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Top 10 Best WordPress Drag And Drop Page Builders. WordPress is the management’s system of the contents by free and open software to create beautiful, attractive blogs, apps, and website.

Top 10 Best WordPress Drag And Drop Page Builders

WordPress was introduced by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little on 27 May 2003. There are about 60 million website users, who manage their content by using WordPress. At the same time, you get free and priceless content designs, beautiful themes and powerful features. By the help of WordPress, you can create whatever you want to manage in your blog and website without any charge. WordPress has a license of free software foundation to provide free MSC to blogs, websites, and apps. There are many plugins that are available for the use of blog, websites and content management. 1.)

Upfront is the best drag and drop page builder for page editing and let you drag, position, scale, customized and edit in actual time with fun. 2.) Fastline provide freedom to add and edit elements on your page too fast and intuitive. 3.) 4.) 5.) 6.) 7.) 8.) 9.) How Parallax Themes can be Beneficial for your WordPress Websit. How Parallax Themes Can Be Beneficial For Your WordPress Website Loading...

How Parallax Themes can be Beneficial for your WordPress Websit

There are numerous animation and transition effects that have been introduced in WordPress websites, in order to make them more visually appealing. One such feature is the Parallax that emphasizes on the varying perception of an image when a user scrolls down a website. Using a Parallax theme can improve the way you conduct your business online.

The Parallax effect uses a clean and lightweight code that ensures the swift loading of your pages. How To Convert Joomla Website To WordPress. Joomla is an amazing CMS that is used by a large number of people for managing and publishing their websites.

How To Convert Joomla Website To WordPress

However, when it is compared with other CMSs, it falls at the second place and by a huge margin. I hope you would have figured out who tops the list and that too by a huge margin. Yes, it's WordPress. The power that WordPress provides its users in the form of countless themes and plugins is hard to match or rival. How to Setup WordPress Multisite Network? How to Create a Successful Online Magazine with WordPress. How to Create a Successful Online Magazine with WordPress - Sure Fire Web Services. How to Speed up your WordPress Website. WordPress is one of the widely used web building tools in the World.

How to Speed up your WordPress Website

The ease and flexibility that it provides are unmatched and unrivaled by any other platform. WordPress as a content management system (CMS) is used by around 60% of the websites. Due to its ever growing features and benefits, it has become one of the most dominating web building tools in the World. Apart from its long list of features and a high productivity ratio, WordPress too suffers on one aspect.

Sometimes, due to its huge database, a website may take quite some time to load. Things To Do After Installing WordPress. Customer Engagement or User Engagement: What is Important for your Website? Adding and Optimizing Images for Your WebPages. A typical web page consists of many components that act as a medium for attracting the attention of the visitors to your website.

Adding and Optimizing Images for Your WebPages

From all the components that make a website, images play a vital role in creating visibility for your website over the web. They increase the readability of your content by splitting the long chunks of content and sharing it across the web. However, along with being beneficial in many ways images also come with their downsides. Adding images will increase the size of your web page. A web page that is rich in images will increase its load time as the visitors will have to download them via your server to their device. Top 10 Plugins Helping to Increase Your Website Traffic OD N EVN. Websites are the most used platforms in today’s world, and they are also becoming popular day by day.

Top 10 Plugins Helping to Increase Your Website Traffic OD N EVN

The most compelling feature about the sites is that they can be accessed easily and this task can be performed from any place. These platforms complete every need and they are interactive as well. There are certain features and additional elements that can be added to the site and it can help in raising the visitors on the site because the more visitors ensure better income. Many plugins are available, and they can be used on the websites to make them effective, and with the help of these plugins the website will be able to get new readers, and they will also ensure that the readers will visit again and again. When there are any blog posts, then this plugin is very effective, and it is a slider that is associated with social media. How WordPress Helps in Content Marketing. Earlier in 1996, Bill Gates predicted that in the coming years CONTENT will become incredibly important for businesses.

How WordPress Helps in Content Marketing

And yes, he was right, "The Content is king". A successful content requires its marketing which is commonly referred as "Content Marketing", a popular term used in business and marketing world. In this internet driven era, WordPress has an undeniable position when it comes to content marketing. But first, let's understand some tenets of Content Marketing. How to Convert PSD Design to Responsive WordPress Theme. WordPress is an open source Content Management System that is utilized by most websites for controlling and managing their content.

