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Digital Cameras, Digital Camera Reviews - The Imaging Resource!

Digital Cameras, Digital Camera Reviews - The Imaging Resource!
Sony A7 review: Is the best full-frame mirrorless camera also the most affordable? Featured Story Apr 18, 14:25 EDT The cat's out of the bag: When we published our A7R review last December, it was pretty obvious that its sibling, the Sony A7, would also be well-received. The two full-frame, fully-featured mirrorless cameras share so much, after all. Both cameras' high placement in our 2013 Camera of the Year awards served to reconfirm it. With that...

Vanguard - Photo-Video, Hunting Outdoor Accessories, Sporting Optics Sacs pour appareils photo-video découvrez notre gamme de sacs photo-vidéo conçus avec soin pour protéger au mieux votre matériel et avec un confort de transport inégalé Photography - Offers Camera Reviews and Exclusive Photo Tips For decades now, Popular Photography has tested cameras and lenses so that you can make a more informed decision about the equipment you use to capture images. Whether you’re documenting your life or creating art, you need to know not only which camera or lens is best suited to your shooting style, but also how that camera or lens performs so you can use it more effectively. Our tests are designed to measure not only the quality of the images the camera or lens produces, but also to report on its usability, design, and standing against comparable models. We perform our lab testing in the Popular Photography Test Lab, located in our New York City office. A temperature- and humidity-controlled environment, it ensures the same conditions for every camera or lens tested there.

Photography Masters / Master Photographers Learn about the Masters of the Medium -If you are interested in learning more about some of the most influential masters of photography, then you are in the right place! This section of Profotos is designed to familiarize you with some of photography's legendary masters, including: Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, Alfred Eisenstaedt, and many more! Each master has their own page on Profotos, which tells a little bit about their life and what they brought to the medium. If you would like additional information on these masters, we have provided links to sites which include additional articles and examples of the masters' works. Click on the links at right to go to the Master's page and learn more about their work and contributions in photography>>>>

Steves Digicams Photo numérique Canon Camera image find Flickr About This Camera Price: Rating: Nick Ulivieri Photography Intro I’ll preface this post by saying that the key to taking good photographs is to know your subject. Photographing the Milky Way is no different. I’ve always been fascinated by science and astronomy, so when I learned I might finally see the Milky Way for the first time, I made it a point to re-learn what I thought I knew, and learn the things I didn’t know. accueil galerie photo Camera Resource Page: Welcome Photojournalism John Gavin and Lana Turner on the set of 'Imitation of Life', by Zinn Arthur , 1959. Museum no. E.58-2003, Given by John and Judith Hillelson, © Estate of Zinn Arthur Albert Einstein, by Lucien Aigner, Princeton University 1941, Museum no. E.267-2003, Given by John and Judith Hillelson © Lucien Aigner Trust Winston Churchill re-elected to Parliament, by Lucien Aigner, Epping, England, UK, 1959.

Focus Numérique - 1er magazine sur la photo et vidéo numérique Camera Labs: Digital Camera, DSLR, and Lens Reviews. Recommended Fascinating Videos About 6 Photographic Processes Used Through History George Eastman House just finished its 6 part video series on photographic processes used throughout history. The short educational videos run about 3-6 minutes each, and provide a great look into the various ways photographers of old created their images. Here’s the entire six-part series for your enjoyment: The Daguerreotype Invented in the early 1800s by Louis Daguerre, the daguerreotype was the first process to become commercially successful.

Early Photography Early cameras were cumbersome, costly, and often required specialist knowledge of the devices and developing chemicals to use them correctly. Early film development processes, like tintypes and daguerreotypes, relied on potentially dangerous chemical interactions that were best handled in a controlled environment. For daguerreotype images, popular between 1840 and 1860, the photographer put a sheet of copper, coated with silver and exposed to iodine vapor, into the camera. Once the sheet was exposed to light during the taking of the picture, the photographer used a mercury vapor to bring out the image, and then set it with salt.