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Blockchain y marketing digital

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Interpretar transacciones en un explorador de blockchain. Introducción a Blockchain a través de Cryptoeconomics - Parte 1: Bitcoin. Havas Group continues to develop Havas Blockchain in tandem with ekino. The Havas Group continues to build its blockchain offering around the different areas of expertise of its agencies.

Havas Group continues to develop Havas Blockchain in tandem with ekino

Now Havas Blockchain in conjunction with ekino is launching a new strategic and tech support offering in response to growing market demand, particularly at international level (France, UK, US, Vietnam, India and Singapore). Since its launch in March 2018, Havas Blockchain has been offering global and international communications support for companies operating in the blockchain ecosystem or launching ICOs.

Winner of the international “Blockchain Innovation Marketing Award” in Beijing in October, Havas Blockchain has provided communications support to a number of clients, including Carrefour, Chain Accelerator and the ICOs launched by Talao and Sandblock. In keeping with its “Together” strategy, Havas is collaborating with ekino, a digital consulting and implementation group. The teams will help their clients to implement turnkey blockchain projects. The Complete Guide to ICO Marketing in 2018. How to promote an ICO using email marketing.

Blockchain Marketing Exploration. Reading Time: 4 minutes Blockchain Marketing “Blockchain Marketing”, Si c’est la première fois que vous lisez ce mot, ou si vous avez besoin d’approfondir le sujet, je vous invite à lire mon article : Blockchain, la 2ème révolution du web sur le Blog Digital.

Blockchain Marketing Exploration

L’adoption de la Blockchain passera par la capacité du marketing à faire le lien entre la technologie et son public. Pour cela, les marketeurs doivent comprendre les applications de la Blockchain afin de répondre aux besoins des utilisateurs.Observons donc cette technologie avec notre vision métier et ressortons les outils d’analyse de base afin de défricher le terrain : Le bon vieux MIX Marketing !

Tout d’abord, rappelons l’essentiel : la Blockchain est une BASE DE DONNÉES distribuée. > Une BDD ! La Base de données, c’est le graal du service marketing, le réceptacle à Datas ! Lorsqu’elle est qualitative, c’est davantage de performance à chaque action ! Passons notre Base de Données nouvelle génération au mixeur 4P. Formation aux Tendances digitales. ICO Marketing The Definitive Guide (2018) – GuerrillaBuzz.

Just Started: WhitePaper – Whitepaper is prepared by a party prior to launching a new currency.

ICO Marketing The Definitive Guide (2018) – GuerrillaBuzz

It details everything you need to know about the currency before making up your mind if you want to invest, purchase or use it. This includes commercial, technological and financial details of a new coin in language that can be understood by someone who is not an expert in the space. This tutorial will help you to write an excellent whitepaper for your ICO. Https show your visitors that your website is secure, it’s also important for SEO, and for your potential investor’s confidence. Simplify Your Idea – Try to explain your idea to one of your non-technical friends. Did they get it? If the answer is NO, work on it until it becomes YES In your website, you will need to make people understand your idea in a manner of seconds. The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Marketing and Cryptocurrency. When most people think of blockchain, they only see the surface level of buying and selling cryptocurrencies, but its uses are far more wide-reaching than the financial world.

The Ultimate Guide to Blockchain Marketing and Cryptocurrency

Companies of all sizes are able to create “tokens” and raise money for their business by letting investors buy and sell them (like they’d buy and sell shares of a stock). Investors can trade 24/7, without significant fees. But it doesn’t just apply to finance. Blockchain technology will also make waves in the digital marketing world, which we’ll cover in depth. This guide is for anyone who wants to learn more about blockchain, its uses in digital marketing, and how to implement cryptocurrency for your business, and how to growth hack an ICO.

Blockchain marketing: objetivos, y claves para entender Blockchain. Mientras las criptomonedas Ethereum o Bitcoin se llevan casi todos los titulares. Blockchain aplicado al Marketing Digital. En esta 2ª Edición del Máster en Marketing Digital de la Universidad de Salamanca e IME Business School, con nuestra colaboración desde Súmate, tratamos uno de los temas más candentes en el sector: la tecnología Blockchain y su papel en la transformación digital de las empresas.

Blockchain aplicado al Marketing Digital

Como profesor, Pablo Rodríguez, Director de IT y Formación en Súmate, introdujo previa y progresivamente los principales conceptos esenciales para entender esta tecnología, su funcionamiento y sus ámbitos principales de aplicación, especialmente, en transacciones financieras, entre ellos: Diferencias entre dinero digital, monedas virtuales y criptomonedas (como BitCoin y Ethereum —la alternativa a BitCoin—, entre otras), y su capitalización en el mercado. No obstante, como comenta Coria, lo revolucionario no es la tecnología Blockchain, sino su alcance y posibilidades de aplicación en gran cantidad de sectores y usos, muchos de ellos por descubrir. 1. Que resuelva un problema de negocio.2.