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Opening on Friday March 14th, 2014 No Drones March 14th – April 19th Louise Lawler, » Hand On Her Back », 1997-1998-2014 Woman With Sombrero Jill Magid, Women with Sombrero Shining Living

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This Is No Fantasy Chris Bond Kirsten Coelho Petrina Hicks Victoria Reichelt Juan Ford Jacqui Stockdale Fridgemania: the most creative fridge photos in the world. Fridgemania! Creative fridge photos compiled by Moncef Belyamani. 17,681 Tumblr followers. These photos are best enjoyed while listening to some fresh tunes. Apr 7, 2012 / 52 notes

Galerie Perrotin La galerie représente une cinquantaine d’artistes et collabore avec une vingtaine d’autres artistes contemporains : artistes établis, estates, mais aussi jeunes artistes de plus de vingt-et-une nationalités différentes. "Je suis ouvert d'esprit, mes artistes offrent une combinaison de profils, de générations, de pays et d’esthétiques très différents. L'ouverture de plusieurs espaces m'a permis de découvrir et d’exposer de jeunes artistes contemporains tout en restant fidèle à mon programme.” Emmanuel Perrotin.. Lire la suite Les visiteurs de la galerie peuvent ainsi découvrir des artistes contemporains variés, dans les six espaces d’exposition de la galerie à Hong Kong, Paris, New York, Séoul, Tokyo ou Shanghai.

clog: From the archives: SNEAK enCOUNTER exhibition Here's another set of images from way back: the SNEAK exhibition at our enCOUNTER window featuring work from recent NMIT graduates Tessa Blazey, Tae Schmeisser, Vanessa Maxim, Milly Flemming, Alex Bletsas, Elise Newman and Lia Tabrah. Tara Lofhelm OTT by Lia T. Elise Newman Galerie du Pont Neuf .woochimp_wg{} Toutes les Photographes Jef baecker Thierry lacroix Alain longeaud Fabrice mabillot

Monsieur Qui - Illustrations + Street Art Cyril Foiret Hasted Kraeutler Art Gallery Hasted Kraeutler is pleased to announce The Dream Goes Over the Time, an exhibition of new photographs by French-born, Madrid-based artist Pierre Gonnord (b. 1963), beginning March 5 and running through April 25, 2015. Working for over a decade as contemporary art’s preeminent documentarian of globalization’s dark underbelly—insular communities, tribes, and clans that exist almost entirely off the grid, from coal miners and punks to immigrants and gypsies—master portraitist Gonnord’s distinctive practice has developed into a lifestyle, taking him on epic journeys through back roads and uncharted terrain in search of characters that live within distinctive social groups, cut off from the rest of civilization. After investing much careful time and energy with these communities, Gonnord takes their pictures, capturing his protagonists against dark backgrounds from the waist up, in the manner of Old Master painting and portraiture.

PIERRE WINTHER / about Staged Reality by PIerre Winther He is the true definition of an artist in his work as a photographer and film director and has carried out his prestigious and powerful trademark style through numerous award-winning campaigns and projects. Pierre Winther is probably one of the most interesting photographers of the modern photography and takes pride in staying true to the original craft of photography. He has been at the vanguard of progressive image making for the past three decades,he is one of the world's most influential and visionary image makers. Pierre Winther is renowned for his groundbreaking creative collaborations with his advertising work for major fashion brands, and award-winning editorials for premier publications. A significant feature in Winther's commercial work is making his concepts and photography the celebrated lead character rather than subordinating to a product label.

Présentation « My Darkroom » « My Darkroom » regroupe 38 photographes d’une grande diversité autour de Nathalie Lopparelli pour promouvoir la photographie argentique et favoriser sa diffusion auprès de collectionneurs, d’institutions et du grand public amateur. L’association organise régulièrement des expositions pour présenter des tirages de collection issus d’un catalogue de photographies très riche et d’un savoir-faire unique dans l’artisanat du tirage. Ce site et les photos qui y sont présentées donnent un aperçu de la richesse et de la diversité de ce fonds photographique réuni autour d’une passion argentique commune. Par ailleurs, à travers des formations et rencontres, c’est tout le savoir-faire de ce collectif et de ses individualités qui, de la prise de vue au tirage papier, est susceptible d’être transmis auprès des amateurs et passionnés de photographie.

Bauhaus Dessau : Home : Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau / Bauhaus Dessau Foundation The legendary Bauhaus of Walter Gropius 1926 The Bauhaus has a special role to play in the history of 20th century culture, architecture, design, art and new media. As a School of Design, the Bauhaus revolutionised artistic and architectural thinking and production worldwide, and is considered a headstone of the Modern age, which may be visited in Dessau until nowadays. The Bauhaus building and the Masterhouses are daily open from 10am to 5pm New Bauhaus Museum Dessau is planned: Open international competition in two phases.