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Film as Text

Short Stories. Literary Periods Timeline. Yes, You Can Do Workshop in an AP English Class. I sat listening to Donalyn Miller the author of The Book Whisperer talk about how she gets her students to read an average of 60 books a year.

Yes, You Can Do Workshop in an AP English Class

She talked about student choice in selecting books. She talked about reading herself in order to match books with kids. She talked about creating readers and not just teaching reading. I thought: “Cool, but how do I do that with MY students?” I’d just been assigned to teach AP English Language and Composition the next fall, and I was trying to get my thoughts aligned with the expectations from the College Board. 11 Novel Activities for Any Piece of Literature.

Teachers Guide to The Use of Technology in Teaching Writing. January 31, 2016 When it comes to enhancing students writing skills, technology can play a decisive role.

Teachers Guide to The Use of Technology in Teaching Writing

In his celebrated work “The Digital Writing Workshop’, author Troy Hicks explains in details how you can integrate technology in your writing instruction to help students become good writers. One key concept in this discussion is viewing writing as a process instead of an end product.

English Language

Night Zookeeper - Inspire kids to write, read and create! Using Movie Trailers To Teach Persuasion. The First and Final Frames of Famous Films Can Teach Us a Lot about Good Filmmaking. Persuasive Writing: Holiday Vs Holiday. Photos by Bartfields and Nathamanath Here come the holidays!

Persuasive Writing: Holiday Vs Holiday

How can we use the upcoming festivities to enhance students’ thinking? Let’s write a persuasive essay about one holiday from the point of view of another holiday’s “mascot.” For example, what would the Easter Bunny think about Christmas, how would Santa feel about Valentine’s Day, and what would a Turkey have to say about St. Halloween: Characters Dressed As Characters. Want to see a kindergarten implementation of this?

Halloween: Characters Dressed As Characters

Check out the Not Just Child’s Play site. Don’t ask how I ended up at this Disney Pin Trading site featuring Disney characters dressed up like other Disney characters, but it inspired a Halloween-themed character analysis activity. Characters from film or literature dress up like other characters based on some parallel such as: conflict, trait, accomplishment, etc. Examples. Language Arts. The Laramie Project Study Guide - Moisés Kaufman. Act 1 The Laramie Project begins with a section titled “Moment.”

The Laramie Project Study Guide - Moisés Kaufman

It is in this brief segment (which is repeated throughout the play) that the members of Tectonic Theater Project read entries from the journals they have kept during their interviews with the people of Laramie. This repeated section also affords special characters a chance to deliver longer monologues than those given in the rest of the play, which is set up as interviews. After an opening comment by the narrator, one of the town’s long-time residents provides a bit of personal history about living in Laramie. Through this narration, the audience also gains some insights into the history of the town. The atmosphere of the plays changes when Jedadiah Schultz begins to talk. Then comes another “Moment.” The play returns to the interview format, with several more community members giving their views of the town.

Classics, Literary Criticism & Devices

Grammar & Proofreading. Poetry. Inanimate Alice - Homepage. Cyoadventure - CYOA. Literature Learning Ladders. Welcome to the Literature Learning Ladders website.

Literature Learning Ladders

For a presentation on this topic, go to Literature Ladders: Linking Books and Internet Resources. This web project will help you make the connection between theory and practice by exploring some online resources related to literacy, themes, literature circles, technology, and learning. Literacy Across the Curriculum for Today and Tomorrow. Explore issues and ideas related to literacy in today's world. Themes and Literature Circles. Collaborative and Interactive Projects. Literature Learning Ladders. WebQuests provide an authentic, technology-rich environment for problem solving, information processing, and collaboration.

Literature Learning Ladders

This inquiry-based approach to learning involves students in tasks that make good use of Internet-based resources. A literature-based WebQuest uses a book(s) as a focal point for activities. Tasks might involve the theme, characters, plot, or setting of the book. Bernie Dodge developed the WebQuest concept back in the mid 1990s. To learn more about WebQuests, check out his website at Read Internet Expeditions: Exploring, Using, Adapting, and Creating WebQuests. Start by exploring the WebQuests that others have created. Literature-Rich Connections Whether you're adapting an exisitng WebQuest or building your own, consider the following areas to bring literature alive for learners.

Characters. Bitesize KS2 - english - Deduction. Story - Home. K I D S I N C O Free Playscripts for Kids! - why use playscripts in school or in the classroom? K I D S I N C O presents….

K I D S I N C O Free Playscripts for Kids! - why use playscripts in school or in the classroom?

Welcome to a world of stories, fairytales, witches… to a world where anything can happen! Will Cinderella fulfill her dream of becoming a princess? Will the good fairy turn into an evil witch? Many magical things happen in fairytales! The prince becomes a frog, the most unfortunate maiden marries the prince, the prince is not afraid of anything, a cat rides a horse, and many things that always turn out fine. Kidsinco, is the short name of “Kids Incorporated”, and was founded on July 3, 2008, by Dina R.


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