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Purchasing Journey for Fashion - UK - June 2019 - Market Research Report This report investigates the process of researching and buying fashion products in the UK, with a focus on the consumer journey to the purchase, both online and offline. It examines the channels that UK consumers prefer to use at each stage of the fashion purchasing process, including how different channels are linked. For the purpose of this report and unless otherwise indicated, Mintel defines fashion as the following three categories – clothing (including womenswear, menswear, childrenswear and underwear), footwear and accessories. The market size for this report includes all consumer spending on men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear and accessories (including underwear but excluding jewellery and watches) through all retail outlets.

Instagram Is The Fastest-Growing Social Site Globally, Mobile Devices Rule Over PCs For Access Pinterest may have passed Twitter in popularity in the U.S. according to new figures out last month from Pew, but globally the social network to watch may be Facebook-owned Instagram. According to research published today by the GlobalWebIndex, Instagram is growing the fastest of all social media sites worldwide, increasing its active user base by 23% in the last six months. But on an overall basis, it’s still behind the likes of Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn — which come respectively in at positions 1-5 of the world’s most popular social platforms in terms of penetration.

The Lipstick Effect - How Recessions Reveal Female Mating Strategy Sales figures from one of the world's largest cosmetics companies - L'Oreal - revealed that during 2008, a year when the rest of the economy suffered record declines in sales, this cosmetics leviathan experienced sales growth of 5.3%. Now a series of psychology experiments have confirmed for the first time that while tougher economic times decrease desire for most items, they also reliably increase women's yearning for products that boost their attractiveness. Psychologists contend that these 'lipstick' effects are operating largely below conscious awareness of men and women, and therefore require precise experiments to reveal them. This is the first experimental demonstration of the famous 'lipstick effect' with psychologists confirming this psychological phenomenon is driven by women's desire to particularly attract mates 'with resources'. For example, wars are known for moments of most intense romance.

How Britain changed under Margaret Thatcher. In 15 charts What is the the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, who died today? The 1980s is increasingly being seen as deep history - 50% of the Datablog team were born in the late 1980s and were just toddling into school when she resigned in November 1990. If the past is a foreign country (they do things differently there), there is nowhere more foreign than May 1979, when the Conservatives entered Downing Street.

Sara Baartman and the Hottentot Venus: A Ghost Story and a Biography: Clifton Crais, Pamela Scully: Books Trade in your item Get a £2.26Gift Card. Flip to back Flip to front Listen Playing... Paused You're listening to a sample of the Audible audio edition. Meet Leon Dame, The Model Everyone Is Talking About This Paris Fashion Week When John Galliano selected the person who would close his Maison Margiela show at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday afternoon, it wasn’t one of the top girls you might expect. Instead, Leon Dame – a 20-year-old male model from Berlin – stole the attention (and the hearts) of everyone in the Grand Palais, sashaying up a storm in sky-high black patent leather boots, a black faux leather utility jacket, and little else. So inspired was Dame’s march-like strut that for the rest of the day, the number of videos of him on Instagram practically rivalled the flood of clips of Jennifer Lopez’s turn at Versace in Milan last Friday. What everyone wanted to know was this: who was the angelic-looking kid who sashayed down Galliano’s runway with such confidence, fiercely eyeing up Vogue editors as he turned his head mid-prance? “I was scouted waiting for the bus back home,” Dame tells British Vogue. Leon Dame walking for Maison Margiela autumn/winter 2019.

YouTube Definition YouTube is a video sharing service that allows users to watch videos posted by other users and upload videos of their own. The service was started as an independent website in 2005 and was acquired by Google in 2006. Videos that have been uploaded to YouTube may appear on the YouTube website and can also be posted on other websites, though the files are hosted on the YouTube server. Here's Where You Can Buy Sephora In The UK Because the fact the UK STILL doesn't have Sephora is DUMB. Everyone knows that Sephora is essentially mecca for the beauty junkies of the world. Yet, in the year of 2017, us UK based beauty addicts are still subjected to having to save our Sephora hauls for every time a friend/relative/random-person-you’ve-contacted-on-instagram goes abroad. And on a recent trip to Canada, I (of course) visited the land of beauty dreams itself… and you know what? I realised that we actually stock 99% of the brands already in the UK.

The Fascinating Ways Our Attitudes About Work Are Chang The world of work is rapidly changing, and, with it, employees’ attitudes about what’s acceptable on the job. Covering up that you were fired? Fine with many. Not having a professional social network profile? A total deal breaker for most.

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