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The ultimate guide to Prezi

The ultimate guide to Prezi
Update: the Prezi itself, below, was updated in May 2013 with some more tips, examples, FAQs, and also to cover the new Prezi interface. I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, so here we go: a complete guide to the presentation software Prezi, from what it is and why to use it right up to advanced techniques for making your presentation absolutely killer. Works best on full-screen, as ever. I created this for a workshop next week in the library, so I was going to launch it then – but Prezi themselves have started promoting it via their Facebook presence and on their Explore page. (You should really check out the Explore page, some of the Prezis on there are amazing!) I created a hand-out for the workshop, which features screen-grabs of the nuts-and-bolts instructions on how to use Prezi, plus this basic overview for those completely new to it: The basics The basic principle of Prezi is to put objects on the canvas and link them together with a ‘path’. Related:  PreziPrezi

6 useful things Prezi can do (which even experienced users miss) I keep discovering new things about the presentation software Prezi. Asking around, it seems lots of other users didn’t know about some or all of these either, so with that in mind I thought I’d draw your attention to 6 useful things. Got any more? Leave them in a comment… 1. Upgrade to the educational licence for free if you are a student or work for a University All you need to do is go to Upgrade on the Prezi site, and stick in your university email address (.edu or etc). Free, useful, but many don’t find it 2. This is completely brilliant. By pressing shift before drawing a frame, it keeps a perfect 4:3 aspect ratio as you draw it – moving the mouse simply increases or decreases the size, but the shape stays the same. All of the frames you see here are drawn using this technique – click the pic to go to the actual Prezi and see how it works for the viewer 3. It’s not ‘Save a copy’ as you might expect; it’s ‘Download’ 4. 5. 6. Lots of colours to play with

Showing, Not Telling: Prezi & Omeka [This is a guest post by Caro Pinto, the John Hay Whitney Family Papers Processing Archivist at Yale University Library. Follow her on Twitter at @caropinto.--@jbj]An Archivist Walks into a Classroom… Many archivists spend their professional lives working in basements preparing diaries, letters, and photographs for use by students and faculty. Indeed, arrangement and description of such materials represents the bulk of my work as an archivist, but I also spend time in classrooms teaching students how to discover and evaluate all kinds of information. And why not? Since finishing graduate school with a degree in library science and and a powerful aversion to PowerPoint, I’ve hunted for an alternative demonstration tool and found it with Prezi. Teaching students about primary sources is a hallmark of history instruction. Simply projecting a database onto a screen and then praising its capacity to discover and locate primary sources isn’t enough to engage students. Return to Top

Sign up! : Nozbe - getting things done gtd software task manager and to-do list for project management and time tracking. Now on Apple iPhone and Mobile Phone! All plans include unlimited projects. We also offer a completely free plan with up to 5 projects. "Impressed: The more I use Nozbe, the more I am impressed. Do you really give a long 2-month (60-day) money-back guarantee? Yes we do. Do you accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and PayPal? Yes, yes, yes and yes. What happens if I change my mind and upgrade to a higher plan? That's great! Do you seriously give unlimited everything? Yes we do. I'm from Europe, will I be charged the Value Added Tax? The prices in EUR and GBP already include the VAT (Value Added Tax) of our country of incorporation. "Priority item in my budget: I love Nozbe!

Breathe New Life Into Your PowerPoint Slides With Dozens Of Exciting Free Tools & Resources A wealth of free resources that can help you jazz up those tired old (or new) lesson slides and presentations. Thanks to a preponderance of boring content, PowerPoint has earned an undeserved bad name. It has become an all-too-easy target for bashing in today’s web media. At the same time, we’ve all seen PowerPoint presentations that made us stop and think, “wow – that’s pretty cool, how’d they do that?” Following are a number of ideas and free resources that can help you add fun and pizzazz to your PowerPoint slide presentations by incorporating engaging visual and audio elements. {*style:<b>Add Animations </b>*}PowerPoint includes easy tools that make it a snap to add exciting visual elements to your slides using automated animations. This tutorial from Online Tech Tips explains how to create slide transition automations using easy pre-configured tools in PowerPoint. You can really kick it up a notch by creating your own custom animations, which is easier than you might think.

ideas about information Update, May 2013: I’ve re-updated a newer guide to Prezi, actually in Prezi itself: See also: 6 useful things Prezi can which even experienced users miss The ten tips of the title are near the top of this post – it’s quite long, so don’t worry about reading the examples bit if you just want the nuts and bolts. [Update: I've also created a slide-deck which acts as a simpler version of this post - you can read and view it here. I’ve created or had a hand in creating three Prezis that have made it into the public arena (plus some previous attempts that I’ve deleted). Incidentally, if this top 10 tips had to be just a top 1, it would be: a good Prezi is a balance between exploiting the capabilities of the medium, and ensuring these capabilities don’t become and end in themselves. Ten Top Tips Create your structure first, fill in the details afterwards. Example one is the first one I ever did – for this blog post on tomorrow’s information professionals. So what’s bad about this?

