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Learn Languages Online for Free ❤ 101 Languages

Learn Languages Online for Free ❤ 101 Languages
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La rentrée scolaire : quelques activités pour les cours de FLE ToTo à l'école - Top 10 meilleures blagues ( Playlist de vidéos ) C ) Écouter et commenter une chanson Grand Corps Malade " L'éducation nationale " ( Clip , paroles , petit questionnaire ) D ) Regarder une infographie sur l'importance de l'aménagement d'une salle classe et exprimer son opinion Infographie "La salle de classe idéale" Pour vous aider fiche " Exprimer son opinion / Se mettre d'accord en français" E ) Bande dessinée francophone1. C’est la rentrée des classes et, dans la cour de récréation, c’est au tour de Titeuf de raconter ce qu’il a fait en vacances. Dès qu’il annonce qu’il a été en colo, silence admiratif, et Titeuf de narrer ses vacances, en mentant à en avoir un nez de mille kilomètres de long. C’était soi-disant sur une plage idyllique alors que la mer était grise, que Max, le mono, était sympa et jaloux de son succès avec les filles, alors que ce dernier passait son temps à lui hurler dessus en le menaçant de lui couper sa mèche. 2. Ouvrez le lien Qui n’a jamais copié ?

Wells: Orthographic diacritics Dept. of Phonetics and Linguistics, University College London Article published in Language Problems and Language Planning, 24.3 (2001). Summary. Diacritics— marks above, through, or below letters — are used in many orthographies to remedy the shortcomings of the ordinary Latin alphabet. The author catalogues the various diacritics that are in use for spelling different languages, describing what they look like and what they are used for. He also analyses the problems of using accented letters in a multilingual computing environment, and discusses the extent to which these problems have been resolved, with particular reference to Unicode. This document uses Unicode to encode characters that include diacritics. Internet Explorer 6 users, set your browser to View | Encoding | Auto-select; Netscape 6 users, to View | Character coding | Auto-detect. You may also find it helpful to use View | Text Size (or equivalent) to enlarge the text where necessary and make it easier to read. 1. 2. 3. 4.

215 Hours of Free Foreign Language Lessons on Spotify: French, Chinese, German, Russian & More In September, we highlighted for you 75 free audio books available on Spotify–books written by the likes of Jane Austen, James Joyce, Charles Bukowski, Franz Kafka, Kurt Vonnegut, Edgar Allan Poe, Jack Kerouac, Sylvia Plath, William Shakespeare & more. Peruse the complete list here. This month, we’re here to tell you that Spotify makes free language lessons available on its service. If you go to Spotify (download its software here), click “Browse” (in the left hand nav), then scroll way down and click “Word,” you will find collections of free languages in the following languages. You can also click the links below to access 215 hours of free language lessons: Arabic (12 hours of audio lessons)Chinese (27 hours)French (45 hours)German (42 hours)Irish (4 hours)Italian (53 hours)Portuguese (8 hours)Russian (18 hours)Swedish (6 hours) You can find many more lessons, covering many more languages, in our collection: Learn 48 Languages Online for Free: Spanish, Chinese, English & More.

Exercices de français The Language Construction Kit Non-linguists will often start with the alphabet and add a few apostrophes and diacritical marks. The results are likely to be something that looks too much like English, has many more sounds than necessary, and which even the author doesn’t know how to pronounce. You’ll get better results the more you know about phonetics (the study of the possible sounds of language) and phonology (how sounds are actually used in language). If you read just one book on linguistics... besides mine, I mean... make it J.C. Don’t get too alarmed by the technical terms below. Real linguists and their notation Language textbooks often describe sounds by comparison with English, offering recipes for producing unusual sounds. I won’t rely heavily on the IPA here, as it’s kind of baffling till you’ve learned something about phonology. Types of consonants Consonants are formed by obstructing the flow of air from the lungs. Place of articulation Place of articulation describes where the obstruction occurs. Rhotics

How to Learn Spanish SPRÅK & UTBILDNING – INSTITUT FRANCAIS DE SUÈDE Utvecklande och främjande av examina och tester i franska språket då flerspråkighet är avgörande för framtid och karriärmöjligheter. Arbetsmarknaden prioriterar sökande som talar flera språk och som kan styrka sina kunskaper genom en examen eller ett internationellt erkänt utbildningsbevis.Stöd till grundläggande utbildning och fortbildning av lärare i franska som främmande språk (FLE)Anordnande av nationella seminarier för utbildning av lärare i samarbete med svenska myndigheter och aktörer. Nästa seminariet äger rum den 11 och 12 juni 2015, på temat: Användning av audiovisuella hjälpmedel i undervisningen av franska som främmande språk . Ladda ner programmet härOrganisation av fortbildning i form av speciellt framtagna korta moduler (halvdag) på à la carte basis. Kurserna kan arrangeras på begäran under hela året. Lära dig franska i Sverige lära franska på nätet : Parlons français c’est facile (Tala franska är lätt) Nyheter Prioriterade frågor. Grund- och fortutbildning av lärare

Accent Marks & Special Characters in Spanish - Spanish411 Read Spanish for any length of time and you'll notice that many words include accent marks. These are not different or unique letters but rather visual cues letting us know how to pronounce a word (and they're sometimes used to distinguish one word from another spelled the same way). Before you start complaining that accent marks make Spanish needlessly complicated, remember that the vast majority of the time, you know exactly how to pronounce a word just by looking at it. The same cannot be said of English which doesn't give the reader any clues about pronunciation (consider the words "content" or "defense," -- they are pronouced in different ways based on the context). The rules regarding accent marks are fairly simple: First of all, only a vowel can be accented: á, é, í, ó, ú (y is not considered a vowel for the purposes of accents). Secondly, a word does not necessarily need an accent mark, and a word may never have more than one accent. When to Use Accent Marks elephant dar → darlo