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Opening on Friday March 14th, 2014 No Drones March 14th – April 19th Louise Lawler, » Hand On Her Back », 1997-1998-2014 Woman With Sombrero Jill Magid, Women with Sombrero Shining Living Related:  GALERIES

La Galerie de l'Instant Jeu de Paume Artsetter: contemporary art gallery online with original artwork by talented emerging artists site national | design & arts appliqués Artists | This Is No Fantasy Chris Bond Kirsten Coelho Petrina Hicks Victoria Reichelt Juan Ford Jacqui Stockdale Michael Cook Vincent Namatjira Megan Cope Valerie Sparks Yhonnie Scarce Natasha Bieniek Justin Hinder Cherine Fahd Nicole Kelly Kate Rohde Britt Salt Kevin Chin Abbey McCulloch Izabela Pluta Neil Haddon Accueil - Bibliographie 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

Silk Road Art Gallery Carpenters Workshop Gallery | Exhibitions Established in 2005 by Parisian entrepreneurs and art devotees Loic Le Gaillard and Julien Lombrail, Carpenters Workshop Gallery is known for its discovery of bold and iconic design-art. Like many of the artists it fosters, the gallery takes a young, fresh and dynamic approach, primarily following its own aesthetic. They exhibit unique and limited edition works both by emerging and established artists, and designers. Carpenters Workshop GaIlery is committed to making ambitious ideas work, through its daring and integrity it has cultivated strong relationships with the artists it works with.

Galerie du Pont Neuf .woochimp_wg{} Toutes les Photographes Jef baecker Thierry lacroix Alain longeaud Fabrice mabillot Jérémy pilain Rodolphe sebbah Hasted Kraeutler Art Gallery Hasted Kraeutler is pleased to announce The Dream Goes Over the Time, an exhibition of new photographs by French-born, Madrid-based artist Pierre Gonnord (b. 1963), beginning March 5 and running through April 25, 2015. Working for over a decade as contemporary art’s preeminent documentarian of globalization’s dark underbelly—insular communities, tribes, and clans that exist almost entirely off the grid, from coal miners and punks to immigrants and gypsies—master portraitist Gonnord’s distinctive practice has developed into a lifestyle, taking him on epic journeys through back roads and uncharted terrain in search of characters that live within distinctive social groups, cut off from the rest of civilization. After investing much careful time and energy with these communities, Gonnord takes their pictures, capturing his protagonists against dark backgrounds from the waist up, in the manner of Old Master painting and portraiture.