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Making your own medieval dress pins. Dress pins are a must have for the person wearing veils and wimples and so.

making your own medieval dress pins

But they are surprisingly expensive for what they are. I do understand why but still, I am a student and sometimes it is hard on the wallet to pay around four to five Euro for one single dress pin. A metal working friend of mine said “well do them yourself, they are really not that hard to make”. But I did not really believe her, nothing is hard when you already have the skills of the material. But when cleaning my worktable I found a piece of silver wire I bought a few year ago to wire wrap some jewellery and I thought that I can try it anyway. But really, they ARE NOT that hard to make. A popular type of pin heads are the wire wrap and there are a lot of extant medieval pins found with this type of heads.

I started with a piece of wire, it is quite soft at the moment but don’t worry, we will harden it later. Using a round nose pliers I started to make the wire wrap. Keep twisting the loose tail around. Like this: Period Patterns - 23 Periode 1340 - 1420 na Chr - 5 cotehardies en 3 hoeden. Historical Rosary and Paternoster Beads. Reconstructing History's 14th century kirtle or cotehardie pattern for a Medieval dress. NP Historical Shoes. 15.century Century: 15.century Material: Veg tanned leather 2mm, soling leather 6mm Note: Decoration taken from London excavations Code: Price: Basic handstiched turnshoe from £250 Basic cemented shoe with handstiched upper from £180 Pull-strap shoes 14-15.century 14th century, Finding from excavation in Dordrecht, Netherlands Basic handstiched turnshoe from £220 Basic cemented shoe with handstiched upper from £170 Poulains 14th - 15th century Veg tanned leather 1.6mm, soling 6mm Decoration: fully covered with brocate,edging Handstiched turnshoe from £220 + £5 per inch of the toe cemented shoe with handstiched upper from £180 + £2 per inch of the toe (Pattens excl. – see separate section) 15th century boots 15th century Veg tanned 2.5mm upper, 6mm sole,completely handstitched and turned.

NP Historical Shoes

La joieuse aguille - Portail.

O_O tu ne t'arrêtes donc jamais ! Salut Amélie ^^ – chekmako

Tutorial: Leather water bottle. Cutting and sewing. Raspberry Wool Cotehardie and Green Hood - Collage by Arasiyris on deviantART. 1330 AD Cotehardie. Chemise of unbleached cotton with long tight fitting sleeves.

1330 AD Cotehardie

The cotehardie is a well fitting one-piece dress with flaring skirt and long tight sleeves, which reach to the knuckles. The dress fastens down the back. The neckline is wide and low. Sleeves have tippets that hang to the ankles attached to the upper arm. Hair is parted in the center and divided into two plaits that are wound around the ear. The head covering is of cauls over side rolls of hair. Shoes are of the turn-shoe style and are fastened by lacings. Accessories consist of a wide, ornate girdle worn at hip level. Jewelry consists of rings and earrings. This was an era of prosperity and luxurious living. The chemise had the same style neck and sleeves as the cotehardie. The under tunic was a well-fitted one-piece dress with a flaring skirt and long, tight sleeves which reached to the knuckles. Much attention was paid to the hair. Footwear was the soft-shoe, which lengthened even more. Return to Top of Page Step 1 Step 2. NP Historical Shoes.

Katarina et Juraj conçoivent et réalisent à la main et d'après des sources archéologiques, chaussures et accessoires historiquement compatibles.

NP Historical Shoes

Nous utilisons pour cela des cuirs naturels et respectons les techniques ancestrales. Pour aller encore plus loin dans l'authenticité, nous recréons dans notre petit atelier la vie d'un cordonnier du XVe siècle dans ses moindres détails. Chaussez l'histoire avec nous… 20th, March 2013 Events 2013 We are completing our event calendar for 2013. Facebook You can find us on facebook and write somethng nice :) 30th, November -0001 Silver Award We are Silver Award winner in Craft & Design Selected Awards 2011 in category Specialist Media.