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Le site officiel de Vincent Perrottet. SOFA - Design, Interfaces & Software Amsterdam, June 9, 2011 We're excited to announce today that Facebook has acquired the Sofa team. When we started Sofa in 2006, we set out to make friendly and useful products that matter to people. Over the years, we built an awesome team of designers and developers around this mission. We expected to keep working at Sofa forever. Facebook is full of talent and has a great culture. The Sofa team will be moving from Amsterdam to Palo Alto in the coming weeks – and we'll make sure to infuse our particular flavor of Dutch culture at Facebook. Sofa's products, Kaleidoscope and Versions, are not a part of this acquisition. Finally, we want to express our deepest appreciation to our customers, partners, advisors and everyone else who helped us these past five years. — The Sofa Team

About LONO Creative, Design and Branding agency in Spitalfields, Shoreditch - London Our aim is simple. We want to impress you. So we listen. We research your industry, your competitors and your market. We make sure we understand your unique challenges and pressures. We understand the role of good design and marketing is to help you generate more income. You can choose from a range of services across Graphic Design, Web Design and Marketing. Read more about our approach to see why our clients typically become long term partners. Olafur Eliasson david carson design 2.0 - Home Design Bridge | Contact Us Design Bridge Client Login Contact Us Design Bridge London 18 Clerkenwell Close London EC1R 0QN United Kingdom T: +44 (0)20 7814 9922 F: +44 (0)20 7814 9024 New business Media enquiries Recruitment Jobs in London Internships in London Map data ©2014 Google Terms of Use Report a map error Map Satellite Design Bridge Follow us Made with Computerlove Back to top © 2014 Design Bridge.

Deborah Berke Partners Ai Weiwei Les avant-gardes — partie I À gauche : El Lissitzky, Battez les Blancs avec le triangle rouge, lithographie de 1920. À droite : Hans Vitus Vierthaler, affiche pour une exposition nazie sur l’« art dégénéré » (Entartete Kunst) en 1936. Certains passages sont extraits de mon article « Les avant-gardes et leur relation avec le pouvoir dans le champ du graphisme et de la typographie », paru dans Articulo - revue de sciences humaines, 3 | 2007, mis en ligne le 27 novembre 2007 Introduction Les premiers travaux et réflexions et que nous pouvons aujourd’hui qualifier de « graphiques » au sens contemporain du terme, coïncident avec la naissance des mouvements d’avant-garde de manière générale, et parmi ceux-ci, du mouvement futuriste en particulier, premier groupe à investir de manière nouvelle et synthétique les possibilités offertes par la typographie, la peinture, la photographie, etc. La formation de l’avant-garde L’avant-garde n’existe qu’à travers l’arrière-garde. À gauche : F.T.

SEGURA INC :: A design and communications firm specializing in print, collateral and new media communications

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