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100 (Really) Creative Business Cards

100 (Really) Creative Business Cards
Whichever business you’re in, and especially for anyone in the field of design, such as web designers, a business card can be as important as your website identity. A business card creates a physical connection and bond between you or your business and your customers. Just like in a website, business cards can become great interactive elements, but with the added ability to have real textures, different materials and shapes. In this article, we’ll take a look at 100 truly outstanding business card designs which show that there are truly no limits to the design of a business card. Which ones are your favorites? How important is a business card for you?

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A bit of green Searching for vertical garden examples, I stumbled upon those plans for a free standing hydroponic plant wall. It’s a proposal for a botanical garden or a public space, that consists of three large curved walls, free standing, with over than 11.000 plants on the sides of the walls. The plans were made by Peter Kastan, the co-writer of the blog Jungle Walls. Cool business card designs Pause Home Entertainment's iPhone speaker card. Kol Kid Crayon Business Cards you can draw with. Tattoo Business Card. Adrian Tan, Lighting Designer's Light Card. Tennis Academy's business card. FedEx card that looks like an envelope.

Watercolor Crayon Shavings Watercolor crayons are a great medium for kids to play with and they are very versatile. When I was going through our art supplies I came across a set of secondhand watercolors that I was given while I was in art school. Needless to say they are very dried out and don’t work like the newer variety. I love this simple Watercolor Crayon Shavings project. So we decided to try a little experiment since they no longer worked how they were designed to and I LOVE the results.

Yuki Matsueda ‘While most designers are busying adding more and more elements into their artworks, Japan-based Yuki Matsueda has, however, managed to let some elements escape from his art pieces. The result seems quite amazing… A vivid 3D image is successfully created and all the elements are believed to be more shocking than those stay still on paper.’

5min - Find the best how to, instructional and DIY videos – Life Videopedia Up next 1:16 0:59 1:09 0:51 3:28 0:49 2:37 0:43 1:02 0:53 0:38 Caption Languages English Background Transparency Businessman sets up rice ATMs to give free rice to those struggling amid the pandemic 36 Cool Business Cards You Should’ve Seen at DzineBlog Learn how to earn $125 or more per hour as a freelancer - Click Here Looking for hosting?. We recommend MediaTemple for web hosting. Photoshop CS5 Brushes 1 Votes Smoke Brushes Set 1 The Brushes here are made by me for Photoshop. *they may not work with older versions of Photoshop they were made with Photoshop CS* They are free to use, just give me credit for making them in the description of your picture. Do not claim them as your own, or redistribute them.

82 Clever and Creative Fred & Friends Products I'm sure you've come across Fred & Friend products before at your local indie store and might not have even known it. Last weekend I was cruising around town and stopped at an indie store only to find one whole corner of the place dedicated to Fred & Friend products. It was heavenly.

Desktop Terrarium with Night Light Almost every Steampunker has the same problem, to finance all the big projects in your head you must sit many hours on your desk to earn the money. Often the office is dismal and grey. This is quietly no place for an awesome mind. 19 Vintage Advertisements That Wouldn’t Make Today’s Cut They say time heals all wounds, which is obviously apparent when you take a gander at some of these doozies from the past. Before anybody knew what a lawsuit was, these types of custom print advertisements were a part of many major company marketing platforms. Just be sure you don’t add them to your next brochure printing order.

2n3055 flyback transformer driver for beginners Intro: This instructable will show you how to make a cheap and simple driver circuit in order to get high voltage arcs out of a component called a flyback transformer. A flyback transformer, sometimes called a line output transformer are used in older CRT TV's and computer monitors to produce the high voltage needed to power the CRT and electron gun. They also have other auxiliary windings built into them that the TV manufacturers use to power other parts of the TV, so they are usually customised by the manufacturers. 5 Reasons to Buy A Premium WordPress Theme  To celebrate the upcoming launch of Travel Blog Success, a new membership site and community dedicated to travel bloggers, I will be sharing a few of my recent revelations to help you build a better travel blog. Premium Gazette Theme Our travel blogs are our digital homes on the web. And their design and content reflects upon us as a resume reflects upon a job candidate. And if you’ve ever worked in management or human resources, then you know how little time it takes to size up a resume.

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