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Landscape Architecture Works. Minimal furniture. AA13 – blog – Inspiration – Design – Architecture – Photographie – Art. Designvagabond. I think the craftsmanship and intricate weaving of these vessels by Crafted Systems are just lovely.


The silhouettes are contemporary whilst the woven origami-like construction recalls a more traditional time. A beautiful description of their work:"In today's society we have become distant from handwork. Artisanship has faded; technology and convenience render handwork a thing of the past. We consume things produced by industrial processes, never touched by people, yet we crave the story and meaning in the handcrafted object which cannot be produced by machine. At CraftedSystems, we celebrate modern craft: reinvigorating handcraft in the context of today's society. Via Contemporist. A web interface for Instagram and so much more. Better Living Through Design » Your Design Guide to Home & Style. Do what you love / Love what you do. Tipografía. Connecticut Bon Vivant.

Interior Design Ideas. Small Open Plan Home Interiors With a small space, using every inch is essential.

Interior Design Ideas

These designs use an open floor plan to their advantage with beautiful results.... Design, Architecture & Designers at STYLEPARK. The professional network for Architects and Designers. Stair Porn .org – Stairs and nothing but. *Дизайн и декор* Labt. Marc Supply & Anneli Lahtua The vmm Bank was originally designed for the waiting area in the main building of the Flemish Environment Company (FEC) in Erembodegem.


Given the client, it obviously satisfied a range of strict ecological requirements, even back then. But the bench offered even greater potential. Selection for the Eco Design exhibition in Helsinki in 2012 prompted a rethink of the bench, to create a commercial product. Right from the beginning, the designers had envisaged a folding bench. No Shape + No Shade. Le Manoosh. Daily Design Joint: inspiring you daily. ArchiExpo - The Virtual Architecture Exhibition: kitchen, bathroom, lighting, furniture, office ... Untitled.

Europaconcorsi. - Dow Jones Architects — Prospect House. © David Grandorge .

Dow Jones Architects — Prospect House

Published on March 27, 2013. Prospect House is located on Sion Hill, overlooking Bath. The house faces south and is built into a steeply sloping site with amazing views. It was built in the mid 1980s and conformed to the genre of houses built in Bath at that time: reconstituted Bath stone blockwork walls, a concrete tiled roof with big eaves overhangs, Proprietary softwood windows, and was trapped stylistically somewhere between volume house building and a nod to Frank Lloyd Wright. The house was organized around an upper entrance level, with a living room, dining room, kitchen and garage; four bedrooms and a bathroom were situated on the lower ground level below.

The views which one would expect the house to exploit were somewhat disrupted by the ill-placed windows and the fact that their heads were at eye level, forcing you to duck to see the view on entering the room. The house is owned by a family with two teenage children. . © Dow Jones Architects . Ramus M1 Table/Desk by Design Studio Il Hoon Roh. Ramus, latin for 'tree branch', combines the strengths of carbon fibre with the structural advantages that can be found in the branch of a tree.

Ramus M1 Table/Desk by Design Studio Il Hoon Roh

(Click the images below for full sized images) The Ramus M1 is a desk with a transparent glass top and a supporting structure underneath with tree-like limbs that support the top. Designer Il Hoon Roh claims the bifurcating structure maximises the table's structural capacity and strength. It's the latest development and creation in the designer's long-term study of efficient forms found in nature, a passion to design works with an architectural concept and "a natural method" that maximises a material's potential. The Ramus M1 is made of carbon fibre, the same material used in fighter jets, F1 cars and space shuttles. "The Ramus M1 project was an international collaboration. " says Il Hoon Roh. False Arms / Armes Fausses.

Design, Architecture & Designers at STYLEPARK. Materialicious. Furniture - EN. The professional network for Architects and Designers. MUUUZ - Architecture & Design - MUUUZ - Architecture & Design. Офис-лофт Радиогруппы «UMH» в Киеве от Ryntovt Design. Проектное бюро Ryntovt Design работало над оформлением офиса Радиогруппы UMH в Киеве, Украина.

Офис-лофт Радиогруппы «UMH» в Киеве от Ryntovt Design

Команда дизайнеров поставила перед собой задачу вдохнуть новую жизнь в старое здание, сохранив при этом его промышленную стилистику. Им необходимо было решить проблему зонирование вытянутых пространств на площади в 130 кв.м. На две части помещение разделяет серая стена, с одной стороны от которой расположена приемная и кабинет заместителя, а с другой — кабинет директора. Больше никаких сложных изменений не было внесено, все оставили как есть, включая элементы промэстетики — сложный потолок с изломом, живописную железную ферму, фактурные стены из пеноблоков, а также бетонные полы со специальным покрытием. При выборе освещения предпочтение было отдано промышленному стилю — на стенах висят прожекторы и лаконичные торшеры, напоминающие уличные фонари.

Офис ожил за счет деталей и рукотворных дизайнерских элементов.


RNDRD. Cool Hunting. Since 1999 home of design culture, leading independent publication for design, architecture, art, photography and graphics. Welcome.

Modern Contemporary Design – - architecture, furniture, automotive, graphic, art. NOTCOT.ORG. MoCo Loco - Modern contemporary design & architecture. Today and tomorrow. Sub-Studio Design Blog. Design and Architecture, Architecture Design, Interior Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Sustainable Design. Oobject - Daily User Ranked Lists. Restaurant and Bar Design Awards - Entry 2011/12.

Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide. Architecture List. Architecture News, World Architects, Building News, Architectural News, World Buildings. PlusMOOD. Architecture and design. Modern Home, Interior & Furniture Designs & DIY Ideas. Channelbeta, Information Channel on Contemporary Architecture.