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Selling Your Home

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10 Quick Curb Appeal Fixes to Sell Your House Faster. 5 Cheap and Effective Staging Ideas. Appearance is crucial when selling your home.

5 Cheap and Effective Staging Ideas

Making your home look sensational will go a long way in being able to get what you want out of the property. It's here that staging comes into play. But many homeowners aren't able to afford the cost of a professional stager. My website - Search for Properties, Open Houses or Set up your own search! MRIS Email - Instruction Manual (pdf) Webcast: What is a Market Snapshot? MRIS - (Video 2min) What is the 411 on my properties I get emailed daily? What Are The Benefits Of A Having A Pre-Listing Home Inspection. The Top 10 DC Zip Codes Where Homes Are Selling Quickest. By Shilpi Paul The Capitol Hill home on the left sold in 6 days.

The Top 10 DC Zip Codes Where Homes Are Selling Quickest

In April, homes in the DC area were spending a median of 11 days on the market, the lowest level for the region in 8 years. But that statistic doesn’t really give a sense of how quickly the market is moving in specific zip codes and neighborhoods. Corey Hart from RealEstate Business Intelligence provided UrbanTurf with a rundown of the ten DC zip codes where homes are selling the quickest. As the chart below reveals, homes in the zip codes that include neighborhoods like Capitol Hill, Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights are moving the fastest, selling (on median) in under a week. As for the larger DC area, the data reveals that homes are flying off the market in Northern Virginia, particularly areas like Vienna, Alexandria and Sterling. loading...

12 Items You Should Get Rid Of Right Now. If you are selling your home soon, a spacious, bright, and clutter-free home can help you sell faster, attract more buyers, and can land you the best offer out there.

12 Items You Should Get Rid Of Right Now

Half the time, buyers are on the look for a great space or that extra space that they don’t currently have. The Science Of Selling Your Home - Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Real Estate. How To Sell The House Nobody Likes. You listed your home for sale a couple of months ago.

How To Sell The House Nobody Likes

At the time, you reviewed the closest comps with your agent. The same model as yours had just sold down the Street for X. That home had a smaller pool. It had fewer upgrades. The location was close to the main road into the subdivision. Tips For First Time Home Sellers. 1 How to Sell a Home For The First Time Selling your home is a big deal, and is not a process that most people go through too often.

Tips For First Time Home Sellers

There are many things to consider as you move forward with your sale – things that must be dealt with if you want to sell quickly and for a good price. From picking the right agent to pricing your home correctly, when you do things right you put yourself in the best position to get the results you want. How to sell a home for the first time is not something you should take lightly. It is easy to make mistakes without the proper guidance. Clayton NC Real Estate Blog By David O'Doherty. Capital Gains Tax On Real Estate.

Taxes Taxes » Investment Taxes » Martin Barraud/OJO Images/Getty Images What's the best tax break available to Jane and John Q.

Capital Gains Tax On Real Estate

Public? If they're homeowners, it's selling their house. Homeowners already know the many tax breaks that Uncle Sam offers, most notably mortgage interest and property tax deductions. When you sell your primary residence, you can make up to $250,000 in profit if you're a single owner, twice that if you're married, and not owe any capital gains taxes. "Most people are not going to have a tax obligation unless their gain is huge," says Robert Trinz, senior analyst with Thomson Reuters Checkpoint.

Some sellers are surprised by this break, especially if they've been in their homes for a while. But when the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 became law, the home-sale tax burden eased for millions of residential taxpayers. Still some requirements to meet If you used pre-1997 rules for residential sales, don't worry. The Benefits of Selling Your Home in Washington DC. The real estate market is pretty favorable for people planning to sell their homes in Washington DC in the near future.

The Benefits of Selling Your Home in Washington DC

Due to factors in the real estate market, present home owners are cashing in on the advantages of selling their properties in the capital. 2015 was a very steady year for realtors in Washington. While demand was consistent throughout the year, sales and prices kept going up as well. Overall, experts suggested that there was more decline than previous years, and here’s why selling your home in Washington DC in the current market might be a great idea.

What’s ahead for the housing market in 2016. We all have a big financial stake in housing — as homeowners, renters, landlords and/or taxpayers.

