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Prologue Films // Godzilla: Final Wars. The Opening Titles — A Saul Bass Tribute. A Tribute to Saul Bass I’ll start with a comment on film technique: the movie titles and the movie’s artwork are a tribute to the late graphic designer Saul Bass!

The Opening Titles — A Saul Bass Tribute

Scene 1 — 0:53 Scene 1 — 1:24 This is not a situation where many words are needed to argue the case. Here are some examples of pure, “minimalist” movie posters by Saul Bass. Wikipedia has an excellent page on Saul Bass if you’re looking for extra info. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn - Opening Title. CGがない時代、映画やテレビ用のロゴは物理的に作り出されていた。そのメイキングの舞台裏 : カラパイア. テレビ番組の最初に出てくる番組のロゴ。

CGがない時代、映画やテレビ用のロゴは物理的に作り出されていた。そのメイキングの舞台裏 : カラパイア

映画の初めに流れる制作会社やスタジオのロゴ。 Houdini cloud rendering & simulation houdini render farm. OFFF by Night — official titles. American Gods Main Title Sequence. 葛飾北斎の浮世絵が立体的に!イギリスの博物館で開催される葛飾北斎展。予告ムービー。 ベッキーが絵本から飛び出すCM♪ Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World (making) WORK – OTAS.TV. The Finest Hours. CGI & VFX Showreels: "Hud UI Reel" - by Divyansh Tyagi. CGI VFX Behind the Scenes HD: "TRON GFX: Solar Sailor Montage" by - GMUNK.

Robocop - GFX/VFX Montage. Snoop Dogg - So Many Pros. Best Movie Title Sequences. Black Ops 2: Screen Graphics. Territory Studio - Motion - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron. Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron - UI screen graphics When Tony Stark and Bruce Banner try to jump-start a dormant peacekeeping program called Ultron, things go horribly wrong and it's up to Earth's mighteous heroes to stop the villainous Ultron from enacting his terrible plans.

Territory Studio - Motion - Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron

On Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron, Territory worked closely with production designer Charles Wood and the art department, to craft a visual language to support Whedon’s dark and gritty vision for the film and reflect the individual characteristics of the personalities in the story. Tasked to bring an unprecedented level of realism to the beleaguered heroes and their technology, Territory created new visual identities and UI for the technology seen in Avengers Tower, including Stark lab and Banner’s research lab, the Quinjet aircraft and newly introduced characters the evil Baron Von Strucker and his Fortress stronghold, and Dr Cho, whose advanced medical lab supports the Avengers in the story. CG Earth. Still - coronoid / nvscene 2015.


BEEPLE. Older → # beeple GIF cinema4d c4d design 3d neon Posted 41 minutes ago 70 notes View Larger # beeple everyday cinema4d c4d design 3d illustration art artist artists on tumblr abstract Posted 15 hours ago 243 notes.


H'or cafe. Music visualizer gif. 480×240 - 1248×863 - 1280×768 -

music visualizer gif

Notations 21: 165 Musicians Visualize Sheet Music in Unusual Ways. By Maria Popova What the color wheel has to do with Beethoven and supporting arts education.

Notations 21: 165 Musicians Visualize Sheet Music in Unusual Ways

There’s something especially mesmerizing about the cross-pollination of the senses, particularly in visualizing music. That’s exactly what Notations 21 explores. Inspired by John Cage’s iconic 1968 Notations and originally released for its 50th anniversary, the ambitious 320-page volume by Theresa Sauer and Mark Batty Publishers reveals how 165 composers and musicians around the world are experiencing, communicating and reconceiving music visually by reinventing notation. From acclaimed musicians like Karlheinz Stockhausen, Earle Brown, Halim El-Dabh, Joan La Barbara, and Yuji Takahashi to emerging global talent, this magnificent tome examines how both the technology and the expectations of this unique synesthetic language have changed over the past half-century. Unnamed soundsculpture. Carsten nicolai. Sound, large-scale LED screens Carsten Nicolai presented his new work α (alpha) pulse during Art Basel Hong Kong 2014. α (alpha) pulse's generated light patterns pulsated in a synchronized frequency across the entire façade of Hong Kong's iconic 490 meter high International Commerce Centre on the Kowloon harbor front.

carsten nicolai

Like a lighthouse, the tower was sending its pulses into the city, reaching out to Hong Kong residents and visitors. α (alpha) pulse is an experimental construction that looks at the effects of audiovisual stimulation on the human perception. In accordance with scientific research, the work is based on the principles of neural feedback on pulsating light sources. PRESENCE 04-01. Universal Everything / Film. Ziphead by CNCD & Fairlight.

