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How do You Wear Your Sexuality? By Guru Kaur How we wear our clothes expresses how comfortable we are with our own sexuality, that awareness of the ecstasy of being alive now, here, in every single cell of the body.

How do You Wear Your Sexuality?

The radiance and grace of a woman totally in touch with her true sexuality has an extraordinarily electric effect on others. Her presence shines. Her sexuality pervades, like a fragrance, every movement she makes and every breath she takes. Her clothes magnify her mastery of her sexuality. The 13 Chakra System. Surya Namaskara: Sun Salutations with Sun Mantras and Chakra Awareness. Maya Fiennes Detox Destress. The Important Thing About Yelling. I cherish the notes I receive from my children -- whether they are scribbled with a Sharpie on a yellow sticky note or written in perfect penmanship on lined paper.

The Important Thing About Yelling

But the Mother's Day poem I received last spring from my first-born daughter left a profound impact. It was the first line of the poem that caused my breath to catch before warm tears slid down my face. The important thing about my mom is ... she's always there for me, even when I get in trouble. You see, it hasn't always been this way. In the midst of my highly distracted life, I started a new practice that was quite different from the way I behaved up until that point. Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound. What many people do not realize is that the core issue at the center of women’s empowerment is the mother wound.

Why it’s Crucial for Women to Heal the Mother Wound

Difficulty and challenges between mothers and daughters are rampant and widespread but not openly spoken about. The taboo about speaking about the pain of the mother wound is what keeps it in place and keeps it hidden in shadow, festering and out of view. What exactly is the mother wound? The mother wound is the pain of being a woman passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures. Ten Spiritual Lessons for a New World. Amidst intensely turbulent times, so many of us today are feeling the urgent call to make changes that will create a brighter future for us all.

Ten Spiritual Lessons for a New World

Yet, however much we may want to save the world or fix what’s wrong, the truth remains that we can only change the world by changing ourselves. Inner transformation is the key to outer change. Essentially, the ten lessons are about taking responsibility for our own evolutionary growth because only an awakened being can bring light to the world and be an effective agent of change. 14 Things Every Kundalini Yogi Should Do in 2014. In my bliss bubble teaching. 2014 is a 7 year...a year of the aura and a shiny new YOU!

14 Things Every Kundalini Yogi Should Do in 2014

It's a great year for cleansing, detoxing and emotional balance....and most of all a great year to step into the dream-you that you've always wanted to be in the here and now. Start now! Here are 14 things that every Kundalini yogi should do in 2014 (in so far as "should" means "Jump for joy and embrace Infinity! ") 1- Love yourself with crazy abandon. I mean crazy, lost in love, poetry-spouting deliciousness. 2- Touch shuniya, the still point. This could mean a daily 2 1/2 hour sadhana in the amrit vela. 3- Forgive your parents, your exes, your siblings, your spouse and even your mean teacher from 3rd grade. You are the only one who is tasting your bitterness. 4- Bow to something greater than you. It doesn't matter if what you bow to is called God or the Universe or Love. 5- Stop calling yourself fat.

Or ugly. 6- Develop a strong navel center. Ceremonial Cacao. Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at death. The timing of astral disembodiment in which the spirit leaves the body has been captured by Russian scientist Konstantin Korotkov, who photographed a person at the moment of his death with a bioelectrographic camera.

Russian scientist photographs the soul leaving the body at death

The image taken using the gas discharge visualization method, an advanced technique of Kirlian photography shows in blue the life force of the person leaving the body gradually. The Everything Kriya: Sat Kriya. Mool Mantra – Change Your Fate to Destiny. Mool Mantra – Change Your Fate to Destiny By Dev Suroop K.

Mool Mantra – Change Your Fate to Destiny

Khalsa (Originally published in Aquarian Times — Summer 2003) It is safe to say that each one of us is experiencing the pressures and stresses of the time. We are faced not only with today’s turbulent political and social environment, but we are also coping with our own private, internal landscape. We may be processing feelings of insecurity, concern, or anger from ever changing and intensifying world events. Masta Buildas - Meditation Chant. Beautiful Islamic Call to Prayer at Dawn. Medicine songs, mantras & icaros - Ayahuasca-Wasi. Chakra Balancing & Healing - Guided Meditation. Spiritual Sense: Essence of the Chakra, Hindu names and meanings. Hindu Essence of the Chakra In this article I am going to try to cover some basics on the Hindu/Tantric/Yogi names and meanings of the chakra's as requested.

Spiritual Sense: Essence of the Chakra, Hindu names and meanings

Please know that this is not my area of expertise my own knowledge was limited to basically the Hindu names and the associated elements and emotions, but I did do the research and I think have come up with some interesting things to share. I will post my references at the end of this article so those of you who wish may continue learning. In Ancient Hindu Teachings the Chakras are seen as beautiful Lotus Flowers, (Anahata) each with different symbols representing many things. As these Lotus move up the body the petals also grow in number as it ascends the life energy upward through our bodies energy centers. The Sanskrit meaning for Kundalini is, "coiled like a snake. " Below I have put together a quick (hopefully,) guide to the Ancient Hindu names and brief meanings of the Chakras, or Lotus Energy Centers. Manipura (solar plexus)

Yogis Of Tibet - Rare Documentary. Serpentine Music & Media. Help those you love tap into their dreams this season!

Serpentine Music & Media

All gift bundles include a signed, personalized copy of What To Do When Dreams Go Bad: A Practical Guide to Nightmares. Add an hour or 1/2 hour dreamwork gift certificate for an extra special touch. Price includes gold foil gift bag and all shipping costs within the U.S. Order by Dec. 15 for delivery by Christmas. Private dreamwork sessions can be held in person in the Bay Area, via phone or Skype. Surya Namaskara: Sun Salutations with Sun Mantras and Chakra Awareness. _6037862-Chakras-Mandalas.jpg (JPEG Image, 1024 × 1024 pixels)