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Paper and pencil games

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Ready%20Set%20Design%20vX. Synchronized Drawing Game (From My Book!) I’m a little excited at how much my first project from the book is being shared over on Facebook – I made a video for it, and old Facebook loves it’s videos, boy howdy.

Synchronized Drawing Game (From My Book!)

What I love even more, is that you guys are doing the project! And I love seeing them! This week’s project gives you a taste of chapter 2 of my book, where you can gather a friend or a few and do drawing games together. DRAWING PARTY!!! This project is called synchronized drawing, and it will elicit all sorts of giggles. You draw a pencil line down the center of the paper, then 2 people grab the same color marker. You will be drawing half of whatever you want to draw on your side of the page while your partner tries to keep up with you, drawing the same thing at the same time. It’s not that hard to do if you draw pretty slowly, but once you speed up your drawing, the giggles shoot out.

Try it slowly once or twice to get the hang of it. Origami and Paper Crafts : Never Ending Card : ZeeQ Artroom. Simple Paper Toys: Paper Tops. I’m back with more simple paper toys you can make at home.

Simple Paper Toys: Paper Tops

Paper Tops are sturdy and easy to spin, even for little ones. You can decorate them and watch as your designs blend into circles when the top spins. Paper-Top-Template.pdf. Collaborative Puzzle Collages - Craftulate. Car Race Game. Last week's book was called Sputter, Sputter, Sput!

Car Race Game

LM loves books about cars, so you may notice that theme often. As we read, we came to this page in the book...... Family Muddle Up. Family Word Scramble. Family Alphabet Challenge. Tangrams. Here's some puzzling fun for the kids from ancient China!


Tangrams, "seven pieces of cleverness", are an ancient Chinese puzzle which is still mind-bending and intriguing today! We've developed some fun printable tangram puzzles which are perfect for kids - they help with logic and thinking skills, dexterity .. and they are just plain puzzling fun! Explore our tangram puzzle printables below... How to play. Best Toys 4 Toddlers Blog - Best Toys 4 Toddlers. Bugs are insects - ladybug addition. Foam Cup Construction with a Die. After E had played our Foam Cup Construction with Numbers game for a while, I tried to find a way of adding more interest to it.

Foam Cup Construction with a Die

We’ve started incorporating dice into our activities, so we used one to extend the game: Foam Cup Construction with a Die. (E was 3.75 years old.) This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Thank you for your support! Foam cups {plastic cups work as well}.Sharpies, stickers or just a pen to write numbers on the cups.A die. As E isn’t completely comfortable with dice yet, I decided to just use one die in this game and made several sets of cups with numbers 1 through 6 on them.

I explained that we were going to use the die to tell us which cup to use next, and E got right to work. First off, she separated all the cups and set them out on the floor for quick access to all the numbers. She rolled the die a few times and picked out the corresponding cups to put together. Her special way of rolling the die led to a few accidents. DIY Tutorial Shoebox Crafts / DIY Marble-ous Maze.

Road trip help please. Paper Racing Android apk game. Paper Racing free download for tablet and phone. Personalized Paper Dice Coloring Page. 1.

Personalized Paper Dice Coloring Page

Use Crayola® crayons, colored pencils, or markers to color and decorate the paper dice. In the squares on the blank die, draw or write anything you want (faces, friends' names, or shapes are some ideas). 2. Glue the dice to a piece of thin cardboard, such as a recycled cereal box or file folder... Paperscience1.pdf. Paper Whistle Tutorial. I'm having the greatest time getting inspired & looking through my collection (& some borrowed from the library) of vintage kiddie crafty books.

Paper Whistle Tutorial

I need to keep my tank-of-summer-fun-ideas from gettin' too low or the girls will surely turn into monsters! This paper whistle is a super duper quick project! We traced the pattern from the book, but then I ended up creating my own pattern--a little larger, which worked MUCH better. And, after much searching & frustrated tinkering around the internet, I kinda figured out how to create a little link for you to view my template, so you can print out your own paper whistle! I don't have the process of linking & PDF's & patterns & templates perfected, but it's better than nothing: After you print out your template, you cut it out & fold along the dotted lines.

Although the whistle looks super cute made out of this lovely polka dotty paper, we found out that the cardstock was just too thick. Cut out the notch at the bottom. Paper whistle. Make a Paper Challenge. This is how to make an impossible paper cut-out!

