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top 5 songs for a lonely, broken heart - 8/19/2009 There are nights where the summer heat is insufferable, and the future or present wavers, utterly miserable. Hearts are broken in pieces on an unclean floor, eyes are soaked with tears desperate not to fall, where the only solace may be in the already half empty bottle of whiskey on the table, and never in your life have you felt so, so lost, so alone, so painfully and bitterly alone. Nights where journals run out of pages faster than you'd believe, and paint splatters on canvas with a reckless despair you have become immune to. Those nights, they are not meant to be saved by bright shining false optimism, but cherished for their pain, their beauty. And there are songs that were written just for those moments, until the hour of the night or early morning no longer matter, and instead it becomes a battle with yourself, a struggle with a soundtrack, brittle and tender and quiet and broken-hearted that might eventually deliver you. The Magnetic Fields- "Too Drunk to Dream"

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