Houdini for Mograph

Amon Tobin ISAM v2.0. Box. Jack and the Giant. 9b569a25542fce06ce24727d695f4340.pdf. 【意外と簡単!】プロジェクションマッピングのやり方【結婚式や文化祭、ライブでも!】 Touch Designer 077 by Derivative. Still - coronoid / nvscene 2015. Utopia. 低予算で作るPV&MUSIC VIDEO参考集. “INFINITY” CITIZEN x WOW. Waterballet - Shortcutz. HOME - モーショングラフィックス研究会. Pull & Bear Visuals. Nuance. Forms (excerpt) Shop - The Space We Live In. Compressed Experiments. EFF-LUX. EFF-LUX Excerpts. F L U X. Motion Design Reel. Attractor Fun in Houdini. Night Stroll.

Hyper Drive YURIKAMOME. Triggering (the latest summary ver.) 2D FX sakuga compilation. Triggering-2. Triggering-1. Particle Simulation in TouchDesigner to Pan Sonics Askel from their Album "A" ANZ. C2C - The Beat [OFFICIAL] @C2Cdjs. Vanishing Point. Derivative TouchDesigner 088. - Read QuickTime, H.264, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .tif, .jpg, .gif, .psd, .flv, .swf, .rla, and many more - Multithreaded decoding, playback up to 12 1920x1080 @ 30fps movies simultaneously on 12-core systems - Video inputs from multiple USB/Firewire/Ethernet cameras, capture cards, webcams - Cineform codec decoding for the highest quality video at resolutions up to 4K (Pro) - Export to QuickTime movie formats (with audio), realtime encoding using H.264 (Commercial and Pro) - Simultaneous playback, mixing, and triggering of multiple video sources with audio - ASIO audio support for low latency performance and support of professional audio devices - Read QuickTime, H.264, .mp4, .wmv, .avi, .mpg, .tif, .jpg, .gif, .psd, .flv, .swf, .rla, and many more.

Derivative TouchDesigner 088

言葉はいらない。URLだけでいい。細金卓矢&David LewandowskiによるSkype対談! 映像の再文脈化こそが面白い!! (左)細金卓矢:映像ディレクター。

言葉はいらない。URLだけでいい。細金卓矢&David LewandowskiによるSkype対談! 映像の再文脈化こそが面白い!!

『クリエイターのヒミツ基地』 Volume18 細金卓矢(映像作家) - 連載・コラム. 一躍若手の映像作家として注目された細金卓矢さん。

『クリエイターのヒミツ基地』 Volume18 細金卓矢(映像作家) - 連載・コラム

最近では、人気作家・森見登美彦氏が原作のアニメ『四畳半神話大系』のエンディング制作に参加したほか、ボーカロイド「IA」のアニメーションPVの監督も務めるなど、活躍の幅をさらに広げています。 「基本的にものぐさ。 エモさとは: 【レポート】モーショングラフィックスの定義(2) - 抽象アニメーション編. 前回でのエントリーではタイトルバックに絞ってモーショングラフィックスの歴史とか定義について話をしてみました。 クリエイター必見!「Lyric Video」がアイディアの宝庫でおもしろい - Fluffy white croquis. 数年前から、洋楽を中心に歌詞(lyric)を前面に出したミュージックビデオ、"Lyric Video (リリックビデオ)" をよく見かけるようになりました。 "Lyric Video" は撮影の一切ない「モーショングラフィックス」から、実写映像と合成したもの、さらには手書きやハンドメイドのクラフト系「ストップモーションアニメ」など、様々なアイディアで作られており、見応えがあるものも多くあります。 特に「モーショングラフィックス」や文字が動く「キネティックタイポグラフィ」は、Adobe AfterEffectsなどのソフトウェア(とプラグイン)があればPC上のみで作ることもできるため、制作コストも抑えやすく、通常の PV に比べて簡単に作ることができる手軽さも大きな特徴です。

デザインアイデアをくれる、魅力的なモーショングラフィック動画まとめ. 圧倒的なグラフィック力と、そこにユニークな動き、アニメーションが加わることで、わたしたちをたのしませてくれる、モーショングラフィック動画。 Teevee graphics, inc. モーショングラフィックス映像を5つピックアップしてみた. VISIBLEX.