Make a Paper Challenge

Steps 1Cut from the middle of the bottom edge to the middle. Ad ns> 2Cut from a little way away from the top left edge to the middle. 3Do Step 2 on the right edge. 4Rotate 180 degrees in the direction of the arrow 5Your paper should look like either one of these pictures 6Fold up the flap and you are done. If you want, add a border. Paper_challenge. 1.


Take a white sheet of paper (8"x11" is best) 2. After some tearing and folding, produce the paper model in this picture. Realism Challenge #1 Crumpled Paper. How to Make a Paper Challenge: 6 Steps. Free Reading Games - Free Fun and Games. FISH (word cards) I created these fish cards because I needed a quick, cheap way of making different word cards to use in fun games with my various small groups.

Free Reading Games - Free Fun and Games

All the children love to play the 'fishing' game. 10 Restaurant Waiting Games to Play with Kids. Before we had kids, my husband and I would eat out all the time and enjoyed our time together discovering new foods and restaurants. Now that we have two little boys, eating out isn't so easy or enjoyable. We are now mostly limited to kid-friendly dining and even at the most kid-friendly restaurants, we are susceptible to melt downs, whining, crying, and restlessness among other things. So I made a list of restaurant table games to play while waiting for your meal, or even during meal time when the kids are done eating but the adults aren't.

Megan Hoyle - Making: Beetle! Christmas games don't often produce much more than an afternoon of hilarity and arguments. Yet these funny/crazy/quirky drawings came from playing Beetle with my family and Grandparents over the Christmas Holidays. Beetle, if you have never played it (do!) Is essentially a game of chance.

You don't need anything to play except a dice and pen and paper. A SUPER FUN CHRISTMAS GAME. *Update – If you like this game, you will also like my fun Christmas Carol Game HERE.* Last year I posted this hilarious Gift Exchange Game for you to play with your Happy Homes during the Christmas season. Seriously. If you haven’t see that post, you have to go check it out HERE. Printable Games. TeacherSource . Math . Asia . Tangrams and Fractions . PBS. Activity 2: Tangrams and Fractions (Grades 6-8) The Abacus | Tangrams and Fractions | Take A Trip | Career Connections | More Math Concepts Objectives: Students will learn to construct a tangram puzzle and determine the fractional parts of the tangram.

Students will compare the value of fractions and determine the larger fraction. Battleship Simple Paper Games. Games with Paper (Newspapers, Toilet Paper) Source: | 2000 Games, Devotions, Themes, Ideas and more for Youth Workonly for private using. Paper Games To Go. Ten Fun Games with Paper Cups. Penny Spinner. The Penny Spinner will make you realize that even though one cent doesn't buy a lot, a penny can give you hours of fun. This Fun Treasure Hunt Game Involves Logic and Strategy. The treasure hunt game is one of the fun brain games and strategy games for kids. This fun thinking activity also helps foster memorization.

Play Sunken Ship A Fun Guessing Game For Kids and Teens. Sunken Ship is one of the fun guessing games. It's also one of the more challenging games for teens. Art In the Dark Is A Fun Drawing Game That Kids Will Love. Art In The Dark is one of the silly games and a fun kids game. Drawing Games for Kids. Blow Skiing. Ice-Breaker Games For Children. Beat That! This is an easy game to learn, but one which is very popular with kids (and not too bad at keeping the odd grown up amused, too!).

Great for learning the concept of place value. Age: 5+ Doug-dung-beetle-chatterbox.jpeg (JPEG Image, 1653 × 2338 pixels) - Scaled (42%) Beetle-drive.pdf. Beetle Drive. Build A Beetle Party Game : UK 1950 : Retro English Games. Build a Beetle Game {Denise Fleming Virtual Book Club for Kids} - Inspiration Laboratories. Play Beetle Game with your kids. Throw the Dice and Draw the Beetle!! Build A Beetle Board Game GAMES BOARD GAMES CHILDREN. Homeport Online - Homeport Online - Burlington Vermont Source For: Housewares, Furniture, Kitchen Accessories, and More.

Dice Games on Pinterest. Frog Spot: July 2014. SCRIBBLE TIME #1! Pen and Paper Games. Go-Moku. Pencil and Paper Games - Other games. Paper and Pencil Games.