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Introduction to Complex UIs Using jQuery UI. Building a web application with jQuery makes the task easier.

Introduction to Complex UIs Using jQuery UI

Similarly, building a web application with a complex UI is made easier with jQuery’s sister project jQuery UI. With jQuery UI we have a collection of interactions, widgets and a theme builder at our fingertips that allows us to make a cohesive UI. What is jQuery UI? The jQuery UI project is an official project of the jQuery Project, that provides abstractions for low-level interactions and animations, advanced effects and high-level, themeable widgets, all built on top of the jQuery JavaScript Library, that you can use to build highly interactive web applications. There are a number of interactions within jQuery UI that allow you to build complex behaviors. It also provides many prebuilt widgets that you can drop onto your UI with the ease of any jQuery plug-in. You may be thinking to yourself, “But my UI doesn’t need all of these interactions/widgets.

Let’s Build Something. 9 jQuery Scripts to Enhance Your Website. Time for a roundup for all the jQuery plugins that have been on the wild for a few weeks.

9 jQuery Scripts to Enhance Your Website

There are getting more and more jQuery plugins coming out just to meet your special needs. In this post, I particularly like Sausage contextual pagination, I think it's a brilliant ideas! Here you go, pretty sure some of them will be really useful. 14 Beautiful JQuery Navigation Plugins for Your Websites. JQuery is the most powerful and famous name among web designers.

14 Beautiful JQuery Navigation Plugins for Your Websites

Web designers love to play with it to produce some beautiful and eye-catching works over internet. JQuery plays very important role to make website beautiful and more responsive. Its major advantage is it’s light weight and easy to implement within your websites. Website navigation menu is a very important part of the website. It combines all of the parts of a website at one place. ZK Pivottable 1.0.0 Beta Release Notes. 15+ Best jQuery Table. Lovable jQuery Widgets. 8 Websites with Impressive and Original Javascript Effects. Okay, this post is going to be interesting.

8 Websites with Impressive and Original Javascript Effects

I have found 8 websites that shared a common base - they are all using javascript. What make a HTML/CSS website outstanding and memorable? We need some magic from javascript to make the website a little bit more interactive and animated. Among the rest of the websites, I like gauged2 and Tom Pain a lot. They managed to achieve something really original, something that you have not seen anyone done it before. Advertisement Momento App Momento app is a gorgeous iPhone app website. Amazing hero slider... parallax plus delay sliding, that's original! 5 Interesting CSS Techniques. 9 Incredible HTML5 Canvas And Javascript Experiments. Chrome Experiment has been coming out with heaps of incredible HTML5 canvas and javascript experiments.

9 Incredible HTML5 Canvas And Javascript Experiments

Thanks to all the awesome developers, most of the experiments are truly unique and jaw dropping. I could never imagine with the combination HTML and javascript can achieve such an amazing result. Take Tank World as an example, stunning 3d graphic, and it's a game! However, it will take year before most of the modern browsers fully support them, and also, I can feel the slowness when the browser loads and renders the graphic. So in the mean time, flash is still the best solution for intensive animation and web based game development. Check out the list, preferably with Google Chrome. Untangle Position the blue dots such that no lines overlap. How to create kaleidoscope using jQuery and CSS.

How to create kaleidoscope using jQuery and CSS Today we continue CSS lessons.

How to create kaleidoscope using jQuery and CSS

Let’s remember an ancient toy – a kaleidoscope, I think everyone remembers since the childhood. You reflected ever as it works? All will probably seem that simply, but is far not so. 40+ Useful jQuery and Ajax Based Sliders, Tutorials & Scripts. jQuery sliders are means to display your content in an attractive way.

40+ Useful jQuery and Ajax Based Sliders, Tutorials & Scripts

You may have noticed on many sites display featured articles using content sliders or jQuery sliders. Using Sliders are the common ways to display your content attractively and uniquely and in a small pieces of popular content. Its the most effective way you can display what you can do to your readers. Lets have a look at the slider scripts, plugins and tutorials we have gathered so far. PsPrint - printing company confidently offers online printing services at low price guarantee. 10 Innovative jQuery Plugins You Need to Know. Startup Framework Close 2011, Jan 19 // Kevin Liew // 7 comments // Javascript.

10 Innovative jQuery Plugins You Need to Know

Face detection using jQuery. Face detection is a common feature in most digital cameras today; the white or red square that pops around someones face when we are focusing the camera on that person.

