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Sept 22-25: Pittsburgh G20 Resistance Strategy Update! - Infosho

This strategy update includes more detailed info on plans for the Sept. 22-25 period and some general guidance for the type of events we're encouraging. Sept 22-25: Pittsburgh G20 Resistance Strategy Update The Pittsburgh G20 Resistance Project (PG20RP) exists as a space to aid coordination and actualize resistance to the G20 summit happening this September 24-25 in Pittsburgh, PA. The group has coalesced around a shared desire to deepen ongoing social resistance locally, to demonstrate and build new and existing alternatives to the worldview represented by the G20 and the direct policies it promotes, and to disrupt the summit and undermine its attempts to gain legitimacy. A daily TV/radio news program, hosted by Amy Goodman and Juan Go. Anarchist Federation - Organising for Resistance.

Anarchisme et culture alternative (punk, hardcore, crust, grind, La Une. Le site media de Radio Libertaire. : Welcome! Independent Media Institute. LaTélé [Librairie Publico, spécialisée en livres anarchistes] Le site du Monde libertaire. Le Magazine de l'Homme Moderne, bienvenue ! Le blog de l'équipe de La Rue. Independent Media Center. - 19 May 2012 A BUILDING IS NOT ENOUGH: Occupying a Skyscraper for Art Hundreds of people are blocking a street in Milano protesting for the eviction of a skyscraper of 32 floors they were occupying.

Independent Media Center

Torre Galfa, near Stazione Centrale, has been taken the 5 of May by Macao , a group of artists, video makers, journalists, immaterial workers to make a new arts center, to strengthen relationships between art and society and protest against abandoned buildings. The tower, quite new, was abandoned since 1996 in a town were many new skyscrapers are built for the Expo 2015 and nobody knows if they will ever be used. For 8 days thousands of people came in Torre Galfa, a huge space freed for performances, lectures, workshops, ideas, and also where everybody restlessly worked to make the place safe and warm. Indymedia Paris. Indymédia Lille. Accueil. CIRA - Présentation. Spunk Library - Anarchy, anarchist, and alternative materials. Anarchy Archives. [INFOKIOSQUES.NET] A-Infos: Anarchist News Service. Top Blogs Politique - Classement des blogs - Wikio. Collectifcontreculture.

Les jours et l'ennui de Seb Musset. Normand Baillargeon. Béton Armé. Un nouvel art de militer.