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LTP 海马LTP可能是学习记忆的分子基础。1973年Bliss及其合作者,电刺激麻醉兔的内嗅皮层,使海马表层的穿通纤维兴奋,可在齿状回记录到场电位。先用高频电刺激几秒钟后,再用单个电刺激,记录到的部分场电位幅度大大超过原先记录的对照值,并可持续几小时,几天。这一现象称为长时程增强效应(LTP)。 图16-3-18 LTP的发现 LTP定义:给突触前纤维一个短暂的高频刺激后,突触传递效率和强度增加几倍且能持续数小时至几天保持这种增强的现象。 图16-3-19 LTP和LTD 图16-3-19所示,依赖与活动而改变突触传递效率的方式大致有5种: 2、同突触长时程增强,强的突触输入作用后,在同一突触输入通路上产生长时程的突触传递效率的增强, 3、联合型突触长时程增强,弱的和强的突触输入协同作用后,在弱的突触输入通路上产生长时程的突触传递效率的增强 B、异突触长时程增强,强的突触输入作用后,可诱导产生弱的突触输入通路上突触传递效率的增强, C、异突触长时程压抑LTD,强的突触输入作用后,引起弱的突触输入通路上突触传递效率的压抑, D、同突触长时程压抑LTD,弱的突触输入作用后,在同一突触输入通路上突触传递效率的压抑。 A Zen Master Responds to Hate Mail By Maria Popova Although the internet may have originated the notion of trolling as an act of aggression, the undergirding human impulse is an ancient one. Its pervasive manifestations drove Kierkegaard to ponder the psychological underpinnings of trolling and Benjamin Franklin to devise a brilliant strategy for handling haters. Among the many sympathetic and illuminating letters collected in Dropping Ashes on the Buddha: The Teachings of Zen Master Seung Sahn (public library) — the same 1976 gem in which Soen-sa explained death to a child — is his fantastic response to what modern language might describe as desperate hate mail from an ambivalent troll. In March of 1975, Soen-sa received a series of letters from a student, expressing a great deal of confusion about the “don’t-know mind” aspect of Zen practice, demanding various clarifications, and ending thusly: Please answer me soon, but you probably won’t, huh? You say that you are confused.

PLoS Biology : Publishing science, accelerating research A Peer-Reviewed, Open Access Journal Current Issue PLOS Biology is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal featuring research articles of exceptional significance in all areas of biological science, from molecules to ecosystems. Mixed Signals: Why People Misunderstand Each Other In her new book No One Understands You and What To Do About It, Heidi Grant Halvorson tells readers a story about her friend, Tim. When Tim started a new job as a manager, one of his top priorities was communicating to his team that he valued each member’s input. So at team meetings, as each member spoke up about whatever project they were working on, Tim made sure he put on his “active-listening face” to signal that he cared about what each person was saying. But after meeting with him a few times, Tim’s team got a very different message from the one he intended to send. “After a few weeks of meetings,” Halvorson explains, “one team member finally summoned up the courage to ask him the question that had been on everyone’s mind.” One person may think, for example, that by offering help to a colleague, she is coming across as generous. These kinds of misunderstandings lead to conflict and resentment not just at work, but at home too. One study hints at an answer.

EBOOKEE Presentation: The Power of Loyalty in Social Media | Strategic Public Relations Articles on web writing - 4 Syllables Do you know how to make your social media posts accessible? In this article, we discuss ways to reduce accessibility barriers when writing posts, sharing links, and posting images and video. If you’re writing for the web, you’re writing for responsive design. Long descriptions are text alternatives for complex or detailed images. In this article, we look at the role of long descriptions for images, why you need them, and how to implement them. One of the great things about the Internet is the range of tools and information now available—often for free. Want clean, healthy web content? Many organisations are stuck on PDFs. Global Accessibility Awareness Day aims to get people talking, thinking and learning about digital accessibility. Accessibility guidelines require us to use ‘purely decorative’ images in ways that let assistive technologies ignore them. Washing machines come in two basic types: top-loaders and front-loaders.