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Why Civil Engineering? What is Civil Engineering? Civil Engineering is a professional engineering course for the B.Tech aspirants that includes design, construction and maintenance of the commercial or residential buildings, public works such as roads, flyovers, dams, airports, pipelines, structural buildings and components of the railways. There was a story behind the civil engineering: The first major American fiction novel written on Architecture was a book called the “Fountain Head”. This was written and published in the year 1937 by a relatively unknown American author Ayn Rand. This book went on to become the highest-selling book of that time and even today whenever it is republished, it flies off store shelves within hours of its release.

Collection of High Quality and Free Music Icon Packs This week’s freebie is a collection of free music icons.If you design a musical website or something like an audio or a video website then these icons are for you.All are icons are free for personal use,some are free both personal and commercial use.Please check the sources for licenses. Classical Icons Download Source Microphones Icons Download Source

Congress Gets In 12 Solid Hours Of Gridlocking Before Calling It A Day WASHINGTON—Exhausted but satisfied leaders from both parties came together Tuesday night to announce that Congress had successfully completed 12 solid hours of nonstop gridlocking, once again going above and beyond to needlessly prevent the nation from moving forward. In a marathon session that lawmakers proudly called "one of [their] least productive ever," each of the 535 members of the House and Senate gridlocked deep into the night to ensure that no bipartisan compromise could be reached, no laws intended to aid the American people could be passed, and no sense of national unity or progress could possibly be achieved. "There is nothing more satisfying than knowing you've just put in a full day of bringing our nation's legislative branch to a complete standstill," said House Speaker John Boehner, who like the vast majority of his colleagues worked without break throughout the day and night fostering political disharmony and rejecting the passage of crucial legislation.

This Bride Will Be 11th to Wear a 120-Year-Old Wedding Gown Abigail Kingston was never going to wear any old white gown to her wedding. To keep up with family tradition, the 30-year-old from Bethlehem, Pa., will grace her Oct. 17 nuptials in a 120-year-old silk-satin dress that hasn't been worn since 1991. The dress was debuted in 1895 by Kingston's great-great grandmother, Mary Lowry Warren, and ten different brides on her mother's side of the family have now walked down the aisle wearing it, according to local news site The sentiment behind the Victorian-era gown is what matters most to the family.

Karina and Tattoo Artist Paulee Zance team up for the Urban Tattoo Convention in New York City The 1st Annual Urban Tattoo Convention (UTC) will be held this weekend at Club Amnesia. This is the very first time a tattoo convention will be representing mostly people of color as tattoo artists. The event is being promoted by Urban Ink and Don Diva Magazine. The pioneer of this event, Al Jeanniton, is a long time renowned tattoo artist & owner of Brooklyn Ink Tattoos & Affliction Tattoo, located in Brooklyn & Manhattan, NY. Renowned DJ and producer Steven Zor will also be hosting the event with TF BODY ART. Career Opportunities After Pursuing Mechanical Engineering The best and the worst in the industry are defined by the state of demand and supply. There are times when it seems that a particular sector is not rising to the expectations of job seekers both in terms of job profiles and the monetary benefits it fetches. The blame then is diverted to specialists of a particular technical stream not rising to industry expectations.

Best WordPress Themes of 2011 (UPDATED) Best WordPress Themes 2014 Looking for the absolute BEST WordPress Theme of 2014? Get The X Theme (30+ Demos). Have you seen the new ULTIMATE WordPress Theme? Watch this 4-minute video, then head on over to ThemeForest and buy it today! Click Here to Purchase! Report: Area Woman Has Best Friends In Whole World NEW HAVEN, CT—A new report released Wednesday by a privately funded think tank revealed that local receptionist Amanda Berley, 31, has the best friends in the whole world. The report, which compared Berley's friends to a wide sampling of similar groups across multiple demographics, found the women to be superior in all aspects of friendship, including going out for cocktails after work, telling someone they are too good for that asshole anyway, and remembering birthdays even if the person didn't want to make a big deal out of it. "After months of intensive analysis, we can now determine conclusively that Amanda Berley's friends are indeed the greatest in the world," said Stephen Reynolds, spokesperson for the Fielding Institute. "These individuals are her girls. Sign up Log in Sign up Log in Heathrow Gatwick@HeathrowGatwick Follow Ask me anything The Psychic Twins 3/8/2010 - Rock n Roll Psychic follow Call in to speak with the host My guests are internationally known as two of the best and most accurate psychics in the world. Terry and Linda Jamison ("The Psychic Twins") are the only psychics to have predicted 9/11 on air.

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