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Red lipstick: A long and surprising history - CNN Style. Written by Jacqui Palumbo, CNN CNN Style has launched a dedicated Beauty section.

This is an article worth watching for ladies. Because my personal feeling is that lipstick means to awaken the charm of a woman. Lipstick is like fashion. It can make a woman's mood increase in an instant. – wengx

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Red lipstick: A long and surprising history - CNN Style

In 1912 thousands of supporters of the suffrage movement marched past the New York salon of Elizabeth Arden. The cosmetics brand founder, who had just opened her business two years earlier, was a supporter of women's rights, and she aligned herself with the cause by handing out tubes of bright red lipstick to the marching women. Suffrage leaders Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Charlotte Perkins Gilman loved red lipstick for its ability to shock men, and protesters donned the bold color en masse, adopting it as a sign of rebellion and liberation.

Zao Wou-Ki, the Chinese abstract painter who sells for millions - CNN Style.

Zao wou ki is a famous painter. Whether in China or Europe, he is still an outstanding figure of contemporary artists. His paintings use expressive western techniques and express Oriental style. Show his superiority in abstract expressionism. – wengx

Getting to know the APAC Gen Z consumer. The following is an edited excerpt of a story that was originally published on Vogue Business in China.

Also as a Chinese. I think the survey report of this article is very true. And now, many young people are less dependent on their parents' economy from the age of 18. They promote some fashion or cosmetics online to get money. And, we can find more young people are very fashionable in the Chinese street photography. They pay special attention to some luxury products to promote the new collection or product. So the consumption of Chinese people should be the highest – wengx

Read the full article in English here or visit Vogue Business in China on WeChat.

Getting to know the APAC Gen Z consumer

Gen Z, typically considered those born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s, holds a decisive role in shaping the future of luxury and fashion. According to management consultancy Bain & Company, this generation could make up 40 per cent of luxury purchases by 2035, up from 4 per cent today. Gen Z already represents a growing part of luxury consumption in Asia, which remains the engine behind the luxury market growth, but brands are still struggling to capture the attention of these young consumers.

As fashion churns out more ‘sustainable’ goods, why is so much made from plastic? Key takeaways: Brands like Rothy’s and Patagonia sell products made from recycled fabrics, which are almost entirely made of plastic waste.A growing cohort of industry players believe long-term sustainability is more achievable if recycled products were made from upcycled fabrics.Stella McCartney and Levi’s have used recycled textiles in proof-of-concept products, but more brand buy-in is necessary to increase availability of the materials for mainstream use.

Under the goal proposition of "sustainable development" for all mankind, fashion industry has been pushed to the forefront of the wave, and brand is gradually looking for "green" innovation. From its unsustainable manufacturing methods to the waste of plastics, the ocean is full: the long-term irresponsibility of the environment makes the textile industry face accusations from all over the society. At present, more and more brands consider the sustainable development of their supply chain, and actively explore environmentally friendly production methods. So I think that in addition to refusing to use disposable plastics, reducing food waste, saving energy and other actions, you can start from your own wardrobe, and start from buying environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion items. – wengx
As fashion churns out more ‘sustainable’ goods, why is so much made from plastic?

The world’s top fashion schools scramble to teach rising talent remotely. Key takeaways: Fashion schools are being forced to teach from home, leading to significant adaptations to course materials and assessments.Some have been able to expedite experiments in digital learning, reporting positive student feedback on some online elements.But not everything can be handled online, and educators are looking forward to getting back into the classroom and reviving the collaborative campus environment.

The article mentioned that fashion schools were also blocked by the virus. Students of fashion design will take online courses. Therefore, this has actually affected the students' learning plan because they need more materials and make by hand. So, because this is the worst year, people have to accept all kinds of influences. – wengx

For students at Central Saint Martins (CSM) in London, the decision by the school to close its academic buildings on 23 March came at a fraught time.

The world’s top fashion schools scramble to teach rising talent remotely

Tattoo-obsessed woman left temporarily blind after inking eyeballs claims extreme procedure was 'worth it' Amber Luke, an alt-model who has spent more than $25,000 on body modifications, is speaking out about how her most extreme procedure — tattooing her eyeballs — ultimately helped her to fully accept herself.

Tattoo is a part of fashion, it also belongs to an art work. When people pursue and appreciate a kind of fashion, they will be comforted or promoted by their love and satisfaction. But, this needs to be enough, cannot make the gamble with own life. – wengx

Luke, 24, had her eyeballs tattooed late last year, leaving her temporarily blind for three weeks.

Tattoo-obsessed woman left temporarily blind after inking eyeballs claims extreme procedure was 'worth it'

In a previous interview, the Australian blonde described the experience as “brutal” when speaking with Barcroft Media. “I can’t even begin to describe to you what the feeling was like, the best thing I can give you is once the eyeball was penetrated with the ink, it felt like [the tattoo artist] grabbed 10 shards of glass and rubbed it in my eye,” Luke told Barcroft Media, according to The Sun. Luke, who goes by "Blue Eyes White Dragon" on Instagram, is now claiming the painful incident was "worth it," and has left her happier than ever. TCM host Alicia Malone reveals 6 comforting old Hollywood films to watch during coronavirus pandemic. Need an escape while social distancing during the coronavirus crisis?

These six classic Hollywood films are highly recommended. These films show the luxurious living conditions of those years and the changes in people's lives after the first World War. Of course, it's often informed by the fashions and accessories of glamorous Hollywood actors。 – wengx

Take a step back in time to Hollywood’s golden era.

