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Where to find information - By subject. Research & Reference. Dictionaries and Reference Tools. Deep Web Search Engines. Where to start a deep web search is easy.

Deep Web Search Engines

You hit and when you brick wall it, you go to which is the academic database of Google. After you brick wall there, your true deep web search begins. You need to know something about your topic in order to choose the next tool. To be fair, some of these sites have improved their index-ability with Google and are now technically no longer Deep Web, rather kind-of-deep-web. However, there are only a few that have done so. To all the 35F and 35G’s out there at Fort Huachuca and elsewhere, you will find some useful links here to hone in on your AO.

If you find a bad link, Comment the link below. Last updated July 12, 2016 – updated reverse image lookup. Multi Search engines – (broken as of Sept 2016, hopefully not dead) This is my favorite search engine. Surfwax – They have a 2011 interface for rss and a 2009 interface I think is better. Cluster Analysis Engine Speciality Deep Web Engines General Books Online. Search Engines. Search engine. Interesting Search Engines. - The Transparent Metasearch Engine from Switzerland.

The Peer to Peer Search Engine. Yippy. Carrot Search. Carrot2 Search. Iseek. Qwant. Lexicology. English Dictionaries. Collocation English Dictionary. Collocations. Proverbs and Idioms. Reference, Facts, News - Refdesk. The Devil's Dictionary. The New Devil’s Dictionary. Urban Dictionary. Wordnik: All the Words. Wordbook to find that elusive lexeme : NiftyWord. The Phrontistery: Obscure Words and Vocabulary Resources. - English to French, Italian, German & Spanish Dictionary. EUdict. Lewis and Short Latin-English Lexicon.

Lewis & Short A Latin Dictionary (1879) Logeion For most purposes, this separate database for a single dictionary should now be obsolete.

Lewis and Short Latin-English Lexicon

You can consult all these resources together in Logeion, which contains copies of the dictionaries that are more frequently updated, and more besides: the DGE and DuCange accompany LSJ and Lewis & Short, and you will also find frequency data, collocations, and examples from the corpus. Click the link here for an example. There is even an app for your phone! Tips for using this form Click SEARCH (or hit Enter at anytime) to execute your Search; click CLEAR to clear the entire form and start over. Source. Online Etymology Dictionary. Atlas of Endangered Alphabets – Indigenous and minority writing systems, and the people who are trying to save them.

Ancient Scripts - A to Z. Sumerian Language Page. Ancient Symbols, meanings of symbols from Ancient Egyptian, Celtic, Greek, etc. The color system. Alchemy Dictionary: Arcane Words and Ciphers. To find out the meaning of a word, select the beginning letter: Or select the symbol for which you would like to see a definition: For Alchemy Lab website assistance, click ablution The process of washing a solid with a liquid, usually in water.

Alchemy Dictionary: Arcane Words and Ciphers

Spiritually and psychologically, it is facing one's emotions and letting feelings flow, so that innocence and purity can be restored. Aion (see Ouroboros) Air Air is one of the Four Elements of alchemy. Alchemy The word is derived from the Arabian phrase "al-kimia," which refers to the preparation of the Stone or Elixir by the Egyptians. Alembic The upper part of a still; a still-head. Alkahest The alkahest is the power from Above that makes possible alchemical transformation. Aludel A pear-shaped earthenware bottle, open at both ends. Amalgam The amalgam is a solid metal formed by the combination of mercury with gold, silver, lead, or other metals. angel An angel in alchemical treatises symbolizes sublimation or the ascension of the volatile principle. Ankh. Visuwords. Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - An online thesaurus and dictionary of over 145,000 words that you explore using an interactive map.

Ngram Viewer. Sentiment Tool. NewsBrief. Current top 10 stories Language: en Period: Jun 7, 2018 1:00 PM - Jun 8, 2018 1:00 AM Court upholds Phoenix law over same-sex wedding invitations Articles : 59 | Last update : Jun 8, 2018 12:36:00 AM | Start : Jun 7, 2018 5:14:00 PM | Sources : 43 | Peak : 5 | Current rank : 4 Court upholds Phoenix law over same-sex wedding invitations This undated photo provided by Alliance Defending Freedom shows Breanna Koski, left, and Joanna Duka in Phoenix.


More articles... Current Status: The Political Web's Front Page. WikiTribune – Evidence-based journalism. The World Factbook. People from nearly every country share information with CIA, and new individuals contact us daily.

The World Factbook

If you have information you think might interest CIA due to our foreign intelligence collection mission, there are many ways to reach us. If you know of an imminent threat to a location inside the U.S., immediately contact your local law enforcement or FBI Field Office. For threats outside the U.S., contact CIA or go to a U.S. Embassy or Consulate and ask for the information to be passed to a U.S. official. Please know, CIA does not engage in law enforcement. In addition to the options below, individuals contact CIA in a variety of creative ways.

If you feel it is safe, consider providing these details with your submission: Your full name Biographic details, such as a photograph of yourself, and a copy of the biographic page of your passport How you got the information you want to share with CIA How to contact you, including your home address and phone number. International statistics: Compare countries on just about anything! Thou shalt not commit logical fallacies.