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Copywriting 101: An Introduction to Effective Copy

Copywriting 101: An Introduction to Effective Copy

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Su guía para 11 tipos de páginas blog de WordPress - El diseñador de libros The idea of an author blog is pretty simple, really. As most authors understand it, they write articles around the same topics that are central to their books, market their blogs to people who are interested in those topics, and slowly build an audience, a readership and, hopefully, their writing career. All this activity arises from the basic unit of blogging—the blog post. As you blog, each post is stamped with the date it was published, and takes its place in reverse chronological order in your stack of posts. Your posts might also be available through category or tag searches, or in response to specific searches typed into a search box.

What is SEO and Why are English Graduates Perfect for the Job? By: Derek Hobson What is SEO? – Literally Speaking – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, so an SEO’s job is to make a website “optimized” so that it will appear in the “Search Engine” when someone types in a relevant Keyword. What is a Search Engine? A Search Engine is usually your home page, i.e. 10 Elements of a Compelling Story Sundeep Kapur | February 9, 2012 | 1 Comment inShare51 Keep your consumers engaged by telling a compelling story so you can build and thrive on engagement. Social media is about creating engagement.

Guide for Writers: Latin Phrases It’s a matter of taste and style, but not long ago American writers attempted to demonstrate their credentials to the world by including Latin and French phrases within works. A dash of Latin was expected of the moderately educated throughout the Western world. annus mirabilis - wonderful year arbiter elegantiae - judge of the elegant; one who knows the good things in life bona fides - good faith; credentials Great resources - Laura E. Kelly These resources were originally collected for writers, but apply to anyone looking for social media help. Look for below to see the latest great resources. Why to get on the Social Media bandwagon • Maintaining Your Writing Career (cuz if you don’t do it, who will?) by Andrew Zack, President, The Zack Company, Inc., and Author Coach

How To Write Your Own Website By Jackie Barrie, Copywriter, Trainer & Author at Comms Plus These days, more and more businesses have a Content Management System (CMS) website, or use a blogging tool such as Wordpress to build their own. Quite right too. Why should you have to pay a web professional every time you want to update something? But if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might be losing custom. Here are my top tips for effective web content. Expressions & Sayings Index If you prefer to go directly to the meaning and origin of a specific expression, click on its relevant entry in the alphabetical list below. Use this alphabet to speed up your search: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Audiobooks and the Return of Storytelling Photo STANFORD, Calif. — THE ferns under my oak trees evoke moments from “The Great Gatsby” for me. I read the book many years ago, but I listened to it last summer while planting 50 polypodium californicas and 50 festuca idahoensis in the dappled light beneath my oaks. Now, when I look at them, I think about that last awful accident, the yellow Rolls-Royce screaming past the repair shop, and what F. Increase Online Sales With The Product Context Method There are triggers that persuade people to buy… …and when you know how to activate them, it can be the difference between making or losing the sale. Today, I’m going to tell you about one of my favorite buying triggers. Is $5 Always Worth $5? The short answer is, no. Back in the 1980s, two researchers, the nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, stumbled on this fascinating facet of human buying behavior:

Syllables, Scrabble Letters, and Picking Brand Names - Rich Barton The Completely Ownable, “Made-Up” Consumer Brand Wins Long Term I wrote this as a private email in 2006 and just refreshed for the blog “Should we call our site something literal or should we make up a new word?” This is a question I often get asked by consumer product/service entrepreneurs. In light of Microsoft’s re-launch of Microsoft MSN Live Search as “Bing”, I thought it timely to re-fresh some old thoughts I’ve had about naming, words, and branding. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I believe it is much more powerful long-term to make up a new word (e.g., Expedia, Zillow, or recently Glassdoor, 3 words that my teams have created) than it is to use a literal word (e.g.,,, or

500 Storyboard Tutorials & Resources Once the script is written – how do you effective communicate the visual direction of your film? The answer is storyboards – essentially a scene-by-scene visual guide to the screenplay of the film. Storyboards are a vital part of the pre-visualization process, as well as being an important tool for preproduction and on the set. Developed in the 1930s by Walt Disney company for their animated cartoons, they grew in popularity during the early 40s. How to Increase Online Customer Loyalty You know the facts. Increasing customer loyalty… yields big profits over the long haulcreates raving fans that promote your products for freeis cheaper than finding new customers But the question remains. How can you increase customer loyalty online?