation and ensuring visitors do no harm to the park. Inuit fear they will be overwhelmed as ‘extinction tourism’ descends on Arctic.

Adventure.nationalgeographic. Inuit fear they will be overwhelmed as ‘extinction tourism’ descends on Arctic. Melting Arctic enables new tourist routes. A new Titanic? US and Canada prepare for worst as luxury Arctic cruise sets sail.