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Showing, Not Telling: Prezi & Omeka [This is a guest post by Caro Pinto, the John Hay Whitney Family Papers Processing Archivist at Yale University Library. Follow her on Twitter at @caropinto.--@jbj]An Archivist Walks into a Classroom… 8 Tips to Power-Up Your Classroom Presentations Last month, I attended a Back to School Night for parents, sitting through presentation after presentation by teachers, some with slides that helped make their presentation a delight to listen to, and others . . . well, that's why I'm writing this blog post. The goal of a classroom presentation is to aid you in effectively conveying information in a way that allows students (or their parents) to remember what you said. Unfortunately, for some, the presentation becomes a crutch, and they begin to rely on the slides to tell their story, rather than to help them tell the story.

IMIS 2015: The 9th International Conference on Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing July 8-th to July 10-th, 2015, Regional University of Blumenau (FURB), Blumenau, Brazil in conjunction with CISIS 2015 International Conference The Ninth International Conference on Innovative Mobile and Internet Services in Ubiquitous Computing (IMIS-2015) Overview With the proliferation of wireless technologies and electronic devices, there is a fast growing interest in Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing (UPC). Delta Trading Group - Trading Schools.Org Delta Trading Group HonestyQualityCostSupportVerified TradesUser Experience Summary

How to Perform Downward Facing Dog in Yoga: 8 Steps Edit Article Two Methods:From a standing positionFrom a kneeling position In yoga, the "downward facing dog", or "adho mukha svanasana", is a handstand, forward bend and inversion pose. You can do the pose alone or as part of a sun salutation series. The ultimate guide to Prezi Update: the Prezi itself, below, was updated in May 2013 with some more tips, examples, FAQs, and also to cover the new Prezi interface. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, so here we go: a complete guide to the presentation software Prezi, from what it is and why to use it right up to advanced techniques for making your presentation absolutely killer. Works best on full-screen, as ever.

3 Simple Tools to Create Quote Posters for Your Class May 29, 2015 Below are three of our favourite web tools for creating picture quotes. You can use these tools with your students to create beautiful quote posters for your class. These picture quotes can be used as warm-up activities or entry events to project based learning. They could also serve as prompts to brainstorm ideas around a given topic or as educational posters to embellish your classroom walls with nuggets of wisdom. 1- PixTeller

CISIS 2015: The 9th International Conference on Complex, Intelligent, and Software Intensive Systems Aim & Scope The aim of the conference is to deliver a platform of scientific interaction between three interwoven challenging areas of research and development of future ICT-enabled applications: Software Intensive Systems, Complex systems, Intelligent Systems. CISIS-2015 is aiming at delivering a forum for in-depth scientific discussions amongst the three communities leading to significant contributions in areas such as: Monitoring and Control of Large Systems or Environments. Managing the Heterogeneity of Knowledge by Means of Ontologies Use of Service Oriented Architectures for Complex Applications in Business and Industries Consideration of Software Intensive Systems as Complex Systems Enabling of Systems Biology Concepts as Software Intensive Complex Systems Knowledge Management of Complex IT-systems Pervasive, Ubiquitous, Ad Hoc and Mobile Systems Heterogeneous NetworkingSocially Inspired Complex Systems Complex Systems and Dependability Usability of Complex Systems Important Dates

Learn to Trade Options with Paul Forchione and PFGBEST 3 sections (over 25 hours) of Paul's recorded educational webinars. Section 1) Vital Options Concepts Section 2) Market-Specific Spread Trading Section 3) Delta Neutral Trading Running time is 61 minutes. Acharya Shree Yogeesh Free Training: Inspiration: Inspiration: How to Love Yourself Every week Acharya Shree Yogeesh will share with you a new 2 minute video giving you guidance, inspiration, motivation and truth for your path.

Prezi For Dummies Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet Use Prezi to add drama and sophistication to all your presentations. Prezi is an online application that takes the place of tired slideshows. Adobe Slate- A Great App for Creating Beautiful Visual Stories with Students August 8, 2015 Adobe Slate is an excellent free iPad app for students to use in digital storytelling.The app allows you to animate and bring to life any type of document and turn it into a beautiful visual story. Adobe Slate offers a wide range of interesting features that make it easy for students to design appealing stories without the need for any design knowledge. Some of the things Adobe Slate offers include: professionally designed lay-outs, beautiful magazine-like themes, multiple fonts and colours, call-to-action buttons and many more.

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