How to Convert PSD Design to Responsive WordPress Theme

WordPress assures better flexibility and functionality than any other platform. This is the reason why most website owners have started to take advantage of this outstanding platform. It becomes necessary to make use of all the amazing web designs and implement them on the web. This will enable you to convert the attractive designs into impressive web pages. WooCommerce: A Pinnacle in WordPress E-commerce Development. Ecommerce Websites are the new platform for businesses.

WooCommerce: A Pinnacle in WordPress E-commerce Development

Every company whose products and services are feasible through online are preferring to make sales online. This very act of the modern companies is the result of some internet revolutions by WordPress and then followed by WooCommerce which had introduced such easiness to the process of commercial uses of a website. And now, WooCommerce has crossed over 1.6 million purchases.

Here, I don’t say anything, the figure speaks of it itself. 11 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin For 2017 - Premium & Free. Online Chat can be one of the major assets for an E-commerce website if used in a planned way.

11 Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin For 2017 - Premium & Free

A research had recently shown that 67% of the customers leave their online carts and abandon the website just because they didn’t get any answers to their questions. For an Ecommerce website, this can be a major setback, because they just don’t lose a customer but also help their rivals to get one. So, it’s just like -1 to them and +1 to his rival website which increases the stake of losing a business opportunity. Every customer wants their query to be answered. No one even including you as a customer wants their questions left unanswered. 8 Signs That Show Your WordPress Website Has Been Hacked. WordPress being an open source system is always under the threat of getting targeted by hackers. Millions of people are already using WordPress with the number growing rapidly every day. Having a huge user base may sound good but it also comes with some perils.

WordPress has become the foremost choice of hackers when they are trying to invade random sites. In most cases, when your website gets hacked you will instantly come to know about it. There are a few signs that will act as confirmation about your website being hacked. Top 10 Plugins Helping to Increase Your Website Traffic. What is the cost of Starting a WordPress Blog? April 10, 2017 Sarah Clarke Wordpress When it comes to looking for the financial aspect, starting up with a blog is absolutely free. Yes, it costs you nothing! There are lots of free blogging websites you can start from, such as,, and even

Hire WordPress Developer to turn your blog into WordPress Website. If you are looking to convert your blog into a website, then there is no better platform than WordPress. It will enable you to present your blog in a much better way by making use of the amazing features possessed by WordPress. 10 Best Content Locker Plugins to Increase User Engagement. Content Locker Plugins is an awesome tool to escalate the social involvement of your visitors on your website.

This will enable your website to generate a significant amount of traffic and get higher ranks in the search results. These plugins also add a great value to the content, that is the backbone of every website. Due to this reason, bloggers rate these content Locker Plugins very high. Guide to A/B Testing with WordPress. April 1, 2017 Sarah Clarke General Topics, Wordpress This guide will take you through basic to advanced knowledge about the A/B Testing with WordPress. Let start with an introduction part: Introduction to A/B Testing with WordPress It is an ultimate method to do best online promotions as well as deliver the top marketing strategies for your business brand. It is an efficient testing platform that tests everything from a WordPress Website in some additional time. A/B testing Process Collect data: Try to begin with high traffic areas as it is helpful in gathering the data more quickly.

Identify Goals: Goals are the metrics that you always need to specify before starting the testing. Generate ideas: If you have a list of ideas that it will deliver better results. Top 10 WordPress eCommerce Development Companies – WebToolsDepot. The demand of the WordPress eCommerce Development Companies have increased in the recent past.

The WordPress community too is optimistic on their online business and traffic generation. How to collaborate in Google Docs. User Roles for Custom WordPress Plugin Development. Custom WordPress plugin development can be incredibly striking when executed as a team. The Best 26 Responsive WordPress Themes Of All Times. The Immense Growth of Technology with PSD to Wordpress Conversion. You all must have heard the name of PSD. Importance of WordPress Theme Development. Web Development have always provided great service to humans. The Role of WordPress Developers in Rising IT Industry. The IT development has opened new ways of existence. People have received good employment opportunity.

Several tasks have become quite easy with the existence of latest software, web applications. This is possible only due to the presence of many web development companies in the field of softwares and online businesses. You must be quite familiar with the term WordPress. Similarly, you might have some idea about WordPress Developers. Beginner’s Guide to Developing a WordPress Theme. 11 SEO Benefits Of Using Wordpress For Your Business Website. WordPress is one of the most popular, robust and versatile content management systems (CMS) available right now. CSS Hero: An Ultimate WordPress Theme Customization Plugin. 6 Best WordPress Plugins New for 2017 which are Gaining Popularity. Everyone’s got a list which gives you info about which plugin to use which to not, which one’s popular and which one’s best.

