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2020 TOEFL Speaking Questions and Topics. 2.2 Common Topics and Questions to Practice TOEFL speaking topics don't need special knowledge or background to answer.

2020 TOEFL Speaking Questions and Topics

If you know these common topics and prepare answers before test day, you will show stronger confidence and fluency in test. Write a draft for each of questions is a shortcut to up your score, so don't miss anyone of the list. 1. What is the most useful book for you? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Explore Popular Debates, Discussions and Critical Thinking

5 Exciting Activities for Your Next ESL Family Lesson Plan. Do some of your students fly through your lessons, while others struggle to grasp the very basics?

5 Exciting Activities for Your Next ESL Family Lesson Plan

Even the best learners miss the mark from time to time, especially when they can’t relate to the material being taught. When it comes to learning a language, everything’s relative. Incorporating students’ real-world knowledge and experiences into your lessons makes the learning process significantly easier. And one way to do that is by talking about family. There is are ESL Activities Games Worksheets. International Debate Education Association (IDEA) ESL lessons for advertising, branding & describing products and services. TOEFL Speaking Questions, Topics, and Sample Answers - TST Prep.

Woman: Hey Adam, what’s new?

TOEFL Speaking Questions, Topics, and Sample Answers - TST Prep

Man: Not much. I just finished reading this letter in the paper. Woman: Oh, Tamara’s? Man: Yeah, that’s the one. Woman: What did you think? Man: I completely disagree with her. Woman: Well, it does get backed-up sometimes. Man: Only for an hour or so, and that is right after classes let out. Woman: Yeah, I suppose you are right. Man: And, I can’t believe she thinks that the student workers in the library don’t know what they are doing. Woman: Well, if that’s the case, even more librarians probably wouldn’t help then. Man: Exactly. The Top TOEFL Speaking Templates for All Speaking Tasks. The TOEFL test has just presented you with a question, and now it’s your turn to speak up and respond accordingly.

The Top TOEFL Speaking Templates for All Speaking Tasks

Will you freeze, unable to speak? Or, will you answer with smooth confidence? The choice to show up well-prepared is yours. For most, the speaking section of the TOEFL presents the biggest challenge, as it requires speakers to generate original responses in real-time. Fresh TOEFL Speaking Templates for 2020 (the new TOEFL) If used properly, TOEFL speaking templates can increase your score in all four of the TOEFL speaking questions.

Fresh TOEFL Speaking Templates for 2020 (the new TOEFL)

Use templates by inserting the required information from your notes. We update these templates every few months to make sure they are as fresh and effective as possible. TOEFL Practice - Speaking. The speaking section of the TOEFL takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

TOEFL Practice - Speaking

You will be asked 6 speaking questions. The first two are about familiar topics, and the other four are about short readings, lectures, and conversations. 17 TOEFL Note-Taking Tips for Listening, Speaking and Writing. In order to do well on the TOEFL, you don’t simply need to be good at English — you also need to know how to take clear and effective notes.

17 TOEFL Note-Taking Tips for Listening, Speaking and Writing

Taking Notes for the TOEFL Listening: A Step-by-Step Guide - TST Prep. While all this is important to consider during lectures, some of this information will be easier to remember than others, which is why we are going to break it down in terms of could, should and must.

Taking Notes for the TOEFL Listening: A Step-by-Step Guide - TST Prep

Remember the difference between the three: Things you could write down – relatively easy to remember, so you probably don’t have to write it downThings you should write down – important information that is slightly more difficult to rememberThings you must write down – information that is definitely important and difficult to remember In regards to the TOEFL Listening lecture, you could write down the main idea and the tone of voice of the professor in certain parts.

How to take notes in the TOEFL Listening section. In order to get a good score on the TOEFL listening section, you must take good notes as you listen actively throughout the entire listening.

How to take notes in the TOEFL Listening section

Many students struggle with this. They take either no notes so they have trouble remembering important information or they take too many notes and sacrifice understanding and comprehension. Many students also think they can do better without taking notes because they feel it distracts them. Without practice and knowing what notes you should write down, it could be faster to simply not take notes. - Pros and Cons of Controversial Issues. 49 Communication Activities, Exercises, and Games. If you’re looking for a resource that’s rich with ideas, tips, and exercises that will help you become a better communicator and improve your relationships with your family, friends, and coworkers, you’ve come to the right place!

49 Communication Activities, Exercises, and Games

Read on to learn about how important communication is in a relationship and how you can work on improving your communication skills. If you wish to learn more, our Positive Relationships Masterclass© is a complete, science-based training template for practitioners and coaches that contains all the materials you’ll need to help your clients improve their communication skills and enhance not only their personal and professional relationships but also their mental wellbeing. What are Communication Activities, Exercises, and Games? But what’s the deal with these activities, exercises, and games? Are they really that important or impactful? The Role of Communication in a Relationship The answer is a resounding yes!

