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Kids Crafts - Inspiration for Children of all Ages Bunting is a quick and fun way to decorate the house or classroom for any occasion. It also... It is amazing what fun can be had and what can be created from a few basic ingredients. Cute Free Printable Calendar for Circle Time with Kids If you are looking for a free calendar for your classroom or home then I have one for you! It comes with a calendar template and all the pieces needed (months, days of the week, years, seasons, days, and holidays) to assemble a cute and colorful calendar to enjoy all school year! For those of you who have a good eye- you will see that number 21 on my calendar was supposed to be pink to continue the color pattern. I have updated it for you so your calendar will be perfect!

102: a Treasure book Tuesday, 17 January 2012 by Irene Hoofs Treasure book by Véronique from Pichouline what you'll need:*you can choose between glassine bags, paper bags or envelopes - you can choose the quantity yourself, I used 10 bags.*scissors*glue stick*tape*cord*magazine, craft paper or coloured paper*treasures Step 1:Cut of the closure flap of the glassine bag.Step 2:Choose a nice picture, kids drawing or a graphic design from a magazine, you'll need it to make the cover of your book. Measure the size of 2 bags and cut the cover out, it's better that you cut it out a little bit bigger.Fold the cover in half.Step 3:Glue the entire frontsize of the first bag on to the back of the front cover side.

Printable Activities for Everyone By poppytalk | Have you heard of Mr. Printables? It’s an adorable little site offering up free printables for kids, moms and dads! From flash cards to printable toys, there’s something for everyone – perfect for a summer vacation activity or rainy day. Halloween MASKS These are our Halloween masks – they are merry rather than scary! They were copied on colored cardboard from the KROKOTAK templates, then they were cut out and colored by the kids. We added pom-pom noses to make them even funnier. Halloween masks: Free Printable File Folder Games This sweet Ice Cream stall game was our very first free printable file folder games (with only the best Italian Ice Creams!). Learn colors with the colorful cut out scoops and ice lollies that need to be matched with the correct cone or stick, both through word recognition and color matching. There is even a sweet ice cream pocket accessory where the cut out scoops and lollies can be stored. You can also play the game in reverse by putting all of the ice lollies in the correct positions and then guessing the colors, then revealing the correct answer below. In fact we hope that you invent your own ways to play with our games, by customizing and decorating them however you like.

wind-up paper butterflies are my fave (guest post from amelia) I had a baby so I’ve invited some fave guests to take over for me while I spend time with the little guy. Today’s post is from super crafter and cute mom, Amelia of The Homebook. Growing up, I had an aunt who lived in Canada. {Quiet Book I} {Book 1} Page 1- Open the barn doors and find the farm animal finger puppets My kids have loved this page and I think it is my favorite too! (or maybe the cupcake page coming up next) These little puppets were so fun and easy to make! Page 2 and 3- cupcake numbers-with a mini hot pad Paper airplane - The best paper airplane in the world! Build the best paper airplane in the world! How to build it, how to fly it. | Assembly instructions - How to build it| Printer friendly instructions| |How to fly it | Awards page | Top of page | Visit the Paper Airplane Guest book and leave your message.Paper Airplane links page.Airplane Hall of Fame - The DC-3 and nine other aircraft that changed aviation. Comments: Support

easy kid crafts « I was puttering around this weekend, thinking about what crafts we might like to make, when Elena presented me with one of these little art pouches that she made out of felt from her DIY Kids book. They are simple to make and can be filled with all kinds of fun things. Supplies Felt (regular sheets of it from the craft store)Ribbon (about 18″ – 20″ long)Glue gun + glueButtons, trim, other decorations To make a pouch with two pockets, fold the bottom flap up to get a sense of how tall you want your pockets to be (for this one, I folded the flap up about halfway): ELECTROSPHERIC RAY GUN (a free papercraft model) If you like keeping a ray gun handy, just to be on the safe side, then this electrospheric device should suit your needs quite nicely. It features a warmly glowing dial, handy control knobs, and it leaks very little radiation whatsoever (you'll hardly even feel it). This paper model measures 10 inches in length, stands 6.5 inches tall, and is sturdy enough to actually play with! Display stand included.

intro: ..DIY for Kids Tuesday, 1 April 2014 by Irene Hoofs You should all be familiar with one of the best gifts on the markets by now, Time Capsules (is it obvious we are big fans of it yet? ). Well, from the same wonderful Make History team, founder, idea creator and owner Anouk van der El, product designer Ivan Kasner and graphic designers Mae Engelgeer and Marloes Sijm are so proud to bring us the Little Quote Jar! Another thing to celebrate is that this beauty is now available. Yes! What This Man Does With A Piece Of Wrapping Paper Is Brilliant When we first saw this man needlessly folding a piece of paper, we were perplexed. When we saw the final result, however, we were beyond impressed. This is a holiday life hack that's sure to improve your overall decorations. As we all know, wrapping paper is a holiday necessity. Those presents may look amazing under the tree, but as soon as that fateful morning comes, those once gorgeous boxes are turned into nothing but garbage bags full of sparkly, now-unusable paper.

Five Little Ducks Puppet Printable. My kids have been hassling me for a while to make some more stick puppets, like the frog ones we made a while back, and today was the day! We set up our own ‘hill’ and used some play dough to make Mummy Duck stand up all alone, which seemed to fascinate my boy. “She’ll be crying won’t she mum? You’d cry if I went away and didn’t come back, wouldn’t you mum?” After a little chat about how I would most definitely be very sad if my beautiful boy (or any of my kids) went over a hill and didn’t come back and how it is important to answer me if I call out “Where are you?” so that I know you are safe…. after all of that we finally got to the singing and puppet show part.