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Colette Patterns

Colette Patterns

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Free Pattern Month Day 24 - Colette Patterns: Sorbetto Tank Top I discovered Sarai's website through her adorable FREE bloomer pattern which I've used frequently. Their style is very sophisticated and their dress patterns are unique. I especially love the fabrics they use in their variations and their fun photoshoots! Colette Patterns has some great professional pieces available to purchase.

Lazy Seamstress: Skirtember I love skirts,and dresses. I only own one pair of jeans and a pair of running trousers, so wear skirts and dresses most days. I find them so much more practical than soggy hems after school runs in the rain for one thing.So when I heard about Skirtember I knew I was going to have to join in,(though not on facebook, my piccies are on flickr) and so far I've had fun. I do wear skirts every day, but it's nice to think a little bit more about what I'm going to wear each day and maybe even to push myself out of my comfort zone a little too. I would say these instructions are probably suitable for someone who has a little sewing experience, but if you get stuck mail me, and I'll try my best to help you out.I should point out that this method is not exactly the "correct" method, but it works well for me, and rules are there to be broken anyway!

Zippered Dopp Kit There is beauty in the basic. Take this Zippered Dopp Kit. It is just a no-nonsense sturdy space to stash your travel toiletries, but there is something lovely in its utter simplicity. And in heavy-duty cotton canvas with a chunky plastic zipper, not only is my Dopp Kit spare and elegant, it’s strong and resilient as well! ROBE So this past week was pretty bad blog-wise, my blog and website got attacked with malware. My feed was having issues and subscribers seemed to banish. Happily most of it is fixed now and I am happy to be able to blog again (I didn’t wanted to post anything until I was 100% sure the malware was completely cleaned) And if you saw my site down, that was the reason =] I had this post saved from weeks! so finally here it is! A few weeks a go I showed you all how this dress turn out (I previously asked for color advice) and it’s finally time for a tutorial so you can also try it out! To make this dress I used Ken’s old sleeveless T-shirts and some fabric leftovers from a project I did years a go – Actually I was researching if those kind of shirts had a special name here because in Chile they are call “musculosas” because guys wear them to showoff their arms.

Wiki how - sewing machine Edit Article Learning the Parts of a Sewing MachineSetting Up your Sewing MachineSewing With Your Machine Edited by Yolanda Boyle, Syndi B, Patricia Zeve, Amanda and 47 others Sewing machines can look frighteningly complex to those of us who don't know how to use them.

Free Pattern Month Day 8 - Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing: Half Slip Pattern Please give a warm welcome to today's guest, Gretchen, from Gertie's New Blog for Better Sewing.(Today's featured pattern after intro) I found Gretchen's blog after a fellow blogger recommended it to me. But I've also seen her via Burdastyle as one of their very prolific members! Her blog began in a sort of Julie & Julia style. NOTHING TOO FANCY: Finally! Oui, oui oui il est enfin là! Yes, yes, yes it’s finally here – how to make your very own Paris skirt in any size! I know it has taken awhile but here it is. How to: Drawstring Produce Bags You’re not still using those flimsy plastic produce bags at the grocery store are you? You are? Well, let’s just fix that right now, shall we? If you have a sewing machine and can sew a straight seam, you can make these. Of course, even if you don’t have a sewing machine, technically you could make these with a needle and thread, but that might be a little more effort than you’re willing to put out.

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