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Dessin. Colored Pencils Art. Drawing Techniques: Lessons, Tutorials, and Tips for Artists and Illustrators. Lifting Color: Two Methods -- This tutorial from Bet Borgeson demonstrates how an artist can make changes or fix problems in any colored pencil drawing.

Drawing Techniques: Lessons, Tutorials, and Tips for Artists and Illustrators

Techniques include using frisket film, masking tape, and burnishing tools. "From Aunt Wilmot's Things" by Bet Borgeson -- This seven-step demonstration teaches the many stages involved in creating a masterful colored pencil drawing and provides helpful tips for establishing a good composition, an effective range of values, and a variety of edges. Drawing Tutorials and Tips -- Brian Duey's online drawing tutorials focus primarily on drawing facial features and creating life-like portraits.

Realistic Portrait Art: How to draw in Prismacolor colored pencils & mixed Media; An Art lesson in drawing & shading techniques & Ladies Portrait Gallery by Howard David Johnson. - for all things Colored Pencil! Colored Pencil Techniques. Coloured Pencils - Resources for Artists. Fine Art in Colored Pencil-Peter Kripgans Ann Kullberg Lessons...colored, pencil, coloured, pencil, art, ann kullberg, artist, portraits, portrait, drawing. Tokyo-born Ann Kullberg brings a sensitivity to colored pencil artistry that goes back to her childhood.

Fine Art in Colored Pencil-Peter Kripgans Ann Kullberg Lessons...colored, pencil, coloured, pencil, art, ann kullberg, artist, portraits, portrait, drawing

Raised in Japan by Lutheran missionary parents, she experimented with watercolors and pastels at a young age, but didn’t devote herself to art until 1987. A self-taught artist and former school teacher, Ann began receiving recognition for her portraiture in galleries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Her work has been selected for national greeting cards, and has won numerous exhibition awards. Colored Pencil Techniques. By Tiffanie L. Gray Hello!

Thank you for all those who have commented in the past. While there are some revisions to this tutorial, such as taking out the broken links, I haven't made that many changes if you read it before. Colored Pencil Techniques by Kristy Kutch. "Coral Poppy"Colored pencil on, 8" x 10" unframed 100% cotton museum board $250 You may contact Kristy Kutch at: (219) 874-4688 11555 West Earl Road Michigan City, IN 46360 [ Artist Interviews | ]Copyright © 2000, Kristy Kutch All rights reserved.

Colored Pencil Techniques by Kristy Kutch

Color Pencil Lessons. Galleries Photo Galleries Resources Shoppe Freebies Commisions.

Color Pencil Lessons

Colored Pencil Technique. Colored Pencil Basics. This lesson introduces some basic color pencil strokes which will be useful in your drawing.

Colored Pencil Basics

Make sure to go on to the next page for some exercises to help you practice your color pencil technique. It is a good idea to spend some time exploring the color pencil medium with small pieces before attempting a major drawing. As with graphite pencil, there are a range of techniques which you can employ when drawing with colored pencil. Which one you choose will depend on the final effect you are aiming for: SHADING Using a straightforward side-to-side shading motion, a smooth even layer of color is built up.

HATCHING Rapid, regular, evenly spaced lines are drawn, leaving a little white paper or underlying colour showing. CROSS-HATCHING Hatching overlaid at right-angles. SCUMBLING The 'brillo pad' method, tiny overlapping circles rapidly drawn. DIRECTIONAL MARKS Short directional lines which follow a contour, or the direction of hair or grass or other surfaces. ~Helen South. Colored Pencil Tips And Techniques. I purchased my first set of Berol colored pencils back in 1983, for an illustration class, in art college.

Colored Pencil Tips And Techniques

I never actually got to open them up in class, because I had to drop out of art school, due to financial problems. So, when I did open them up and started experimenting and exploring with colored pencils, I was on my own. I had no teacher to explain or guide me on how to use this medium. They say an artist can fall in love with their medium of choice, and I am one of those artists.

Over the years, I have come to find out that color pencils are a very non-forgiving medium. So what makes this medium so special? Color Pencil Lessons from, Color Pencil Lesson Index Page. Colored Pencil Lessons, Tips & Techniques. Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorial Step by Step About Veronica Native of Russia, Veronica Winters was born in 1976 in Smolensk Region.

Colored Pencil Lessons, Tips & Techniques

She has spent her childhood living in Zelenograd, a suburb of Moscow known for its electronic industry. Veronica always thought of herself as an artist but with the collapse of the Soviet Union she pursued a different career and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Zelenograd Business College, a joint venture of the Moscow Institute of Electronic Engineering and the University of Tulsa. In 1995-1996 she was awarded a full-ride scholarship and studied at the University of Tulsa for two semesters. Veronica and her husband immigrated to the United States in 1997.

In 2005 Veronica completed her M.F.A. degree in painting at the Pennsylvania State University. Read more. How to Color With Colored Pencils: Drawing & Shading Lessons. Colored Pencil: Techniques & Tutorial. Pencil Sharpness and Pressure : If you work with a pencil that is dull, it will skip over the valleys of your textured paper allowing the background color to show through. This can give a nice effect but if you want complete coverage you will need to use sharper pencils and smoother paper. A dull pencil can also be used to cover an area quickly with a block of color, but edges will not be sharp and clean.

Sharp pencils are good to cover paper more completely, filling any dips in the surface and give increases control in edges and detail. Keep rotating the pencil as you use it to keep a sharp point. Borgeson Studio Online Drawing Courses. Learn a natural and intuitive way to build color.

Borgeson Studio Online Drawing Courses

This eye-opening course allows you to build color that can boldly project across a room or can be quietly complex and nuanced-filled. Using Bet Borgeson's straightforward and time-tested techniques can also bring a new spontaneity and vitality to your artwork. This innovative and exciting online method of teaching includes six weekly lessons, hands-on assignments, reading of text material, and additional personal instruction by Borgeson. Also included are two in-depth and fully illustrated critiques of your work by Borgeson. Completion time is flexible. Skill level: Intermediate through advanced. For examples of participant's work completed in this course see Student Gallery 2.