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How to Write Magnetic Headlines

How to Write Magnetic Headlines

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The Reading Agency The more we know about the impact that reading has on people's lives, and how it's changing, the better we can focus our actions. We need to understand readers better - why, what and how they read and what's standing in the way of reading more and differently. Our research programme allows us to pull together all the evidence and rich first-hand information we have from our work with readers. We then use this to inform debate and discussion about readers and reading. If you would like to talk to us about being a research partner, or would like more information on our research work, please contact our Director of Research Debbie Hicks.

How Do You Follow A Blog with Google Friend Connect? How do you follow the blogs that you love? Do you do it via facebook, twitter, or on a blog roll? Or maybe by RSS and a reader. [I wrote about What RSS Is >> HERE] There are tons of different ways to follow a blog but today I am going to write about “following” via Google Friend Connect. A mini tutorial. See that box on the sidebar that says “Join This Site” >>>

Are You Struggling To Make Money Online? So many people I know and talk to on Facebook are struggling to make money online, are you one of them too? Perhaps you are struggling because of technical things, or you are having trouble focusing on what it is you want to accomplish, after all just the desire to want to make money online isn’t enough to get you there. It is a start, though without a clear cut idea about what it is you wish to accomplish you may find yourself floundering around trying different things to get there.

untitled Note from Caleb: A few weeks back I got an email from a reader of Think Traffic that said, “I launched a new blog one month ago, started out with a specific growth strategy in mind, and got over 50k visitors in the first month.” You could say he piqued my interest a bit. That reader was Peep Laja of ConversionXL. He used a simple formula to attract visits to his site and used a launch plan instead of just “getting it out there”. Read on to find out why he spent eight hours on each post and how he was able to get over 40,000 uniques to his site in month number one. Take it away Peep. 5 Tips for Creating an Online Survey This post originally appeared on the American Express OPEN Forum, where Mashable regularly contributes articles about leveraging social media and technology in small business. Would you be willing to take a brief survey after this call? What’s your zip code? How did you hear about us? Each of these questions probably sounds familiar to you. We’ve all heard them when stuck on the phone with the cable company, or checking out at The Gap, or signing up for a newsletter.

Blogging Strategies: Quality Content *Disclaimer: All of my thoughts and advice are merely things I have personally learned from blogging and strategies that I’ve used to get to this point. Welcome back to my Blogging Series! New around these parts? Original Content Your Website - Curate - Spin - Write It Yeah, yeah, I know, Google loves original content and everyone is in a tizzy about making sure it is your very own stuff that is being put out in the ether world. When you take a closer look at what constitutes original content on the web you might be surprised to find out that most of the information that ranks high on Google (and other search engines) is not necessarily totally original information. Most information, and certainly almost all “news” information is either a curated effort, or spun from other sources, like the AP for instance.

How To Write Award Winning Blog Headlines I remember when I was putting together the Blog Mastermind course four years ago, writing lessons on how to produce powerful blog content. I felt very confident teaching this area except for one topic – how to come up with effective blog headlines – which I felt deserved an entire course in and of itself. The headline is the first part of your blog article that a person reads, which acts as the gatekeeper, fully responsible for whether the visitor continues on and reads the entire article, or at least scans it, or scurries off looking for more entertaining subject matter.

How To Add A Pinterest Board in a Blog Post I have been a contributor on the SNAP! blog for over 2 years now. Each month I share a new blogging tip or tutorial. Several months ago I shared a tutorial on how to add a pinterest board in a blog post. I want to share it again with you here today because it is AWESOME! If you’ve noticed, lately I have been adding a pinterst board at the bottom of my posts. How to Make A Blog On Tumblr Tumblr is a social media site that doesn’t really seem to get its share of fame in my opinion. Having played around with the site for a few years it wasn’t until several months ago that I actually started to try to understand all of its wonderful features! Make A Blog On Tumblr You can use the Tumblr news feed to build backlinks for your pictures, articles and videos but the real power comes from the ability to make a blog on Tumblr. Tumblr, unlike Blogger allows you to make a menu, add a header, customize your site and then autopost to the blog so that you always have fresh content.

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