Face detection using jQuery

Face detection algorithms enables the software to pinpoint the locations and sizes of human faces in digital images, whatever the surrounding objects may be.Face-Detection is a jQuery plugin that enables you to detect human faces in images. Besides the crucial algorithm that does the main work it uses HTML5 Canvas element to grab the image data. This means that the plugin only works on browsers that support the HTML5 Canvas element. A immediate application I thought of was to use it to automatically crop faces from pictures to be used as profile photos. I tried it on various types of images – groups of people, individuals, portraits – and it got a detection success of around 85%. This site is a digital habitat of Sameer Borate, a freelance web developer working in PHP, MySQL and WordPress.

20 New jQuery Techniques – October. We don’t do jQuery roundups every month because we prefer to wait a longer period to get a better selection, more to choose from – anyway, this is October months roundup for jQuery techniques.

20 New jQuery Techniques – October

This listing represents new techniques from late August until now. Our definition of jQuery techniques includes tutorials, plugins and similar useful items of educational or captivating wisdom – and in our definition of “new” we include released or updated during actual period (we don’t like to write “new” if it isn’t). 150 best jQuery effects for web designers and developers « Web Design Blog – WebDesignShock. Since the arrival of the jQuery library, the life of JavaScript programmers have gotten a lot easier because now it’s simpler to develop web 2.0 applications.

With jQuery, the programmers can keep their code organized and concise, which is the major slogan of the library, “write less, do more”. 30+ Useful Drop Down Menu Scripts To Enhance Header Navigation. FormBox – A jQuery & CSS3 Drop-Down Menu With Integrated Forms. jYUI, YUI for jQuery. Using jQuery. Where User Interface Ideas Grow. 20 Best jQuery Slideshow / Photo Gallery Plugins. Photo Gallery, picture gallery, or slideshow are the best way to showcase your images/photos to your readers. jQuery Slideshow plugins are very useful to show the photo gallery in your blog or website in a eye catching way. Most of these plugins are lightweight , easy to install and compatible with all popular browsers . We can display sliding content in mobile devices ( like iphone, ipad , Andriod smartphones ) also with these plugins.

50 Awesome New jQuery Plugins. The jQuery community never fails to let you down. Its constantly evolving, constantly improving and, thankfully, constantly releasing a tidal wave of fresh and powerful freely available plugins for every possible requirement. Today we round-up the best and most powerful jQuery plugins from the last few months. You will find a comprehensive selection of the always popular sliders, image galleries, navigation solutions and form validity options. But this round-up has much more. Much, much more. Prevent Users from Selecting Weekends using jQuery UI DatePicker. Not known to many, jQuery UI DatePicker has a built-in function called 'noWeekends', that prevents users from selecting weekends, by disabling them.

Here’s how to use it As you can observe, the weekends are disabled. 10 Useful jQuery Snippets. Following are 10 Useful jQuery snippets for any website. To use these snippets, you must include jQuery library in your page first and then add the snippets inside DOM ready function as follow: $(document).ready(function() { // add your snippets here }); 1. Display Warning Message for IE 6 Users if ( (jQuery.browser.msie) && (parseInt(jQuery.browser.version) < 7) ) { $('body').prepend('<div class="warning">You are using an old version of Internet Explorer which is not supported. 2. $('body').addClass('hasJS'); 3.

Sample Usage: $('input[type=text]').focus(function() { var title = $(this).attr('title'); if ($(this).val() == title) { $(this).val(''); } }).blur(function() { var title = $(this).attr('title'); if ($(this).val() == '') { $(this).val(title); } }); 4. <p><a href="#how-to" class="toggle">How to write a good article?

jQuery and Ajax Best Demos Part-7. A Collection of jQuery, Ajax and PHP Tutorials with live demos, tutorials posted on 9lessons blog. AeroWindow - Plugin for jQuery - SOYOS Labs. SOYOS Online Solutions zeichnet sich durch einen erstklassigen Fullservice im Bereich neue Medien aus. Kurz - wir erstellen individuelle hochwertige Websites für Unternehmen. Unser Ziel ist es dabei, Ihnen einen erstklassigen Rundumservice im Bereich Online Lösungen zu bieten, unter betriebswirtschaftlichem, künstlerischem und beratendem Aspekt. 12 New & Useful jQuery Techniques. jQuery Quicksand plugin. Style an HTML Table using jQuery UI and Theme Switcher Widget.