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Push Notifications: An Absolute Necessity for Mobile App Marketing. Why Video is Essential to Your Digital Marketing Strategy. Finding the Right Micro-Influencers for Your Next Digital Campaign. Using Buyer Personas to Shape Your Content Marketing. 7 Video Trends and Statistics for Content that Stands Out in 2019. Video has been rising in popularity over the past years.

7 Video Trends and Statistics for Content that Stands Out in 2019

By 2019, it is expected that 80% of global internet traffic will be video. Forbes reports that 90% of consumers find that videos drive purchasing decisions, with 81% making a purchase after watching one. Brands and businesses have adopted video into their digital campaigns. 87% of online marketers use video content in their strategies, with 52% noting that video reaps the best ROI among other types of content. Video marketing has accelerated the year-over-year revenue of businesses to 49% faster than their contemporaries who failed to take advantage of the medium. If you aren’t leveraging video in your digital campaigns yet, 2019 is the time to do so. Capturing Audiences with Video Content in 2019 Create video content that stands out and succeeds in increasing consumer engagement, boosting website traffic, and converting clicks. How Mobile is Dominating the Customer Journey (and Why You Should Care) How to Come Up With A Good Marketing Plan. How to Come Up With A Good Marketing Plan Posted by Guthrie-Jensen Consultants.

How to Come Up With A Good Marketing Plan

6 Powerful Workflows for Your Marketing Automation Campaigns. We can’t blame you if you get too excited about the power of marketing automation.

6 Powerful Workflows for Your Marketing Automation Campaigns

It’s indeed one of the best things technology has offered marketers and business owners today. It does not only automate your manual marketing processes and repetitive tasks, but also helps you achieve (and even exceed) your marketing and business goals. In fact, it’s been reported that marketing automation can drive a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead. [Infographic] 18 Types of Video Content for Every Marketing Goal You Have. A Guide to Every Blog Content Format You Can Create. Using a variety of content formats has been proven to help diversify traffic and keep the audience engaged.

A Guide to Every Blog Content Format You Can Create

If you’re looking to spice up your blog by experimenting with new formats and new content marketing strategies, then you’re in the right place. We’ve listed down all of the blog or site-hosted content formats you can create, and organized them into five main categories namely Blog Posts, Graphic Posts, Video and Audio, Downloadable or Onsite Documents, and Interactive Assets. Note that some formats can be classified into multiple main categories. However, we decided to categorize specific formats to a single main category based on the difficulty level of creation and the type of format where its value can be best maximized. With almost 100 types of content listed here, you’ll never run out of ideas for your blog anymore. Blog Posts Graphics Video and Audio Interactive Formats Blog Posts Listicles. 10 Proven Keyword Bidding Strategies to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign.

Search advertising is essentially a competitive game in which marketers and advertisers continuously optimize their strategies in attempts to outrank each other.

10 Proven Keyword Bidding Strategies to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign

AdWords is Google’s search advertising platform, which allows you to manage search ad campaigns. Apart from being the most popular SEM platform worldwide, AdWords also offers flexible targeting options and advanced optimization capabilities. Why Does Email Marketing Work? When the first email was sent in the 1970s, it was impossible to predict that email would become one of the most important forms of marketing.

Why Does Email Marketing Work?

Today, it is easy to say that this type of marketing is perhaps the most effective form of digital advertising. Digital advertising has grown to become the cornerstone of any successful business. No matter the nature of the business, a robust digital presence goes a long way into turning investments into profits. Of course, there are other forms of digital advertising as opposed to email marketing. However, we can categorically tell you that they are not as impactful and easy to implement as emails. Let's clear up the mystery about email marketing. As mentioned earlier, it is a broad term. AdWords Account Structure and Budgeting Best Practices.

Google AdWords is one of the most powerful tools used in online advertising, for businesses big and small.

AdWords Account Structure and Budgeting Best Practices

Marketers have had a considerable amount of success generating leads through this service with a great ROI. And while SEM should definitely be a part of your marketing arsenal, setting up your AdWords account structure for your paid advertising strategy can be a daunting task for some. Even more so when strict budgeting is involved. However, this doesn’t necessarily have to be the case. The AdWords interface may be a bit tricky to navigate through, but with a well-structured SEM strategy, you can create a likewise well-structured account. Not having one is akin to building a house without laying the proper foundations. 5 Things You Can Learn From Your Competitors to Boost Digital Marketing Efforts. Just like in the real world, operating a business online is a competition.

5 Things You Can Learn From Your Competitors to Boost Digital Marketing Efforts

When consumers are looking for the goods or services that you provide, you want them to choose you over your competitors. One way of improving your chances is by optimizing your digital marketing efforts. Potential visitors need to be able to find you online, and an effective way to figure out your strategy is by looking at what your competitors are doing. You have to take a look at what other companies are offering regarding content and marketing strategy that’s making them successful. Thankfully, it’s something that you can do without putting in any real legwork.

If you already have an online presence, but it doesn’t seem to be helping very much, you can utilize these tips to effectively research your competitors. Figure Out the Who. 10 Simple Reasons Why Your Lead Nurturing Strategy Isn't Working. How to Optimize Your PPC Landing Page for More Conversions. SEO Best Practices for Content Syndication. How to Write Great Copy for Search Ads. "Take her to the moon for me, ok?

