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Amazing facts, random facts, interesting facts & Harry Potter

Amazing facts, random facts, interesting facts & Harry Potter
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How the Brain Stops Time One of the strangest side-effects of intense fear is time dilation, the apparent slowing-down of time. It's a common trope in movies and TV shows, like the memorable scene from The Matrix in which time slows down so dramatically that bullets fired at the hero seem to move at a walking pace. In real life, our perceptions aren't keyed up quite that dramatically, but survivors of life-and-death situations often report that things seem to take longer to happen, objects fall more slowly, and they're capable of complex thoughts in what would normally be the blink of an eye. Now a research team from Israel reports that not only does time slow down, but that it slows down more for some than for others. An intriguing result, and one that raises a more fundamental question: how, exactly, does the brain carry out this remarkable feat? Researcher David Eagleman has tackled his very issue in a very clever way . Was it scary enough to generate a sense of time dilation?

Daydreamer by Feng, Cheng-Tsung and Lin, Kai-Ting Ball Pillow Conglomerate This is a ball pillow project like I’ve never seen before. It’s probably the best ball pillow project I’ve had the pleasure of writing about all year. It’s the “Daydreamer” furniture piece by Feng, Cheng-Tsung and Lin, Kai-Ting. The outside 9 balls of this sofa are filled with low-density foam, while the other 40 balls are filled with high-density foam. Thusly! Designers: Cheng-Tsung Feng and Kai-Ting Lin

BrainDen 10 Unusual Beaches You Have Never Heard Of | Flying the Nest 1. Black Sand Beach, Hawaii The name speaks for itself. (source) 2. Again, the name gives it away. (source) 3. And you thought The Maldives couldn’t get any prettier! (source) 4. This secret paradise was created when the Mexican government in the early 1900’s made a bombsite out of the area, blasting a huge hole on the canopy of the grotto. (source) 5. Not only is Whitehaven Beach a photographers dream, it has been awarded the most eco-friendly beach in the world! (source) 6. Make sure you head down with a shovel because at this beach you can dig your very own DIY spa. (source) 7. We have been lucky enough to visit the mind blowing Maho Beach, here you can literally jump up and touch a plane as it lands meters away from you at Princess Juliana International Airport. (source) 8. Every morning, the sea at Chandipur Beach disappears, receding up to 5 kilometers from the shore. (source) 9. (source) 10. (source) Do you want to go to any of these beaches?

Out Of Body Experience Guaranteed - Alarm Clock Technique | Astral Projection It is impossible not to be curious out having an out of body experience. Not just because it is something bound in mystery and excitement – the idea of being liberated from the limiting confines of our bodies is indeed very appealing – but because it is something which makes up a certain essence of our culture. Mankind has always dreamt about releasing himself, whether through controlled flight or artificial weightlessness, or through redemption and religious experiences. Often, many of us encounter out of body experiences without understanding how or why it took place. Interested to learn step-by-step techniques of astral projection? Find out by signing up for Steve G. Out of body experiences have received a huge amount of public attention over the past few decades, and this can hardly surprise us. When you have an out of body experience, you are not only freed from your material body, but the entire material realm. Step 1: Relaxation Step 2: Focus on your Third Eye Step 4: Visualization

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Archimedes' Laboratory Panorama California, Oregon, Washington 2008 (Crater Lake, Olympic, Mount Rainier, North Cascades, Newberry Crater) Mount Rainier from Skyline Trail Mount Fremont Lookout (Mount Rainier NP) Sahale Arm near Cascade Pass and Doubtful Lake (North Cascades) Sahale Peak and Doubtful Lake (North Cascades) Sourdough Mountain Fire Lookout and Ross Lake (North Cascades) Diablo Lake from Sourdough Mountain Trail (North Cascades) Newberry Crater (Paulina Lake, East Lake, and Big Obsidian Flow) Lassen Peak and Lake Helen Crater on the Lassen Peak Summit Bumpass Hell (Lassen NP) Lake Crescent from Mount Stormking (Olympic NP) Crater Lake (and smoke from wild fires)