Stephen R. ELT Listening Material – Nathan Hall. Here is a regularly updated collection of authentic and adapted listening material that could be used in an English language classroom or my students for extensive listening. Click on the title of the website to go to that page, or click on the ‘More Information’ link to get a summary of information on length, accents, transcripts, and more. If you find any links that do not work, please let me know. Also, if you have anything to add to this list, please share it with my using the contact page on this website or send me a message on Twitter (@nathanghall) and I will make sure to give you credit. What It Takes to Give a Great Presentation. I was sitting across the table from a Silicon Valley CEO who had pioneered a technology that touches many of our lives — the flash memory that stores data on smartphones, digital cameras, and computers.

He was a frequent guest on CNBC and had been delivering business presentations for at least 20 years before we met. And yet, the CEO wanted to sharpen his public speaking skills. “You’re very successful. You’re considered a good speaker. Explore Popular Debates, Discussions and Critical Thinking… TOEFL Practice - Speaking. The New TOEFL Speaking Question 1 (2019) - TOEFL Resources. What is TOEFL Speaking Question One? (updated August 25, 2019) TOEFL Speaking question one is called the "Personal Choice" question, and it has four main styles: paired choice, multiple choice, agree/disagree and advantages/disadvantages.

When you take the test you will get one of these styles. You will be given 15 seconds to prepare your answer, and 45 seconds to speak. Note that it is the same as question two on the old version of the TOEFL. Style One: Paired Choice. 60 New TOEFL Speaking Topics for Speaking Tasks 1 & 2. 7 Easy ESL Speaking Activities for Teens or Adults. Every language teacher knows that speaking is a core skill to teach and practice, but sometimes it can be challenging to come up with creative or engaging ESL speaking activities. Let’s dive into seven quick and easy ESL speaking activities you can integrate into your lessons to practice speaking with teens or adults. They are designed to be high-quality and enjoyable. They don’t need much preparation but will get your students talking and help them to hone their conversational skills without even thinking about it. The Best TOEFL Speaking Template for Every Question. The shortest, yet hardest, part of the TOEFL is the Speaking section.

The Top TOEFL Speaking Templates for All Speaking Tasks. Trial Content. Krieger - Teaching Debate to ESL Students: A Six-Class Unit. The Internet TESL Journal Daniel Kriegershinyfruit [at] yahoo.comSiebold University of Nagasaki (Nagasaki, Japan) Introduction Debate is an excellent activity for language learning because it engages students in a variety of cognitive and linguistic ways. Speaking Rubrics. Excite Your Audience With Anticipation. During an interview with poet Carl Sandburg, a reporter asked, "In your opinion, what's the ugliest word in the English language? " The poet frowned. "The ugliest word in the English language? " he repeated, furrowing his brow and staring in the distance. "Ugliest? " 12 Fun Speaking Games for Language Learners. English Listening - Listening lessons ESL students with audio files and fun questions.

English Listening Lesson Library Online. VOA - Voice of America English News. General Listening Quizzes - Intermediate. Latest World Headline News, Breaking News - Newsy® eBook - TOEFL Speaking and Writing Questions.pdf. TOEFL Speaking Tips - [TOEFL Question Examples Included] 12 TOEFL Speaking Topics for Realistic Practice. Inspired Picture Writing.

Six Word Stories. How to Use Oral Presentations to Help English Language Learners Succeed. Preparing Students for Successful Presentations. We’ve all seen it. Leaning back on the board, rocking from side to side, or avoiding eye contact with the audience are all common occurrences when students give oral presentations.

Like any other skill, successfully presenting in front of the class is something that can be taught and learned. Ignite. Enlighten us, but make it quick. Preparing for the Speaking Tasks of the TOEFL iBT® Test: An Investigation of the Journeys of Chinese Test Takers - Yu - 2017 - ETS Research Report Series. Integrated Speaking TOEFL Study Guide: Practice and Tips. 60 New TOEFL Speaking Topics for Speaking Tasks 1 & 2. Apps for Speaking. - Create. The art of storytelling. Twine / An open-source tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories. Storybird - Artful Storytelling. Discuss news that matters and find out what's true. Playbuzz: Authoring Platform for Interactive Storytelling.

Web of Stories. The treasure map of your life. - Tell Stories, Share Topics, Make Impact. Flipgrid - Video for student engagement and formative assessment. Presentious. Flipgrid - Educator Dashboard. Ed.VoiceThread. All great speakers were bad speakers at first - Ralph Waldo Emerson Ed.VoiceThread is a platform where students develop critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity skills. VoiceThread offers a natural online interaction that lends itself to students presenting & defending their work before experts and peers. — EDUCAUSE LEARNING INITIATIVE If you're an individual teacher and want to get started with VoiceThread for just your class, a Single Educator License is the way go.

Give all your students an accountable and transparent learning environment. A District License provides simple multi-school management, application of custom security policies, and integration. A walled garden, with beautiful views. Student data security. Ed.VoiceThread is a signatory of the Student Privacy Pledge. iKeepSafe has certified Ed.VoiceThread's practices for the protection and privacy of student information.

Accountability and transparency. Students cannot private message other students.