Prezi For Dummies Cheat Sheet Cheat Sheet Use Prezi to add drama and sophistication to all your presentations. Prezi is an online application that takes the place of tired slideshows. You get to use your creativity and work with a variety of different media formats. But first, discover Prezi shortcuts, set up paths, and how to navigate its main menu. Navigating the Prezi Bubble Menu The main Prezi interface is called the Bubble Menu, which consists of five main items. Quick Keyboard Shortcuts for Prezi Using Prezi presentation software isn't difficult, and its keyboard shortcuts save some time. Handy Shortcuts in Prezi's Show Mode Prezi has two different modes of operation: Edit Mode, in which you create your presentation, and Show Mode, in which you present your creations. Media Formats to Use with Prezi With Prezi, you have the opportunity to include a variety of media that to make your presentations really stand out from the usual boring slide shows. How to Use the Prezi Path Tool

How to setup an Email alert when somebody has logged into your server as root | SSH Tutorials It is suggested to set an email alert when somebody gets logged into your server via. SSH/root. You need to make amendments to the .bashrc that is available under the ‘/root’ partition. This file is a hidden, therefore you must use the -a flag with ls command to view all the hidden files. Then add the below code to the bottom of the existing code : echo ‘SSH Root Access (Your Server Name) on:’ `date` `who` | mail -s “ALERT: Root Access from `who | cut -d”(” -f2 | cut -d”)” -f1`” Then save and exit. NOTE: We suggest you : Not to enable root logins over SSH.Also, it is useful to use an email address which isn’t hosted on the same server from which the notifications would be sent.This procedure is suitable only for those customers who have an SSH access ie. with VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Hosting Servers. You must re-check if the modifications are working fine.

Lissa Explains it All -- HTML Help and Tutorial for Kids 5 easy ways to create fabulous slides Presentations, eh? We pretty much all have to do them now – and we certainly all have to watch them at some time or other. So let’s all make nice ones, and collectively save ourselves from death by Powerpoint. Creating decent slide-decks is actually very straightforward. The deck above details five methods, in order of easyness: The simple colours method (easiest)The one background, many colours methodThe two-tone-texture methodThe found-flickr methodThe augmented white slide method (trickiest). On a closely related note, here’s a quick reminder not to break the basic rules of presenting, which Slideshare featured on their homepage a while back: Other guides (including Prezi presentation software) available here: Good luck creating fabulous slides! - thewikiman

Prezi - Web 2.0 Tools - New Possibilities for Teaching and Learning - Confluence The Beginnings Peter Arvai Founder, CEO Peter Halacsy Founder, Head of Product Adam Somlai-Fischer Founder, Head of Design CTO, Co-Founder Peter Halacsy is currently the assistant professor at the new media department of Budapest University of Technology. Prior to the university Peter was the lead developer of, Hungary's largest Internet Company. Lead Designer, Co- Founder Adam Somlai-Fischer is an architect and creative designer with interests in new technologies. Founded in 2008 Peter and Adam launched this beta application as part of Zui Labs, LTD. Current CEO Peter Arvai arrives to Zui Labs (October 2008) after having helped several start-ups launch on an international scale. (Headquarters is in Hungary and is a privately held business with eight employees.) Why Was it Developed? Peter Halacsy and Adam Somlai-Fischer had been lecturing together extensively, and were frustrated with the limitations of presentation tools. Their Values We Help People Share Ideas We Encourage Beauty Uses

How to use Prezi really well I’m loving using slides to disseminate stuff at the moment, so I’ve re-written and updated my Prezi FTW post and produced a new top ten tips on creating a great presentation with the online zooming software. Also, I used it as an opportunity to really really hard with the slide-deck and experiment with a slightly different style. (And put in a little bit of library pride on the final couple of slides.) edit: since these slides were created, Prezi has improved some features and made some changes – including a Theme Editor. This means point 2, about choosing your colour scheme early and the fonts / colours not being mix-and-matchable, is no longer quite as true… Since the original Prezi FTW guide I’ve used Prezi in a new way. Here is the interactive library map I created for the New Professionals Information Days: Everything you need to know about technology and working in libraries on Prezi In Edit view the Prezi looks like this: I think this has loads of potential. - thewikiman

10 Tips to Help Master Prezi Last week, I spent two days teaching Prezi at the Langley Center for New Media. As the event came to a close, a few attendees asked if I could sum up more than 16 hours of teaching in a top 10 list. Well, here’s my first stab at 10 tips that should help you become a better Prezi presenter and publisher. 1. Import assets (like screenshots) at the resolution you plan to present at, otherwise your imported assets will look awful. 2. While we’re talking about the correct presentation resolution, it’s important to remember that Prezi is designed to help you easily present at 1024 × 768. 3. Working efficiently in Prezi, like many software suites, completely hinges on using the keyboard shortcuts. 4. When I set out to create a presentation, I think in 10-minute frames. 5. While I’m constructing my presentation (constantly adding elements and trying to work through the story and element organization), I work across a widely separated landscape. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 100 more hints