But no one tells you to check the plugins which are new and has potential to grow up as one the best among the other WordPress plugins. Allow me to introduce an exclusive list of those plugins that are new and gaining popularity/downloads. 1. Top 5 Mobile Friendly WordPress Themes 2017. How to Update WordPress Ping List for faster Indexing. The SEO Benefits Of Using WordPress For Your Business Website. Why is White Space Important in Web Design? The Impact of Flat Web Design Trends in 2017. Top 10 Affiliate Marketing WordPress Themes. Top 7 WordPress Themes for Web Developers 2017. Top 5 WordPress Automation Tools to Boost Productivity of Your Website. How to Turn Your WordPress Content into EBooks? Multipurpose WordPress Theme Showdown: Avada vs Divi. Top 10 WordPress Rich Snippet Plugins. Top 10 Multipurpose WordPress Theme. Steps to Consider Before Outsourcing WordPress Development. Time to Roll on the Right Path from Drupal to WordPress Migration.

Top 10 Time-Saving Tools for Online Entrepreneurs. Top 10 Newsletter Plugins for WordPress. 10 WordPress Theme Frameworks to Build Websites that Stand Out Unique. Adding CSS Ghost Button in WordPress. PSD to WordPress: Why you should convert PSD Design into WordPress Theme? Relevance of WordPress Theme Customization For Your Website. 5 Related Post Plugins for Wordpress Website. Guide to Become a Graphic Designer from Home. 10 Best Golf Themes for WordPress Website. How to Move From Weebly Website to Wordpress? Affordable and Unique Wordpress Template Customization Services. Reasons for Preferring WordPress Web Development Services India. 15 Best Multipurpose Joomla Templates for 2017. Why you should use WordPress for your Website.

Benefits of WordPress for Bloggers and Content Marketers. 10 Globally Most Popular Digital Marketing Agencies. The Power of Ghost Browser for a WordPress Website. Free & Unknown WordPress Plugins for Every WordPress Developer. Business Startups Ideas to Make Money Online. Get Your Custom Plugin Developed By Choosing Custom WordPress Plugin Developers!

Website Customization Services Or Readymade Solutions? Which Is The Best! WordPress Multilingual Plugins to Level Up Your Global Reach. Benefits Of Hiring Services Of WordPress Web Development Company India. 10 Benefits of Wordpress Development Services at WordSuccor Ltd. Top 10 WordPress Advertisement Plugins. 5 Tips How to Use Facebook for Ecommerce Marketing. 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Secure your Website. Discovering The Need Of WordPress Theme Development Company. How to use WP Asset CleanUp for removing Unused CSS and JavaScript Files. Tips To Find The Best WordPress Development Company In USA. Considerable Points That All WordPress Plugin Developers Must Know. Simple Guidelines To Getting Started As A Freelance WordPress Developer! How to enhance Quick Edit Actions in the WordPress Dashboard. Simple Tips to Optimize WordPress Website for SEO and Increase Conversions.

WordSuccor Ltd. is ranked #2 amongst the best mobile website development companies. Five Popular WordPress Theme Errors and Their Solutions. Avada WordPress Theme Review – Is it Worth the Pick!? Wordpress Extension. 7 WordPress Automation Tools For Better Productivity. How to convert Magento Website to WordPress. 5 WP Donation Plugins to simplify your Online Collection. Top 10 WordPress Theme Customization Service Providers to Hire in 2017. How to Create an Author Website and Sell More Books with WordPress. Top 10 WordPress Development Firms you can Hire in 2017. 10 Themes for Creating a Small Social Network on WordPress. Top 10 WordPress Solution Providers Across the Globe. Why Most Entrepreneurs Get Failed In Their Business Startup.

5 Steps To Fully Restore Your Website After Getting Hacked. Top 10 WordPress Solution Providers Across the Globe. 10 Must Have WordPress Marketing Plugins in 2017. Why Should you Setup WordPress on HTTPS? How to Convert Joomla Website to WordPress. WordSuccor: Extra Frosting for your Wordpress Websites. How to Build one with Ninja Outreach.