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recent work by fernando guerra Obras de arquitetos como Álvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Moura ou Fernando Távora serão exibidas no Museu de Arquitetura e Design Triennale di Milano, em Itália, entre 13 de setembro e 27 de outubro de 2013, no âmbito da exposição Porto Poetic, apoiada pelo Camões, IP. A exposição tem como principal objetivo “apoiar a internacionalização e a divulgação de obras de arquitetura de arquitetos portugueses da região norte do país, que incluem no seu método projetual o desenho de objetos e mobiliário que complementam a obra”, de acordo com a organização. Assim, serão apresentadas obras de Álvaro Siza, Eduardo Souto de Moura, Fernando Távora, Adalberto Dias, Camilo Rebelo e Tiago Pimentel, Carlos Castanheira, Francisco Vieira de Campos, Isabel Furtado e João Pedro Serôdio, João Mendes Ribeiro, José Carvalho Araújo e Nuno Brandão Costa.

Prize history Tradionally the Head of Braun Design has been the chairman of the BraunPrize jury. Dr. Fritz Eichler chaired the jury from the first competition until 1989. He was succeeded by Prof. LUXIGON luxigon View Hundreds of Architecture Magazines Online With This Digital Archive By Hanley Wood and NCMH View Hundreds of Architecture Magazines Online With This Digital Archive By Hanley Wood and NCMH North Carolina Modernist Homes (NCMH) and Hanley Wood (parent company of ARCHITECT) have partnered to create Colossus: a new digital archive of 20th century architectural publications, reports Architect Magazine. When complete, it will be the largest digital archive of modern architecture magazines, with over 1.3 million pages. For NCMH, a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and documentation of mid-century modernist residential architecture, Colossus is a natural next step. The sizable collections of NCMH have already been uploaded, while Hanley Wood’s collection will be available July 1, 2016.

ZTH Ryfylke – Grand opening of Allmannajuvet ➜ In 2002, world-renowned architect Peter Zumthor was commissioned by the Norwegian Public Roads Administration to design a tourist installation in Allmannajuvet, north of Sauda. The construction started in 2009, and seven years later, the art installation is completed. Architizer St. Ignatius Chapel by Dynerman Architects, pc Conceived as an elemental pavilion, the chapel’s design seeks to connect the celebrants to a dual past: a time when barns served as ancient churches and also to the later, more self-aware churches of the 15th century, whose manipulation of light served its mystical rites and themes.

전통제품 'VIUM' 몇 해전 한국전통디자인 제품의 글로벌브랜드화를 기치로 미국 뉴욕 소호에 매장을 오픈하고 뉴욕 언론으로부터 호평을 받은 디자인 문화상품 브랜드 'VIUM'이가나아트센터 내에 국내1호점을 개장하였다. 국내 중요무형문화재와 명장들이 직접 제작한 'VIUM'은 동양의 신비함과 고급스럽고 단아한 스타일의 현대적인 디자인 감각을 동시에 담은 제품들이다. 제품의 이름으로 Soban(소반), Chotdae(촛대), Sige(시계), Hangari(항아리), Jongji(종지), Yeebul(이불), Jukbuin(죽부인), Dakpi(닥피) 등과 같이 한글발음 그대로의 영문 표기를 사용하는 'VIUM'은 그 자체도 비어있는 것은 누구든지 새로이 채울 수 있다는 무한한 가능성을 뜻하는 우리말 비움의 영문발음이다. Architecture Competition Results First Place Team Mike Sudolsky Brian Kato Ben Anderson- Nelson Ann Hurt Ashley Morgan Country United States Second Place Team Nicolás Barrena Lázaro Country Madrid, Spain Third Place Team Claire Gaspin David Emmons Country Chicago, United States Honorable Mention Team Joe Roberts Country Bristol, United Kingdom Honorable Mention Team Jakub Pietryszyn Maciej Rebisz Joanna Konefal […] ISTANBUL COMMUNITY MARKET IDEAS COMPETITION had as a starting point to bring to discussion the Marketplace typology: its present challenges and future opportunities. The competition called for proposals that brought to light the positive qualities of markets and test them in the specific context of Istanbul, where the urban commercial activity is still of great […] First Place – NU OIL Team FELIX YANG AND THOMAS NOUSSIS Second Place – MODULAR FILLING STATION Team MATTIAS DAHLBERG ROBIN KRASSE KARL LAGERQVIST Third Place – FILL UP HERE Team ALEX COX First Place Team Deborah Feldman Cosmin O.


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