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The best free Mockups from the Web. Free Web & Mobile Prototyping (Web, iOS, Android) and UI Mockup Tool. Website Stencil Kit. Brainstorm website and app ideas with ease using our precision cut Website Stencil Kit.

Website Stencil Kit

Wireframe quickly and efficiently with the most commonly used iconography and interaction techniques. The kit includes:-Stainless steel stencil with all your favorite user interface iconography- 8 1/16 x 3 inches-Zebra mechanical pencil-Plastic protector-2 UI Stencils Stickers-Downloadable .PDF letter or A4 paper template. Multi-Color. Advanced Web & Mobile Prototyping Tool for Product, UX and UI Design. Neonto Studio - Create native prototypes visually for Android and iOS.

Prototyping Tools. Free mobile & web prototyping for designers – Marvel. 10 Free Sketch Plugins for Web Developers - Hongkiat. Sketch is getting a lot of traction among web designers and developers.

10 Free Sketch Plugins for Web Developers - Hongkiat

This is probably because it is intuitive, easy to learn and comes with many features that makes it a lot easier to create a website prototype. It may also be because this application is extensible i.e. you can add new features to the application easily with the help of plugins. Here are 10 plugins that can help you to boost your productivity when working with Sketch. There are diverse, ranging from content generators, color palette selector, and they can help you to display layer measurements or automatically add padding to a layer. 1. CSS Buddy allows you to add the CSS to your layer in the Sketch workspace. With this plugin installed, just select a layer then select Apply to Selected from the plugin menu. 2. If you follow the trend of Material Design, a prominent thing you will notice is the use of distinctive colors.

This plugin will generate color palettes in seconds without you having to close your workspace. Sketch Resources - Free files and tools for Sketch 3. Discovering Sketch. “the designer’s toolbox” During my last trip to San Francisco for the WWDC 2013, I have been lucky enough to meet great people from all over the world that are dedicated and passionate about building better experiences and better tools for designer.

Discovering Sketch

I tried Sketch (Mac only) when it was first released a year ago. The lack of some feature and the difficulty to move away from my routines drove me back to Photoshop. Still, the designer community seemed really enthusiastic about it. This made me dedicate some serious time exploring it and teaching myself the basics. Today 80% of my designs are made with Sketch. Photoshop, the wooden leg Why Photoshop is not enough? I will not talk about Fireworks for many reasons, the main one being: Adobe discontinued the product. Not designed for us The initial purpose of Photoshop was digital image processing.

Not suited for the mobile era If you have to export assets for multiple resolutions, you are going to have a bad time. Aging engine It’s taking years. Sketch, tutoriel 01. Sketch 3, pour Mac, est une alternative sérieuse à Photoshop et Illustrator.

Sketch, tutoriel 01

Sébastien Gabriel, Frenchie designer chez Google propose dans ce tutoriel hyper-détaillé de passer en revue ses caractérisques principales. Par Sébastien Gabriel Après avoir utilisé Sketch 3 pendant un peu plus d'un mois, je me sens assez confiant pour partager un peu de mon workflow sous la forme d'un tutoriel. Clever tips, thoughts and insights for Sketch. Sketch : 34 ressources indispensables pour commencer. Découvrez plus de 34 ressources pour commencer à utiliser Sketch.

Sketch : 34 ressources indispensables pour commencer

Cette liste vous permettra de trouver des ressources sur Sketch, d’apprendre à utiliser le logiciel, de trouver des plugins et des liens vers des ressources de qualité indispensables pour démarrer. J’ai téléchargé Sketch3 (79$) il y’a quelques semaines et je suis tombé amoureux de l’outil. Il est le mélange parfait entre Photoshop et Illustrator mais pensé pour la création web. Il reprend une bonne partie des raccourcis, l’interface est intuitive, rien de déboussolant si vous passez de Photoshop à Sketch. Aujourd’hui il me fait gagner beaucoup de temps dans la création de mes maquettes. Web designer, si vous ne connaissez pas ce logiciel, vous ratez quelque chose ! Pour bien démarrer avec Sketch, je me suis mis à la recherche de ressources utiles pour prendre en main l’outil et m’aider dans la création de maquettes.

Apprendre à utiliser Skecth.