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The Lightbox Clones Matrix

The Lightbox Clones Matrix

JavaScript image combobox v2.37.5 Are you tired with your old fashion dropdown? Try this new one. Image combo box. You can add an icon with each option. For Protovis Users D3 and Protovis have the same primary author (Mike Bostock), so it’s not surprising that these two systems take a similar approach to visualization. However, there are plenty of important differences, too; enough that it made sense to start anew, rather than patching the design of Protovis. Many of these changes were influenced by observing users’ successes and struggles with past approaches.

Add IE 9 Pinned Sites, Dynamic Jump Lists & Notifications to MVC Razor Views-Rachel Appel If you have an MVC application, why not spice it up by adding in IE 9's Pinned Site features? Pinned sites are an excellent way to keep links to your site handy as well as provide notifications and interact with the users. Adding pinned site capabilities to your app is also very easy to do, so it's low effort, high reward. Add pinned sites to partial views.

CSS3 Box Shadow Generator - CSS3gen Use this CSS3 box shadow generator to quickly generate box shadow CSS for your project. Your browser does not support the CSS3 box-shadow property. You can still use this tool to generate the CSS3 rule, but you won't be able to see the results. <div class="error_msg">Please enable Javascript to use this page.</div>

Chosen - a JavaScript plugin for jQuery and Prototype - makes select boxes better Chosen is a jQuery plugin that makes long, unwieldy select boxes much more user-friendly. Downloads Project Source Contribute Standard Select Turns This Into This Graph Visualization and Neo4j So far we’ve learned how to get Neo4j up and running with Neography, how to find friends of friends and degrees of separation with the Neo4j REST API and a little bit of the Gremlin and Cypher languages. However, all we’ve seen is text output. We haven’t really “seen” a graph yet, but that’s about to change. Vouched holds a graph of skill specific recommendations people have made to each other and visualizes it. I extracted the visualization, and hosted it on github as neovigator. You can get your very own visualization up and running or take a look at this instance running on Heroku.

Color Contrast Checker You are here: Home > Resources > Color Contrast Checker Contrast Ratio: 8.59:1 Normal Text WCAG AA: Pass WCAG AAA: Pass Sample: I am normal text Large Text leaflet-geojson-stream leaflet geojson loading with streaming npm install leaflet-geojson-stream Want to see pretty graphs? Log in now! Read Me Stream GeoJSON features into a Leaflet layer. Nodstrum AutoCompleter Tutorial As always, links to a demo and ZIP at the bottom, Enjoy! I thought i would write this tutorial because most of the auto completer applications i have seen just dump the code into a zip and tell you how to use it rather than how and why it works, knowing about this enables you to customise it a lot more (this has been demonstrated with the other apps i have written here)! And so we begin:JavaScript

JavaScript Augmented Reality – JavaScript Augmented Reality – Bocoup Web Log Augmented Reality: using JSARToolkit with WebGL & HTML5 Video Last week I spent some time running tests and generally familiarizing myself with the JSARToolkit code. I also built a JavaScript wrapper for the library to make it easier to use. JSARToolkit is a JavaScript library converted from FLARToolkit (Flash), and is developed for tracking AR Markers in video footage.

The MediaLoot HTML5 Compendium Let's face it, it's difficult to keep up with all of the new coding languages. Despite that difficulty, and the fact that some of these standards aren't even finalized, there's still a lot of pressure for designers to start using HTML5. The purpose of this compendium is to make it easier for everyone by providing an up-to-date reference on the new features and uses of HTML5. The W3C specs for HTML5 and CSS3 are also incredibly long and practically unreadable, not to mention unfinished - so it’s easy to see why a lot of designers choose to hold off on taking the effort to learn the new languages, however it’s really not that hard to start using both languages today, there doesn’t need to be a lot of pressure either because the beauty of adopting early is that you can work your way into it slowly and the only thing you actually need to know if you’re already using XHTML/HTML4 and CSS2 is what’s new and how can it benefit you. Tag Reference

percolator.js Installation npm install percolator Running Tests How to Build Cross-Browser HTML5 Forms In this tutorial, we're going to take a look at how to serve HTML5 forms to modern browsers, while compensating for older browsers by using a mix of Webforms2, Modernizr, jQuery UI and assorted jQuery Plugins. Introduction HTML5 powered forms provide a great deal of semantic markup, and remove the need for a lot of JavaScript. One of the first efforts toward HTML5 was WHATWG's Web Forms 2.0, originally called XForms Basic. The spec introduced new form controls and validation, among other things. Later, it got incorporated into HTML5, and was subsequently stripped of the repetition model, resulting in what we know today as HTML5 Forms.