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Gazette du Bon Ton Antique Fashion Prints 1912-1913 L'Epousee aux Dentelles by Alex Rzewuski BTG19 $125 Each single print measures approximately 7 1/4 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches long. We at Panteek are unexpectedly entranced by the beauty of these rare pochoir illustrations from the magazine Bon Ton Gazette published by Lucien Vogel 1912-1928. Designed as a journal to appeal to the elite of Paris, full of high fashion plates and chatty articles on all aspects of life for the privileged, it transcends its mundane goals through the incredible quality of the publication from the high quality paper to the breath taking beauty of the prints and the high quality of the art throughout. Here in the so called “forgotten years” of the 1920’s we see the art that evokes the whole gamut of that fabulously creative era in France, from the Impressionists and the Fauves to the Cubists, Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau & Deco periods.

Open Dictionary from Macmillan Dictionary: Free English Dictionary Online with Thesaurus troll factory noun a company that pays its employees to write online comments in favour or against somebody or something posing as ordinary Internet users Russia's troll factory runs thousands of fake Facebook and Twitter accounts to flood social media with anti-Ukrainian propaganda. Submitted by: Boris Marchenko from Russian Federation on 29/03/2015 19:40:00 Gaeltacht, the 1,000 Free Audio Books: Download Great Books for Free Download 3 Free Audiobooks from Download hundreds of free audio books, mostly classics, to your MP3 player or computer. Below, you’ll find great works of fiction, poetry and non-fiction, by such authors as Twain, Tolstoy, Hemingway, Orwell, Vonnegut, Nietzsche, Austen, Shakespeare, Asimov, HG Wells & more. Also please see our related collection: The 150 Best Podcasts to Enrich Your Mind. Fiction & Literature

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The Collection Online When The Met was founded in 1870, it owned not a single work of art. Through the combined efforts of generations of curators, researchers, and collectors, our collection has grown to represent more than 5,000 years of art from across the globe—from the first cities of the ancient world to the works of our time. Collection Highlights Browse collection highlights selected by curators from the Museum's seventeen curatorial departments. Open Access Artworks

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The Guggenheim Puts 109 Free Modern Art Books Online Back in January, 2012, we mentioned that the Guggenheim (the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed modern art museum in NYC) had put 65 art catalogues on the web, all free of charge. We’re happy to report that, between then and now, the number of free texts has grown to 109. Published between 1937 and 1999, the art books/catalogues offer an intellectual and visual introduction to the work of Alexander Calder, Edvard Munch, Francis Bacon, Gustav Klimt & Egon Schiele, Fernand Léger, and Kandinsky. Starting a Blog? 30 Free or Cheap Tools to Make It Gorgeous Whatever your reason for starting a blog, you’re faced with an overwhelming number of options to do it. You don’t want to go the cheap route and wind up with an amateur-looking blog. And you don’t want to waste money on something you could get for free — or do yourself. You can practice first on a free blogging platform, but if you want to look professional, you’ll likely move on to self-hosting. Here are the best budget-friendly tools I’ve discovered over five years of blogging with WordPress.

  Cartoon Drawings: Swann Collection of Caricature and Cartoon   Contains 2,085 drawings, prints, and paintings related to the art of caricature, cartoon, and illustration, spanning the years 1780 to 1977 and includes works by 521 American and foreign artists and illustrators. Most of the images are cartoons, comic strips, and periodical illustrations drawn by American artists between 1890 and 1970. The Swann Collection features a rich diversity of twentieth-century American and European cartoon drawings and includes images that reflect such aspects of society as political and economic conditions, social mores, employment, domestic life, families and children, relations between the sexes, and superheroes. In the early 1960s, Erwin Swann, a New York advertising executive started collecting original cartoon drawings of artistic and humorous interest.

Blog Hosting Review: What is the Best Blog Host for You? Last Update May 3rd, 2016. So, you want to start a blog on the best blog hosting? Watch this little video first and then move on to the full blog hosting review below. It will explain everything you’ll need to get started. Quick note: I will earn a small commission if you buy a hosting package from one of my links at no extra cost to you. Download 2,500 Beautiful Woodblock Prints and Drawings by Japanese Masters (1600-1915) No one art form has done more to shape the world's sense of traditional Japanese aesthetics than the woodblock print. But not so very long ago, in historical terms, no such works had ever left Japan. That changed when, according to the Library of Congress, "American naval officer Matthew Calbraith Perry (1794-1858) led an expedition to Japan between 1852 and 1854 that was instrumental in opening Japan to the Western world after more than 200 years of national seclusion." As travelers, materials, and products began flowing between Japan and the West, so did art. This flow happened, of course, by sea, and so Japanese artists working in woodblock and other forms soon found that the port city of Yokohama had become "an incubator for a new category of images that straddled convention and novelty."

Make Money Writing Online: 13 Sites That Pay for Articles If you’ve got writing skills, put them to work helping you make money online. But with so many sites to choose from, where should a wannabe freelance writer start? Sites that pay for articles usually fall into one of two main models. The first is revenue-sharing, where the website pays you a certain amount for every view or ad click from your post. This method can earn you some pocket money, but it’s not quite as lucrative as the second option. You’re more likely to make decent money writing for sites that pay up front.