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Coudre Like My Mom July 28, 2010 I’m so excited to post about this! When I met Dana, I fell in love with the skirt she was wearing. Free Pattern Month Day 9 - Sewing in No Man's Land: Toddler's Bali Bliss Cami and Shorts I am beyond thrilled to have Kelly from Sewing in No Man's Land here today. She made the cutest little outfit pattern to share with all of you with little toddlers of your own!(Today's featured pattern after intro)I discovered Kelly's blog after she had been featured as a guest poster on another sewing blog I follow. And after perusing her site I immediately added her feed to my reader! Kelly is a girl after my own heart.

Repurposed Hardcover Book to Notebook Tutorial I’ve told you before I’m a bit obsessed with books. I love all books where I intend to read them or not. A local library has a huge book sale every year where you can pick up a grocery bag of books for $3! So at the last sale I picked up a big stack of hard cover books to be repurposed. Don’t worry, I’m not destroying literary classics, and I use all parts of the book so nothing is wasted.

Re-purposing: Tshirts into 5-strand-braided-headbands I was walking through Target a few weeks ago and noticed this little knit fabric headband that was not just braided together…….but woven. I decided they were charging way too much for something that could be made with t-shirt scraps. And that means free. So there you have it. A nice and easy project to give my bad-hair-day head some love. (Or you may need one for working out. “Because you’re foreign…” Western, White and English privilege in Korea *Note: This post chronicles my own experiences with privilege in Korea as a White, American female. I am NOT speaking for all White people, females, Americans, Westerners or even Koreans. Even Hans, the German office worker, is given special treatment in my Korean textbook–full-body shot, front and center, standing next to Mina, the Korean girl on the bench. I nervously sat among my classmates in a holography class at the Korea National University of Arts in February 2009. A few days earlier, I’d flown to Korea to begin my semester as an exchange student.

TUTORIALS Click an image below for step-by-step instructions and easy sewing projects. Don’t worry…we won’t leave you hanging! We’ve got all the nitty gritty details. The Idea Room: Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls *Update–Many of you have had questions about how to “twist” the paper. I have made a quick video showing you how. You can find the video for how to make tissue flowers here: How to Make Tissue Flowers Video Thanks everyone for all your sweet comments about my last Valentine’s day project…the “Be Mine” Framed Art. Almond Roca Recipe Almond Roca I’ve been a busy little candy maker lately, anticipating the desire for holiday gifting. So far, I’ve made truffles, peanut brittle, fudge and this Almond Roca. The almond roca is my favorite. My TOTAL favorite.

Couture This week I tackled a sewing project that truly scared me. A kind friend who is done having kids gave me her new-ish infant car seat. I am so glad I didn't have to buy one, but the old one was a little boyish: And a little boring. Hanging String Balls Whattya need? BalloonStringScissorsGlueJar How do I make glue string balls? Step 1: Hang inflated balloon from ceiling. Step 2: Put string and glue in the jar with a hole in the lid. Next, pull string from hole while wrapping around the balloon.

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