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English: what you need to know about the language english, english language, english lingusitics, english as a second language, english as a foreign language, english as the world What are the world's most widely spoken languages?In which countries is English the language spoken by the majority as a first language?In which countries is English an official language?

Synonyms for the 96 most commonly used words in English Amazing — incredible, unbelievable, improbable, fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, astonishing, astounding, extraordinary Anger — enrage, infuriate, arouse, nettle, exasperate, inflame, madden Angry — mad, furious, enraged, excited, wrathful, indignant, exasperated, aroused, inflamed Answer — reply, respond, retort, acknowledge Ask– — question, inquire of, seek information from, put a question to, demand, request, expect, inquire, query, interrogate, examine, quiz

6th Grade Language Arts apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8 iTooch 6th Grade Language ArtsApp Store4.9 Discover our Language Arts app for sixth graders In the sixth grade, the Common Core Standards stress the importance of understanding the conventions of standard English (e.g. grammar usage when writing and speaking), the knowledge of the language (e.g. tone and style), vocabulary retention and strategies for learning new words and understanding figurative language and nuances in various text genres. Ideally, students are empowered with strategies to break reading texts down for a more critical and in-depth understanding. In the iTooch 6th Grade Language Arts app, critical reading and composition skills are introduced through 50 chapters and over 1,500 interactive exercises that test the user’s knowledge. The Communication theme is an added bonus and introduces students to key concepts such as Sequencing Ideas, Formal vs.

Reference Books and Periodicals for Puzzle Solvers and Composers Reference Books and Periodicals For Puzzle Solvers and Composers By Merlin, updated by Saxifrage Thesauri and Crossword-Puzzle Dictionaries Aside from the obvious NI2, NI3, and 11C, the solver’s best friends are thesauri and crossword-puzzle dictionaries. The thesauri most popular with the Krewe are The St. Best Budget DSLR Video Shoulder Rig DSLR videos rigs come in all shapes and sizes and these days there are endless options available. But there is only one rig that is cheap, customizable and durable enough to last over 3 years without trouble. I’ve had the Cowboy Studio support rig for over 3 years and it works as well as it did the day I got it. I love a lot of things about this rig. It’s Cheap - $30 isn’t bad for a rig that lasts 3+ years (don’t know when mine will die).

12 Horrible Gobbledygook Words We Reluctantly Accepted Just as there is nothing certain in this world but death and taxes, there is nothing certain in language but that it will change, and that people will react badly. One of the changes people find most offensive is the spread of professional jargon that has been coined to replace simpler, clearer words we already have. Anyone up for some collaborative incentivizing going forward?

45 ways to avoid using the word 'very' Writers Write is your one-stop resource for writers. Use these 45 ways to avoid using the word ‘very’ to improve your writing. Good writers avoid peppering their writing with qualifiers like ‘very’ and ‘really’. They are known as padding or filler words and generally add little to your writing. According to Collins Dictionary: ‘Padding is unnecessary words or information used to make a piece of writing or a speech longer. Synonyms include: waffle, hot air, verbiage, wordiness.’

The 100 Best Books of All Time Many publishers have lists of 100 best books, defined by their own criteria. This article enumerates some lists of "100 best" books for which there are fuller articles. Among them, Science Fiction: The 100 Best Novels (Xanadu, 1985) and Modern Fantasy: The 100 Best Novels (Grafton, 1988) are collections of 100 short essays by a single author, David Pringle, with moderately long critical introductory chapters also by Pringle. For publisher Xanadu, Science Fiction was the first of four "100 Best" books published from 1985 to 1988.

Did You Know the Word Legal Means the Undoing of God's Law? The word legal can mean a few different things, but at its core it is a word created for the purpose of trampling your natural rights and enslaving you. Before I explain why the word “legal” means “the undoing of God’s law”, let us explore the difference between the words legal and lawful. Here is an excerpt from about the difference between these two words: It is crucial to define the difference between legal and lawful. The generic Constitution references genuine law. Pineapple Enzyme and its Benefits Pineapple Enzyme is a member of the bromeliad family. It is extremely rare that bromeliads produce edible fruit enzymes. The pineapple enzyme is the only available edible bromeliad today. British Accents and Dialects Wikimedia The United Kingdom is perhaps the most dialect-obsessed country in the world. With near-countless regional Englishes shaped by millennia of history, few nations boast as many varieties of language in such a compact geography. (NOTE: This page uses the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA). For information about this notation, please visit my page of IPA Resources.)

TeachingEnglish In this lesson students practise word building in preparation for part 3 of the Use of English test in the FCE exam. Through a series of activities students will become more aware of word ‘families’, enabling them to do the Use of English (part 3) more successfully. Topic: Weird museums - word building for FCE Use of English part 3

I'm happy you've found the pearl I did! And you like it. Wordnik is excellent for anybody from beginners to native English speakers, to refresh their vocabulary. It's not totally free, it has in app purchases. by topoletta Aug 30

Wordnikking is what i love to do. Its better than shopping! by timsoft Nov 12

I am a huge fan of Wordnik! That and the app Terminology or it's online site are my go-to places when I need a definition, etymology, or anything else connected to the word. by tracypease Nov 2

Wordnik is all the words, and everything about them. We believe that people understand words best when they can see them in real-world context, so here are some real-world examples for "Wordnik": Wordnik is based on the principle that people learn words best by seeing them in context. by macopa Nov 2

Wordnik may be the most robust online dictionary on the web. Wordnik offers definitions from multiple sources, examples of the word used in literature, links to related words, image related to the word, pronunciation recordings, the etymology of words, and real-time uses of a word on Twitter. None of these features on their own are anything new or ground-breaking, but the combination of these features in one place is outstanding. by jmaia Aug 5

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