What’s ahead for the housing market in 2016

Let’s consider the major macroeconomic trends in 2016 that will significantly impact those stakes. ● Homeowners should enjoy another year of solid gains in house prices. Prices have been moving steadily higher since the housing bust hit bottom four years ago and should post another gain in the middle single digits. With a bit of luck, prices nationwide could reach close to the all-time peaks seen in the housing bubble a decade ago. This time, however, house prices are on very solid foundations; they are supported by homeowners’ incomes. No one is getting crazy mortgages today. The financial affliction of negative homeowners’ equity, in which the house is worth less than the mortgage due, is fast fading. Selling a home in 2016? Here's what you need to know - Dec. 24, 2015.

If you expect to put your home on the block at some point in 2016, here are some key factors for you to keep in mind before you address issues and concerns to make the best possible deal.

Selling a home in 2016? Here's what you need to know - Dec. 24, 2015

It's a seller's market ... Many homeowners remember the fallout that the housing bust had on real-estate prices. Even though most investors think of the financial crisis as having hit its peak in 2008 and early 2009, it took three more years for home prices to hit bottom. Yet since early 2012, prices have climbed higher, and the Case-Shiller National Home Price Index is coming within spitting distance of matching its highs from 2006 and 2007. How To Stage Your Home.

By: G.

How To Stage Your Home

M. Filisko Make your home warm and inviting to boost your home’s value and speed up the sale process. The first step to getting buyers to make an offer on your home is to impress them with its appearance so they begin to envision themselves living there. Here are seven tips for making your home look bigger, brighter, and more desirable. 1. Before you can worry about where to place furniture and which wall hanging should go where, each room in your home must be spotless. 2. It’s harder for buyers to picture themselves in your home when they’re looking at your family photos, collectibles, and knickknacks. 3.

When a room is packed with furniture, it looks smaller, which will make buyers think your home is less valuable than it is. 4. Highlight the flow of your rooms by arranging the furniture to guide buyers from one room to another. 5. Brush on a fresh coat of warm, neutral-color paint in each room. Home-Staging Tips That Don't Cost a Dime. When you’re ready to sell your home, you definitely want to get the best possible price for it, and you want it to sell quickly. To make that happen, it’s important that your house is in tip-top shape for showings. Luckily, staging your home for potential buyers doesn’t require a professional, and it doesn’t have to cost a small fortune. Try these free tips to sell your home quickly. The Top 10 DC Zip Codes Where Homes Are Selling Quickest.

The 20 Hottest Home Features Right Now. Must-have home features are constantly evolving. After all, just a half century ago, shag carpeting in all hues – gold, orange, and purple – were all “in.” But what’s hot with home owners and buyers now? Home staging and design tips: Visit Styled, Staged & Sold® set out to find out, evaluating what must-have home features are hot right now by analyzing millions of listings at its site for the most commonly used phrases of home features. The following 20 features were most often used in listings on® in 2015: Fireplace (gas fireplaces were the leading type of fireplace mentioned) Wood floor Carpet Granite counter Stainless steel appliances Open floor plan Walk-in closet Formal dining room Vaulted ceiling Open kitchen Tile floor Covered patio Finished basement Breakfast bar French doors Chef’s kitchen Crown molding Central air Separate shower Garden tub View more information about each of these “hottest” home features at®.

Why asking for too much when first listing your home can cost you big bucks. By David Howell January 5 (Larry Downing/Reuters) David Howell, executive vice president and chief information officer at McEnearney Associates, writes an occasional column on the Washington area real estate market. It is critically important to price a home correctly when it first comes on the market. The reason is simple: The greatest numbers of buyers are going to see the house during the first two or three weeks. Why You Should Sell Now… Before Winter Hits. People across the country are beginning to think about what their life will look like next year. It happens every Fall. SellingYourHouseFall2015. Paid Premium Design Paid Premium Design Free Design Free Design Paid Premium Design Paid Premium Design Paid Premium Design Free Design Free Design. The Ultimate Home Sellers E Book 2015. The Many Risks of Pricing Your Home Too High.

Tips to Sell Your Home in The Fall. Transfer Tax: Who Pays What in Washington DC. The 5 Best Mortgage Calculators: How Much Can You Borrow? - UpNest. How to Sell a Home in the Summer — RESAAS Blog. For many of us, summer holds a lifelong appeal. PODS Storage vs. Self Storage: A Comparison.