How to Write Great Copy for Search Ads

" For those who’ve had the pleasure of watching Inside Out, this is one of the most memorable lines from the movie. I can assure you that the vast majority of movie-goers felt the raw emotions of Bing Bong (spoiler alert) when he was about to leave the consciousness of Riley. As a matter of fact, you’d have to be some sort of robot to not feel at least a little sympathetic. The quote has been posted all over social media because the audience was able to relate. Emotions can form a solid common ground for a lot of people, and this works for marketing, too. In the marketing industry, ad copy is the text that audiences see in an ad banner or any clickable advertisement. B2B Content Marketing Trends to Shape Your Strategy in 2018 and Beyond. The content marketing landscape is like a runaway train.

B2B Content Marketing Trends to Shape Your Strategy in 2018 and Beyond

It’s tough to keep up because everything moves so fast—thanks to search algorithms and the emergence of new technologies like marketing automation and big data. There are now more platforms than ever where consumers and audiences can be reached. As a result of these emerging technologies and consumption behaviors, our attention spans have shortened significantly and the way we create, search, consume, and share content is changing. The lines between the various digital marketing disciplines are now becoming increasingly blurred, with each discipline overlapping another as campaigns become highly-integrated. Adapting to Change Consumers nowadays are smarter and more powerful than ever. As consumers become more powerful at influencing the success of companies, competition becomes tighter and fiercer.

Noticeable Trends What may help a brand succeed today may not be what’s relevant tomorrow. How Artificial Intelligence is Redefining Mobile Marketing. Is your brand's mobile marketing strategy measuring up to the growing number of digital users? Today's consumers are mobile-first, spending more time on the internet with their smartphone or tablet than a computer. According to a 2016 comScore report, mobile accounts for 65% of digital media time compared to the desktop's 35%. This fact alone underscores the importance of a winning mobile-first strategy across the customer journey. Reaching Your Audience in the Age of Mobile Marketing. By now, most of us are aware of the huge media consumption shift brought about by the digital era. Consumers are spending more time online and mobile usage has downright exploded. In 2016, 19% of global media consumption came from mobile internet use, and Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts predicts that this will rise to 26% in 2019.

Another report reveals that this year, there are 4.92 billion global mobile users, and 90% of this population is accessing the internet via a mobile device. Clearly, mobile gadgets have taken over as the preferred device when consuming online media. This trend opens up new channels for brands to communicate with their current and prospective customers. 10 Statistics That Will Make You Seriously Consider Retargeting. Retargeting can be a powerful digital marketing tactic, allowing you to track your past website visitors wherever they go across the internet. While you may be using other effective forms of online marketing such as content marketing, paid search, or social media ads, retargeting is an important complementary strategy to these. When all other strategies fail to make a customer out of your website visitors, it is retargeting that gives you a second, third, fourth chance to re-engage that prospective customer.

AdRoll said that in general, only 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. 24 Statistics That Should Influence Your Digital Marketing Strategy in PH. Digital marketing has been a global trend in the business industry. It’s such a strong force that’s driving massive changes with over 38% or $77 billion of the total ad spending expected to go to digital next year, whereas TV ad spending only stands at 35.8% or $72 billion. From being a marketing strategy that no one bats an eye on, it’s now what every marketer prefers to utilize.

Digital marketing is at a pace no one expected it to be because it works wonders in many countries such as the Philippines who spends a lot of time in the digital realm. In the 3.8 billion Internet users all over the world, 1.6% of those is from the Philippines. 10 SEM Rookie Mistakes that You Might Be Doing Right Now. Search engine marketing is relatively easier to set-up compared to other online marketing techniques, which makes it a natural choice for businesses who want instant results. On the other hand, this same reason is why SEM can be detrimental to any marketing initiative. Any business can use paid search to advertise their wares and with the fact that PPC platforms act as an auction, makes online marketplace very competitive. Businesses who assume that they know or have misguided expectations about SEM will ultimately get outsmarted by their competitors. Here are the ten most common mistakes in search engine marketing: 1.

The main goal of any SEM campaign is getting in front of the right users at the right time. Beyond Content Marketing: 5 Ways to Get into the Content Promotion Habit. B2B Content Marketing: How to Set up Your Business Blog to Generate Leads. Why Your Content Marketing Is Failing and How to Fix It. 10 Outstanding B2B Companies Show Us How Content Marketing is Done. Building a Keyword-Driven Content-Marketing Strategy Is Key. 3 big brands that totally “get” content marketing. Content Marketing the Future of Journalism? Six Ways Thinking Like a Cartoonist Boosts Your Content Marketing. It’s no secret—I am a humor nerd. At 8, my first class presentation was on one of Hollywood’s first comic stuntmen, Harold Lloyd!

As a marketer, storyteller and performing improviser, I love anything that makes me think and laugh. That’s why I love cartoons so much. A Simple Guide to KPIs for Measuring Content Marketing. Top Content Marketing Blogs to Bookmark this 2016. 5 Common Pitfalls of Content Marketing and How to Avoid Them.