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TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook

TiddlyWiki — a non-linear personal web notebook
There are several methods for upgrading an existing TiddlyWiki version 5 document to a new release. There is a different procedure for upgrading TiddlyWiki on Node.js. Regardless of which method you use it is very important to exercise caution when upgrading existing wikis. In particular, make sure that you keep careful backups of your content – in some situations problems with the upgrade may not be immediately apparent.

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9 Figures of Speech that Will Make You More Creative If you haven’t ever paid attention to the scores of figures of speech out there (like metaphors, puns, and similes), you might want to take a moment to review the list. If you find yourself in a creativity slump, a good place to turn to are the figures of speech. Creative advertisers make effective use of them to make their designs more engaging. You’ll find that the more you employ figures of speech to your visual communications, the more visually interesting and creative they will become. Here are nine examples to give you sense for how visual figures of speech are fantastic creativity tools.

Useful references for writers - WestSuburbanWriters Because there are HUGE misunderstandings about what a copyright is these days and I keep seeing them repeated over and over again. I thought I could help. There's a good start. So, yes fan fiction is a violation of copyright. Audioboo Welcome to Audioboo It's fantastic for many things: interviews for your website, wonderful ambient sounds, music you've made, your children growing up, even a full-on radio show. You can use it for reporting, storytelling, education, as an online dictaphone, or just to let friends know what you're up to.

AndTidWiki - Android Apps on Google Play ☆ The dead-simple way to do notes and to-do’s ☆ Have you tried Springpad, Evernote, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist and other notes or to-do apps for your phone but think there’s just too much going on getting in the way of the actual note-taking? Tags, due-dates, categories, projects, font-styling, notes on the notes, and what-not. Note-taking shouldn’t be work, it should be a simple unloading of your brain to save for later. With MobisleNotes, we’re going back to basics.

Designing to Inform and Delight: Drawing Inspiration from Milton Glaser Good visual communicators reach into the depths of culture and listen to its heartbeat. Those who really have the ability to affect an audience recognize not only what the people enjoy, but what they are missing and don’t know it yet. Some argue that designers are the architects of the future; they are the people that create the stuff we want, need, see, and use and thus significantly impact the way the rest of us view our world. For the last century in America, there has been sad byproduct of the need to increase wealth: the atrophy of good design. For all the valuable traits that have come with expedience and mass production (speed, money, industry, progress), much has been lost in regards to paying attention to details: we’ve lost, in many cases, the ability to both inform and delight. Design, visual communication, is a detail that has for far too long been ignored.

10 Free, Open Source Tools for Fiction Writers Software doesn’t make the writer. Shakespeare did his best work with a quill. Yes, folks, he wrote Macbeth with a feather. Good writing software can organize your research, check your spelling, and help format your submissions. 10 Most Zen-Friendly Websites to Keep You Calm and Productive at Work Do you feel like you can no longer cope with the stress of meeting your deadlines? Does the lack of concentration stop you from focusing on your goals? Are you stuck or stressed out? Then put your headphones on. DevOps Toolbox: Introduction Welcome to the DevOps Toolbox, a step by step guide for the budding devops engineer who wants to enjoy the wonders of modern system configuration and management without having to become the “Server Guy”. The goal of this guide to to teach you how to start simple, slowly adding more devops building blocks, and finally ending up with a reusable toolkit for you and your coworkers. This guide will take you from a fresh OSX 10.8.2 install all the way through cloud server creation/deployment, including: While this guide assumes you are on a OSX machine, most of this guide will apply to any Unix/Linux machine with a working compiler, supported Ruby version, and supported version of VirtualBox.

Sources Visual communication is a very broad topic. The number of sources that influence my thinking in visual communication is always on the rise, so the list below certainly isn’t comprehensive by any stretch of the imagination. But I wanted to list the sources that seem to be seminal (or at least widely read) in the field, sources that you might want to pick up if you are interested in improving your own visual literacy or if you just want some pointers for better design practices. This list will continue to grow, so check back often! 50 of the Best Websites for Writers There are tons of reference sites on the web that can help you find a job or write a poem, essay or story. Here is a list of the best 50 websites for writers. Reference Websites Merriam-Webster Online - Merriam Webster is the perfect place to look up words and find information.

25 Awesome Virtual Learning Experiences Online - Virtual Education Websites Just because you’re online doesn’t mean that you can’t experience the world first-hand — or as close to first-hand as possible. Here are websites that feature virtual learning experiences, exposing online visitors to everything from history to geography, astronomy to anatomy, literature to government. 7 Wonders Panoramas – 360-degree views of the Seven Wonders of the World. Arounder Virtual Tour of the Moon – 360-degree panoramic views of the moon, courtesy of the Apollo 11, 12 and 17 missions. (Many other Earth locations also available on What is an init system? - Fedora Magazine Back in Fedora 15, Fedora introduced a piece of core software called systemd. systemd is a collection of tools for a range of different tasks. Its primary purpose is initializing, managing and tracking system services and daemons in Fedora, both during startup and while the system is running. In previous versions of Fedora, these jobs were handled by SysVinit (System V init, or just init). To understand the primary purpose of systemd — initializing the Fedora operating system — first we need to understand what an init system actually does. Booting and initializing

How to Transform a Design from Amateur to Professional in Four Easy Steps You’ve probably been asked to create a brochure or a flier or a poster before. And if you don’t have a background in graphic design, you may feel uneasy about taking on the challenge. At the very least, you probably have inadequate and maybe even tossed around the phrase, “I’m just not that creative” or “I don’t have a creative bone in my body.” It’s true that there can be a lot involved with good graphic design–understanding color theory, typography, negative space, layout, resolution, and so forth.

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