TCM host Alicia Malone reveals 6 comforting old Hollywood films to watch during coronavirus pandemic

Staying indoors due to concerns about spreading COVID-19 is incredibly crucial. But having plenty of free time can also be a great opportunity to unwind and explore some of the most influential, feel-good films that have forever shaped Hollywood. Film expert and Turner Classic Movies (TCM) host Alicia Malone shared some of her favorite classic films to watch for some much-needed comfort and joy that families can experience. Fashion councils step up to assist designers during Covid-19 emergency. Key takeaways: The Covid-19 emergency has increased the number of services and the support that fashion industry members need from official organisations that represent them.While facing different struggles, all four fashion councils are focused on supporting young designers and SMEs, which face greater financial risk.The upcoming menswear season has already been affected, with some organisations embracing joint physical and digital initiatives or cancelling shows altogether.

For this year's virus, it has severely affected and changed the global economy and life. For the fashion industry, many designers or fashion companies have problems with logistic distribution, and their fashion shows cannot be launched or cancelled at all. And, now that many countries have closed cities, traffic has been stopped, and the fashion industry will face uncertainty for the next few months. – wengx

Heavily dependent on international supply chains, logistics and manual labour, the fashion industry has been particularly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, which has currently infected more than 638,000 people in 202 countries.

Fashion councils step up to assist designers during Covid-19 emergency

While China is slowly reopening its manufacturers, countries that are at the core of the supply chain, including Italy, India and Bangladesh, remain in lockdown, with factories shut down in some cases at least until mid April. Christian Siriano and Dov Charney Are Making Masks and Medical Supplies Now. Mr.

With the impact of the virus, the fashion industry can help make masks, which is incredible. But it is worth touching the behavior of these fashion industry employees. Masks have gradually become a necessity for people, even luxury. Regardless of whether you are infected, masks are just a precaution. – wengx
Christian Siriano and Dov Charney Are Making Masks and Medical Supplies Now

Do US luxury designers have a future? Key takeaways: The wholesale and runway-led business model that helped young American designers thrive in the 2000s has collapsed, and many have failed to adapt.Successful modern designers are building brands off messages like sustainability that are backed with staff who can sell the story.Many post-9/11 designers struggled after taking too much investment, but alternative financing models are being introduced.

Through the title of the article, I think that whether luxury designers are for business or personal design, first of all they will get a fair future. This often depends on one's efforts and choices. – wengx

NEW YORK— On the same day that the bankruptcy saga of cult department store Barneys finally drew to a dismal end, Zac Posen announced that he was shuttering his business.

Do US luxury designers have a future?

Posen, who burst on the scene as a 20-year-old wunderkind in 2001, was the forebearer of a group that can be called the post-9/11 generation, the early days CFDA/Vogue Fashion Funders, or the pre-recession designers. Among their number are Proenza Schouler (pictured above), Derek Lam, Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarra, Phillip Lim, Jason Wu, Thakoon Panichgul and Carol Lim and Humberto Leon of Opening Ceremony. How young designers create powerful brand identities. Key takeaways: As globalisation brings fashion brands to new markets, branding is becoming even more valuable, as it can cultivate customer loyalty and boost revenue.Creating a strong brand identity, which leads to universal recognition, can entice bigger firms who want to collaborate.A thriving base of passionate customers who feel part of a community can offer the best marketing and drive business growth.

For those of us design students who have never been in the job, I think being a junior designer should have his strongest design style and concept in order to move people and make them remember your brand. And, advertise to your customer base. – wengx

When consumers see a sneaker with a swoosh on it, they instantly know that the shoe was made by Nike.

How young designers create powerful brand identities

So it goes for clothes and leather goods when a shopper quickly links two interlocking Cs on a handbag or jacket by Chanel. By repeatedly seeing these recognisable images, customers have come to associate relatively universal logos with specific brands. It’s not just major legacy companies that have managed to create powerful brand identities. Decoding China’s Hanfu revival. The following is an edited excerpt of a story that was originally published on Vogue Business in China.

First of all, Hanfu has a history of thousands of years of culture. When people put on the Hanfu, they naturally pay attention to their words and deeds. It can be seen that the Hanfu contains a considerable cultural connotation. – wengx

Read the full article in English here or visit Vogue Business in China on WeChat. In October, the historic city of Xitang in Eastern China was awash with 40,000 people coming from all over the country. They were dressed in Hanfu, a historical clothing style worn by members of the Han people from roughly 1600BC to 1636, to celebrate the sixth Hanfu Cultural Festival. Hanfu revival has become one of China’s many trends since the early 2000s. According to China Daily, the sector was worth around RMB 1.1 billion ($156 million) in 2019.

Kangaroo navigates flooded Australian streets Video. China reports nearly 15,000 new cases of coronavirus.

When I read this article, I feel very sad. I believe there are many Chinese overseas who are also paying attention to the virus news. As a Chinese, I hope my compatriots can get safety and health. Come on, Wuhan, China – wengx

Maria Grazia Chiuri calls on the feminist art of Judy Chicago for Dior’s spring couture show.

This is a touching article. Feminism has always been a topic of concern. Dior's Maria designer creates her design and inspiration through feminist ideas. It is also an appeal to the world for inspiration and new thinking. I think this is an expected collection. – wengx

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