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How to create a Baby Recliner. Baby pillows can cost a lot of money.

How to create a Baby Recliner

So, are you ready to create something absolutely comfy and snugly for your baby without spending much? Well, check out below our one-hour baby pillow tutorial and save your hard earned income! Thinsg you will Need: An old pillowMinky fabric (as needed)Thread and a needleScissors. Creating Fun-Oriented Baby Boots. You got knacks for knitting?

Creating Fun-Oriented Baby Boots

I have a perfect idea for a knitted pair of baby boots for your coming weekend. I do not promise that it will be done in hours, but it will turn out awesome, that’s a promise! So, let’s begin. Thinsg you will need: ¼ yarn, two different colorsScissors Here it Goes 1. Easy Hand Painted Baby Tennis Shoes. Creating Startling Ruffled Bloomers. As a mother of a beautiful and highly energetic little angel, I know how important it is to redefine your child’s wardrobe every now and then.

Creating Startling Ruffled Bloomers

Ruffled bloomers look so amazing on 3-4 year old girls. Homemade Military Shoulder Bag. Do you have an extra military shirt lying around the house?

Homemade Military Shoulder Bag

Before you think of dumping it, consider what you can fashion out of that shirt. For those who are not aware, military apparel is designed with hardwearing fabric, which can make a sturdy shoulder bag. This brief DIY guide aims to provide you a step-by-step process to create a utilitarian bag for everyday use. So, without any further ado let’s embark on this short, creative journey. Step 1: Find that extra military shirt if you haven’t already (there’s a good chance that there’s one lying around in your store). A pair of scissorsA seam ripperAll-purpose sewing threadAnd your good old sewing machine Step 2: Cut off the sleeves of the military shirts with the help of scissors and carefully remove the pockets of the shirts with the help of the seam ripper.

Step 3: Lay out the different sections of the shirt. Step 4: Detach the zipper from the shirt and leave around 1.3 inches of space on both sides of the zipper. By Comments. Creating a Captivating Loopy Puff Bow. A bow is a great way to add spunk to your little princess’s overall outfit.

Creating a Captivating Loopy Puff Bow

Not only do they look strikingly awesome, they are super easy to create; it will not take you more 30 minutes and that’s a promise. So let’s get started with the process. You will need: Ribbons of varying colors (choose what you like)Hot glue or any other kind of adhesivescissors Let’s Get Started 1. 2. 3. 4. Non-bake Banana Nutella Granola. It is hard to make children eat healthy foods, especially if you are a working mother.

Non-bake Banana Nutella Granola

But we know one thing for sure, kids love Nutella. So, here I will share a Nutella granola recipe to help you create something delicious and nutritious for your precious child. 300g of rolled oats1/2 cup of ground flax100g of sliced nuts or almonds1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon1/2 cup of mashed bananas75g or ¼ cup of Nutella82g or ¼ cup of pure maple syrup1 tsp of vanilla extract1/4 tsp of salt1 cup of banana chips90g or 1/3 chocolate chipsSimply add all the ingredients in a bowl and mix until it becomes an amalgamation.

Note: you can add your favorite fruits and nuts if you want. Store the amalgamation in a tray tube and put in the refrigerator for 30-35 minutes.Take the tray out and hand out the homemade granola to your kids. Try this and you will forget about all the other granola bars. Got something to say? By Comments. Easy Cook Baked Potatoes. Does your child cringes at the sight of potatoes?

Easy Cook Baked Potatoes

Or is he tired of eating the same old baked potatoes every other day? Children deserve a good meal that not only tantalize their senses but also gets them the vital nutrients that are necessary for their growth. Potatoes are highly in vitamins and antioxidants that are crucial for your child’s physical and mental growth. How to create a Baby Cocoon in Simple Steps. Making Exciting Little Baby Shoes at Home. Cute little baby shoes look so stinkinglly adorable that I couldn’t resist but write a tutorial about it.

Making Exciting Little Baby Shoes at Home

In this tutorial, I will share how to create, easy, hand-made baby shoes at home within a few hours. So, scroll down to find the recipe. Things you will Need: Exterior fabric ¼ to 1/5 yardsLining fabricPellon Fusible FleeceVelcro (2 small pieces)Buttons (not more than 2)A sewing kit Getting Started 1. With the exterior fabric, you will need to cut 2 shoe soles, 2 main shoe pieces and 2 shoe strapsWith the lining fabric, you w ill need to cut 2 shoe soles, 2 main shoe piecesWith Fusible Fleece, you will need to cut 2 shoe soles, 2 main shoe pieces 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Creating an Adorable Little Man Bow-Tie Onsie. Are you looking to do something on this weekend.

Creating an Adorable Little Man Bow-Tie Onsie

Busy mothers can hardly find any time for the sewing and knitting that is why I bring easy, simple-to-follow tutorials, so you can make something unique for your baby in your limited free time. Today, we are making a cute little bow tie. How to Create Diaper and Wipes Case. 14 Fun-oriented, Cost-free Valentines Gift Ideas. Valentines is just a few days ahead and I couldn’t be more excited!

14 Fun-oriented, Cost-free Valentines Gift Ideas

Valentines is not just for grownups; kids can also enjoy the festivities of the day with their parents. I decided to put together 14 exciting gift ideas for the very special 14th Febraury. So, get ready to shower your little sweetheart with hand-made gifts that portray your love better than anything. 1: The Modern Mixtape. DIY Guide to Make a Pom Pom Heart Pillow for this Valentine. The coming Valentine’s has stirred a lot of excitement in the air. So mums, what are your plans for this Valentine? Do not worry, if you have not thought about it yet. 14 Fun-oriented, Cost-free Valentines Gift Ideas.