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Agenda personnalisé pour les profs

Agenda personnalisé pour les profs

Flipped Learning: A Response To Five Common Criticisms Over the past two years, the Flipped Learning method has created quite a stir. Some argue that this teaching method will completely transform education, while others say it is simply an opportunity for boring lectures to be viewed in new locations. While the debate goes on, the concept of Flipped Learning is not entirely new. Dr. Eric Mazur of Harvard University has been researching this type of learning since the early ’90s, and other educators have been applying pieces of the Flipped Learning method for even longer.

November 2007 - HARRY & ROSEMARY WONG: The Floating Teacher - EFFECTIVE TEACHING - Teachers.Net Effective Teaching... by Harry and Rosemary Wong November 2007 The Floating Teacher This month’s column won’t reveal the secrets of a master illusionist. Free PDF to Flash Page Flip converter This is a Page to say that Codebox page flip is closed, in other way this domain have another owner and dont represents the “old domain” or company that used the domain, the domain have new owners from a different company. But if you still want to use a similar service we can recomend you: A really good solution to createyour PDFS or magazines

The Flipped Class: Myths vs. Reality Editor's Note: On the heels of our viral posts in over 100 countries about the flipped classroom earlier this year (links below), we asked Jon Bergmann if he could share some of the feedback he was receiving in light of the notable interest about this topic. The timing couldn't have been more perfect since he was about to leave for a conference about you-guessed-it, the flipped class. Here is Part 1 of our three part series The Daily Riff. See Part 2 and 3 links below. - C.J. The Pains and Pleasures of the 'Floating' Teacher Remember that old saying "If life hands you lemons ... "? "Floating teachers" -- teachers who work from carts, not classrooms-- make their own brand of lemonade! Today, five floaters talk about the pains and the perks of teaching from a cart.

Flip your classroom through reverse instruction Have you ever experienced the unique and rare moment when, after doing something the same way for year and years, you have an epiphany and wonder, "why am I doing it this way?" Most of the time the answer is tradition, that's the way we've always done it. At one time, there probably was a sound, logical, reasonable explanation for the decision to do it that way. Take, for example, the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It is one of the world's literary repositories and one of the largest libraries in the world. It has within its vaults every book published in the English language after 1911, and a lot of those published before that time.

13 Free Planner Pages and Resources For Teachers Even though it’s the end of the school year, the hunt for great resources never stops and one of the things that I have really been hunting for are teacher planner pages. Most times, I’ll find a link to a set of planning pages that takes me to teacherpayteachers (And admittedly, I have actually purchased one to use next year). However, once and awhile, I will come across a planning page that is free and really useful, either just as it is or as a template to create my own version. 3 keys to a flipped classroom If you are planning to use the ‘flipped classroom’, then you might want to think about a few key ideas. Background: On Connected Principals Jonathan Martin has written a couple posts on the Flipped Classroom. In his first one, Reverse Instruction: Dan Pink and Karl’s “Fisch Flip”, he says:

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